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Avatar n tn I had protective sex with someone I don't know about 8 months ago, after a week I developed urinary trackt/bladder infection and a rash on my penis head. Went to my GP and he gave me anti-biotics for bladder infection but nothing for rash and said we have to test for HIV after 3 months, I waited 4 months to go for the HIV test and did a STD test and Herpes 1 + 2 as well. The results came out negative for all except herpes 1 which I get on my lip.
Avatar n tn I am taking cephalexin for a bladder infection and developed a rash on my nape and is growing to my neck and the itch is horrible, What can relieve the itch?
4954917 tn?1362811508 I could not swallow,my eyes were blur,my speech was off a d had the worst back pain ever i could not walk and when i tryed to walk i was walking into wall.And to top it off i had another bladder infection that the doctor could not fine the right meds to fight the infection.Has anyone had this problem? I stayed in the hospital for 14 days l had physical therapy,Speech therapy,and Accpu therapy.I started on capaxone 20mg injection once a day.
Avatar n tn hi i am a 19 year old male, every so often (like 2 to 4 times a week) i have to pee all the time, like i go to the bathroom every 15 minutes. it feels like my bladder is really full but when i go almost nothing comes out. i also have a really hard time controlling my bladder after i urinate but only during this episodes. i think i possibly have an over active bladder. what do you think and what can i do to make this go away?
1387625 tn?1279692526 I had just went to the doctor for a bladder infection and just got done with antibiotics called Bactrum(Sulfa). Then this rash showed up.I feel like it may be starting to go away. It is the third day I am on the antibiotic. But it seems to also be spreading slowly to different places. I am worried that it will not go away.
Avatar f tn A yeast infection on the skin is not like a vaginal yeast infection. It can look like a bad diaper rash. When my son would get one of those when he was still in diapers, I would sometimes treat it (his bottom) with Vagisil. Not all diaper rashes are yeast- based, but some sure are.
Avatar n tn (It feels like a burning tear and a consistant dull ache). To date, there have not been any lesions, D/C or rash noted. I do have an intermittant slight burn on ejaculation and urination too. I feel the itch moreso when my bladder needs to be emptied too. During the last 150 days, I have been Dx'd with a left varicocele by US. I do have a urethral diverticuli but otherwise normal cystoscopy. I have had negative G/C panels by UA and negative HIV/Syph by blood.
Avatar n tn I'm wondering if this sounds like a gallbladder infection, that will ease if I treat it appropriately? If it sounds like an infection, how should I treat it, and how long does it take to ease? Or does it sound like regular gallstone pain in its advanced stages? Is it something that I'm just going to have to deal with until surgery? Also, should I go to the doctor again about this? It didn't sound like they want to pursue it any further, but should I push anyway?
Avatar f tn They are found commonly in the gastrointestinal tract and have been found to colonize the urethra without causing infection. Infection is very less common and is found in diabetes, cardiovascular and genitourinary abnormalities, neurologic deficits, cirrhosis, steroids, AIDS, renal dysfunction, and peripheral vascular disease. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn Under the care of my previous urologist I underwent a Cystoscopy (with hyrdodistention and bladder biopsy) and dozens of other test including an ultra sound of my kidneys and multiple prostate exams. Having gotten no closer to being better under the care of my last urologist, I have recently switched Dr.s. Ok, there is the back ground, on to the real problem at hand now.
Avatar m tn also, my anus becmae red and inflammed, my scrotum became red and irritated and a red rash with several pimples broke out on my buttocks...I went back to the doctor again with worries of herpes which he told me it was not, but I convinced him to test anyways, and it came back negative...i was given a cream for the buttocks rash and a referral to a urlogist...the urologist took ultrasounds of the bladder, kidney and scrotum, did a quick rectal exam and went through all my previous tests..
173975 tn?1216261375 Now a nasty bladder infection - shivering, chills, miserable - last month - vision loss are renal complications possible on TX? Dec. labs showed creatinine levels of 51 - a low number - jan labs are back to normal. i am so miserable. Should I do the peg tonight? Week 57 of 72.
3203287 tn?1346460234 I'm hoping this constant urination isn't the start of a bladder infection. It doesn't feel like it yet although the last time I went, there was a little irritation so I'll get this checked out Wednesday also. Thank you again for all your help. I going into the pool for a quick swim and then out of the sun into the shade. Southern Calif. has been hot lately! I keep the air conditioning on when I need it but I notice I tend to get cold easy. I'm now on day 6...yeayyyyyyyy!
Avatar n tn About three months ago I developed what has been diagnosed by a urologist as a bacterial bladder infection in the left side of my bladder. Around the same time my left hip began itching, but there is absolutely no rash, visible swelling, bumps, or redness. Now I cannot lay on my left side or it highly irritates it. I visited another doctor who took xrays and says that is is likely bursitis in the hip, but does not understand the itching.
Avatar n tn do you think i could have gotten a bladder infection from the jock itch?
590818 tn?1218833389 ===== The first source I provided lists the causes of neurogenic bladder. The second source lists symptoms of tick borne infection, which can vary greatly. The bacteria that causes Lyme Disease infects the nerves. This is why symptoms can differ so much from patient to patient. More information: The Canadian Lyme Foundation: Wild Condor's Lyme Links: (If the url's are removed, you can google for the titles.
Avatar f tn Hi, about a month ago I had unprotected sex, and I start having rrash and burn when I pee... I visited the doctor and we did urine check up for STD and urine infection, and it turns out I'm negative for gan. And chlm. And no urine infecton... But I still hve the burn, and I do not have discahrge, but when I go pee, my urine seems as if there's some substance in it... Basically, when I go pee, The symptoms feels as if I just ejaculated...
Avatar f tn She could have a urinary tract infection, a vaginal infection, a bladder infection, a kidney infection, a yeast infection ... it is important to know, right now. At the VERY least, get her to somewhere like Planned Parenthood or a free clinic, to have it looked at. It's probably a simple matter of antibiotics, but Gold Bond powder isn't going to do squat. Get her to the doc. Good luck!
Avatar n tn About three months ago I developed what has been diagnosed by a urologist as a bacterial bladder infection in the left side of my bladder. Around the same time my left hip began itching, but there is absolutely no rash, visible swelling, bumps, or redness. Now I cannot lay on my left side or it highly irritates it. I visited another doctor who took xrays and says that is is likely bursitis in the hip, but does not understand the itching.
Avatar n tn I have taken medicine for a bladder infection, a fungal cream, and a yeast infection, and none have helped. If anyone has any advice, please respond. I will try anything to make it better.
Avatar m tn I usually dont use condoms with my boyfriend as i am on the birth control pill but i took antibiotics for a bladder infection a week ago and my doctor advised me to use condoms for a while. what is this? yeast infection? reaction to latex condoms?
Avatar f tn I started with throwaway, but got a rash and infection soon after. I switched to washable and the infection and irritation dissapeared on their own.
Avatar m tn In the course of a few days he broke out in a large rash that was misdiagnosed as a fungal infection. After things got worse he was admitted to the ER the rash was easily recognized as a shingles outbreak on the S2-S3 dermatome area. He was then given a course of Acyclovir to take. Now he is having severe bladder spasms/pain, especially at night. My question is this - is the shingles outbreak related to the bladder spasms/pain, or is the most recent BCG course most likely the cause?
Avatar m tn I have a skin rash on my foreskin that is only there when my penis gets engorged with blood. It turns real red bright red when manipulated or an errection when flacid its normal color. It doesnt hurt during the day or when not excited and when i am its just a little tender kinda thin skinned feeling. I have had prostritus and think maybe its gone i am not sure, my seman is thick and no burning when urinating but slow stream .
Avatar n tn Since 2 years now i have been having white discharge, and the doctor said it was a yeast infection, i kept taking ovules again and again, but the treatment was of no help. Finally I went to a gynacologist and i was treated with antbiotics for ureaplasma. 6 months later i still had the same symptoms as well as strong bladder pain,or pelvic pain; which would stretch out into my articulations, especially, hips, knees, and ankles.
Avatar f tn However I find that I have developed the symptons of bladder infection, It is very sore to pass urine and the sides of my vigina and back passage is raw I think due to the BCG leaking out onto this area. I have been coating the area with baby nappy rash products, which have helped to a certain degree.
Avatar f tn I also noticed that my lymph nodes are swollen on my right side this started about month ago when I celebrated my birthday and went out for some drink and I did do some heavy drink and then later that week I noticed that they were swollen. I thought that I had a bladder infection. I went for my annual about 3 days ago and the doctors said I had bacterial vaginitos. They said they did not know why my lymph nodes were swollen.
Avatar f tn At the end of January I had a UTI which I took medication for, but ever since then I have not felt normal. I lost my virginity in October, and had a yeast infection from about November to the end of January. I had it for that long because I thought itching after sex and redness was normal, and didn't treat it until I found out my pap results. But ever since I had my last UTI at the end of January, I have not felt normal in the sense that my bladder has always felt slightly full.
Avatar n tn I got a rash on foot. My breath is horrible and coated white. It wasn't like this before I had the gall bladder removed.