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1422521 tn?1358427569 i also had my gall bladder out bout 8 weeks ago now as had severe gall stones and in among i had a lymph node infection(busy time), my problem is i suffer terrible nearly constant leg pain mainly thigh area which works its way down and my legs has a not nice looking tiny red spotty texture on them. any ideas on what this could be ????????? sick of taking pain killers which don't work. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/198682'>leg pain ? weird</a>.
Avatar f tn I've had frequent bladder infections throughout this whole pregnancy , idk why it keeps coming back . It feels like a constant push on my bladder it's very uncomfortable . To me it was a mild pain , but not really pain ! Almost felt like my baby was always trying to come out . Like a constant urge to pee but your bladder be empty !
Avatar m tn Resently Doctor decided to take Urine test and found bladder infection and gave me CIPRO as an antibiotic. I feel rush under my ribs and pain in the back (right side). Do you think that this infection can cause that? I am still taking this CIPRO things and hope that this'll help. Do you know if lymph nodes can case pain or infection could go up from bladder and affect other areas? Please help!
Avatar m tn Pain in left testicle and left leg, blockage feeling when ejaculating (bladder pain gone, not sure if fixed by antibiotic or it only lasted the day) Day 3: Pain in left testicle and left leg, blockage feeling when ejaculating. Urine test came back positive (barely) for an infection. Leukocytes right on the border of where they should be. Day 4: Pain in left testicle and left leg, blockage feeling when ejaculating. Day 5: Went to hospital.
Avatar n tn Ohh.. how to avoid bladder infection ??
Avatar f tn Soo this morning I peed blood and called the doctor right away.. He said most likely its a bladder infection or a kidney stone (which I haven't had any back pain or cramps) He called in some medicine for me. I'm 10 Weeks and 3 days. He said my baby is most likely just fine. Im a ftm and just worried! Have any of you ladies had a bladder infection while Prego? I just need some good advice. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have a bladder infection, I think. So I called my Dr and told him what was going on. He prescribed Septra generic DS. It made me so sick that I called him back and asked what to do and he said it would be alright to take a half pill twice a day instead of a whole one. This is the second time I've had a bladder infection in two months. The first time was when I was in the hospital. No catheter was used. They sent me home with a script for Septra and it cleared up with in 5 days.
Avatar n tn Gradually have developed severe leg spasms leg and low back pain. Left side lower mouth very painful. Front of right foot numb and painful as well as right leg weak and left arm weak.get pins and needles, a migraine every several months. Bu . Most confusing is. Antibiotics help me feel a lot better. They help the bad fatigue and the leg pain and general weakness. MRI showed nothing, having spinal tap in two days. Any clue on antibiotic issue?
Avatar f tn You definitely need to call your doctor because bladder infections and uti's can hurt the baby if not treated properly. I know how it is, I've had chronic uti's and bladder infections since i was little. What i do is drink a gallon of cranberry juice in a day, pee as much as possible.
Avatar f tn Since 5 days ago I started feeling my left leg a bit numb. Since Yesterday afternoon I have some pain in the bladder region, feel some presssure in the buttocks and feel dizzy. I did an STD test yesterday based on my sperm and it was negative. Could this be an std or a simple bladder or kidney infection? Going to the doc on Monday.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have or had a bladder infection (UTI) during pregnancy? What did u do to get rid of it without meds? Doctor refused to give meds and I'm glad she didn't.
Avatar f tn Now the pressure and vibration is followed by pain and a tingling nerve down my left leg and settles in my heel. I took Cipro thinking I had a bladder infection. But that is not the problem. I have a bladder scope scheduled for September 9th. I saw my GYN today to eliminate cervix problems since i have no uterus or ovaries. I am starting to get worried thinking I may have bladder cancer since i smoke. if any one has any professional advice, please advise.
Avatar m tn Hi All- I posted a month or so ago asking if I should push for more tests following months of paresthesia in my left leg, urinary urgency, tremors and non-vertiginous dizziness. My original brain MRI was found a "non-specific" lesion and that is all. I also had images of my lumbar spine which showed mild stenosis and degenerative disc disease at L4-L5.
Avatar f tn Yes I did with my first daughter. Don't know if the bladder infection or the pain medicine they had me take caused it but my daughter had a brain hemorrhage.
Avatar f tn I think I have a bladder infection and I've had it for the last couple of days and can't get rid of it. Sometimes it hurts so bad I bleed and little. What do I do about this?
3184929 tn?1344697526 I'm 17weeks n I jst found out I have a bladder infection n they want to give me pills it won't hurt the baby bt its jst so hard for me to take pills I'm evn takeing gummy prenatal pills. will the bladder infection go away on its own if I dnt take pills??
Avatar m tn I have had a bladder infection for 3days now and its really bad, ive taken a number of cranberry tablets but it is still there. I havnt peed blood yet but iv got a really sore back and find it hard to walk. I started drinking orange juice yesterday and got the shakes really bad, i thought my body was going to have a fit, I just want it gone and really dont know what to do? is there something more worse with me?
850587 tn?1238905914 ok so, for the last week ive had this really really bad pain in my right side, i no right away your going to say appendix ( sorry my grammer is bad) anyways, i went to the hospital a week ago, and it got worse so they made me stay over night, they think i passed a kidney stone, made me take a cat scan but nothing showed up, at first i was told i didnt have an infection, or anything, i ended up going home with a bottle of pain killers and pills for bladder infection, my pain is worse and i hav
4476664 tn?1361632949 I was told I have slightly elevated nitrate, which could mean a bladder infection, but it was caught early enough for me not have any symptoms. Doc is prescribing me some meds that I will be taking for seven days.
Avatar n tn I have had leg pain (my right leg ) for more than 2 months now ,i had consulted the doctor she says that i am insufficient on nutrients .My leg usually pains in the afternoon when i sit ideally .But after a brisk walk in the evening and after taking my insulin dosage i feel releived .My leg pain starts i.e from my knees to my foot and pains occassionally at different areas of the leg(knee to foot).
1631794 tn?1299833389 i have permanent back pain and every one says its my kidneys because of the bladder infection. a year ago i ended up with a doctor saying its not my kidneys that gives that horible pain in my back but my pelvic. but he never did anything about it. just send me home with a bag of pills for the pain. its like no one cares, or thinks that im over reacting. recently im experiencing strange symptoms and i remember the doctor telling me its my pelvic.
Avatar f tn Maybe you should call the Dr. could be a bladder infection :( Sometimes I have pain as well like I'm gonna pee, but I think Addy is laying real low and putting pressure on my bladder.
Avatar m tn if you are finding it hard to go and are having lower back pain you could be suffering from an infection such as a bladder, urine or kidney infection. i suggerst you go and see your doctor who will take a sample of your urine and send it off to hospital to be tested. if you have an infection your doctor will prescribe antibiotics. your doctor might give you some cream or painkillers to help with the pain.
Avatar n tn I had urine tract infection for awhile, now it's gone but I still have pain in my bladder I only feel the pain at night. It feels like pressure on my bladder specially when I want to turn or get off the bed. Anyone can help please? Thank you.
Avatar m tn Firstly i like to thank you for your quick response it means alot to me thank you .ok its hard to explain where the exact pain is, the pain is where the leg joins the palvice its on both sides (the pain is in my inner thigh) my doctor told me its the cord. and pain is constant at times the pain goes away and its back in an hour.its more like a discomforting pain. i dont have any pain when urinating .i dont have fever .