Biting nails while sleeping

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603946 tn?1333945439 My pup 4 months 40 POUNDS has mouthed me, playful, all 4 of our family members discourage her when she does this. Tonite at bedtime she was sleeping with my husband, and I came to bed after finishing my chores, took about 10 minutes. She started to snap at me as I coaxed her to the foot of the bed, then came full out snarls and bites, none broke the skin. My husband asked if she was playing, I told him she was mad and didn't move. He yelled at her to get down and u put her in the living room.
Avatar f tn And he wrote this down and I really don't understand why? I mean what does me biting my nails have to do with my sleeping issues? Any one have an idea?
Avatar f tn I would get a mouth guard. This will keep you from biting your cheeks while your awake and also when your sleeping. It seems like most of us that have anxiety do something to calm ourselves. Many people bite their nails, chew their hair and so on. You can ask your dentist for a mouth guard or go to almost any store and buy one. I hope you feel better. Take care.
Avatar m tn I've since found out this reaction is completely fake, as i've been able to snip one off, occassionally, while he's sleeping or not paying attention.. So, is there a way to calm him down in order to clip his nails without stressing him out so much? Vistaril, Maybe? (i do have some on hand for his skin allergies). Possibly, some other medication, more potent, that i can obtain from my vet? He's 3 yrs old and 35 lbs.
472570 tn?1274689487 I have this problem with invisible biting bugs that are seemingly unable to see with the natural eye. This is not an alergic reaction as some may say this problem is. I have tryed all types of bugs fogging and fumigation controls. Please if anyone can provide some help i would appreciate any assistance.
Avatar f tn I've tried to do it while she's sleeping but she wakes up every time and is cranky...Please, share your tricks!!
612551 tn?1450025775 I have hit this subject before, and have used Hot Spot treatment, Medicated bath (including washing feet with a wash cloth and Med Shampoo every day), Bitter Lime lick deterrent, chewy toy/food, and limited diet being some of the subject areas. The dog is a 9 year old (estimate/rescue) Westie and has a beautiful coat, some ongoing battle with Yeast infection.
Avatar n tn I have a nervous habbit of biting my nails and sometimes i make them bleed. so i kept messing with that nail and picking at it and poking at it and removing the parts that were about to fall off. It got really nasty, but i dont ever remember it getting infected. When it started growing out, i noticed dimples on it. little rounded pits on the nail plate. never thought anything of it. The pits kept going and my nail was full of little round pits.
178239 tn?1277409091 I mean, not that I have anything to compare it to but the higher the better right?
Avatar f tn I sometimes feel a general fatigue but I attribute it to menopause and not sleeping as well as I used to. Do hormonal changes in menopause affect the thyroid? Is it possible to be hypothyroid now and should I get another blood test? Anybody else out there experience the same?
Avatar f tn I will keep 1 claw clipped while she was sleeping...but now she is totally afraid of me approaching her. Why oh why can't she see i just want to snuggle her? She watches me snuggle her brother and hug him & she wants to play but then runs away....uggghhh!
918457 tn?1244649282 cant listen to the same song or watch the same show for longer than a minute before turning it. Always interrupting with questions, bad about biting nails, constantly checking out anything that moves, have gotten 8 speeding tickets because while driving I'm observing everything else except my speedometer-and a MUCH better driver when going faster. Also, I quit cigarettes cold turkey with no withdrawals-because when i smoke, i was just as energetic than when i quit-it was no difference.
Avatar f tn and withdrawing from him, but he continues to attack. He won't let me clip his nails or clean his ears. Uses sharp nails that pierce through clothes. Climbs up leg of pants. I don't think he would make it out in the wild again and we are afraid of him and his aggressive behavior. What can I do?
438843 tn?1206231442 There are some types of hypnic ( = of the sleep) jerks or twitches which are normal. Hypnagogic twitching (while falling asleep) and hypnopompic twitching ( while waking up) are normal.
324372 tn?1222823802 Sheri--Ooooooh, I think you are going to be our BFP this month. Try not to eat your fingers while biting those nails! SEriously, for a line to come and go like that, I would say it isn't the trigger, especially after all those days and half the dose. But, as we all know, one can never be sure until it has been at least 2 weeks. It really sounds good though.
Avatar n tn feeling pretty good considering i would swear i pee more out more than i drink (lol) and all i want to do is sleep. :o) I've also got a pretty big ovarian cyst going on so sitting for long periods of time (which is what i do at work). It's all so wonderful I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm 10 weeks 1 day (but you're right- we'll be having babies at the same time because I'm have a c-section at 38 weeks) and have another ultrasound scheduled for 02/08 to see the little one.
1742220 tn?1331360327 my fave couple was the host it was Greg and his bf Phillip who was so cute and nice and tried to make me mingle, a losing proposition. being unable to use my laptop, i was biting my nails at every turn and positively squirming with displeasure. i settled on a spot on the floor in the guys foofy fancy study with smooth wood floors and i texted all night. i know! cant take me anywhere! oh yes and i made a fone call ... i believe .... um.
Avatar n tn I have had slight anxiety problems in the past that involve nervous habits such as picking/biting my nails. I also tend to overanalyze things, as I have an over-achieving, almost perfectionist mind. About a week and a half ago after a night of drinking and not sleeping, I went to work from 9am to 3pm (not smart). After I while I started feeling what I now realize are the usual hangover/sleep-deprivation feelings.
Avatar n tn Has anyone else experienced severe anxiety while waiting for results, primarily those who just had vaginal interocurse with someone 1 time.
Avatar m tn and foolishly i LICKED her vagina like a maddog and fingered her WHEN i had slight bleeding gum from brushing my teeth during the morning AND had little cut in my finger (i have bad habit of biting finger nails and the skin)...I KNOW...i am a very very nervous person. I licked for about 20 minutes or....
Avatar f tn I got him from a breeder, he was returned after a few months because the teenager who bought him didn't know how to handle him and he was biting. Sometimes it was nipping, sometimes he was biting hard! They are fast learners though, and he got over it very quickly. Occassionally he will nip while playing, but he now licks instead. Ferrets are very smart animals! Very smart!
405614 tn?1329147714 I'm usually too tired, or enjoying the silence (this cat has a very demanding meow!). I do try to catch him sleeping to trim his nails or the fur around his backside, which tends to wake him in a disgruntled mood. I bought a harness and leash so I could take him outside, but he doesn't like to get far from the door, and heaven forbid that the door be closed! He does go out on the deck occasionally, but just sits and watches birds. At least he's awake when he does that!
Avatar n tn Next week we start the anti-biotics which ought to be fun, they are intramuscular injections every 3 days for 3 weeks, looks like hubby and I will have our hands full,lol. I guess we will have to time it when the boys are sleeping as it takes 1 to pull out their leg and keep them from biting and the other to do the injection.
Avatar m tn About a month ago, she started to exhibit an odd behaviour. While lying down, for no apparent reason, she leaps up and freaks out. I notice this because I have hard wood floors and the nails of her hind paws suddenly make scratching noises. She does this so suddenly, her hind paws don't get any traction and it's like she's running on the spot, slipping and scratching up my floors! I've had these floors for 3 years and she has never done anything like this until the past month.
221016 tn?1196977061 Some of us it takes a while longer. The thrill isn't a exciting and as our tolerance grows the high isn't even that good. We get older and wiser. This isn't what we want anymore. We at that age where a freak thing could happen. When I die it can't be associated with drugs whatsoever. I love my kids with my heart and soul, and it was best to put them down when i did. I wish I had of earlier, but those pills are tricky.
Avatar n tn I know how it feels when you are trying to cut their little nails. What works with my 3 month old is doing it while she is sleeping. She usually can't even tell the difference. Her nails grow so fast and I don't like leaving them too long because she tends to scratch her face.
Avatar n tn I found that when I would wear acrylic nails that I would stop picking so much. Acryllic nails arent sharp enough too pick the way real nails can. It is less satisfying for me. I do suffer from depression and anxiety and am currently on 20 mg Lexipro and .5 mg Klonopin. But it doesnt help my obsession. I cant say that I am ashamed of this obsession. I really dont care if anyone knows. It is just a part of who I am ( I know that it is not normal!
Avatar f tn i went over to give her a scratch and she grabs my arm and starts bunny kicking me while biting my thumb. jumps off the bed and i can hear her run down the stairs (she sounds like 20 cats running down the stairs) i know she fell down the last 2 because i heard a loud thump at the end. then i hear her take off through the living room and head to the kitchen because i heard her hit into the cupboard. and the boys are very mobile. especially brett. he can only crawl but he chases venus.