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Avatar n tn Should go away in a couple of days--no treatment needed. Cheilitis can cause pigmentation from inflammation. It lasts a bit longer, say a month or two. The less you do for it, the faster it goes away. The same is true for your pigmentation around the eyes--people call it "scarring," but it isn't permanent. Try a little 1% hydrocortisone once or twice a day for a day or two. Take care. Dr.
Avatar n tn i had an upper lip Polyacrilamide filling 14 months ago. one side is appering to be a bit bigger than the other. i was told that small amount of cortison on the bigger side can reduce its size,or do i have to do more filling on the smaller side...what do u think of polyacrylamide? Please note that i'm 28 weeks pregnant right now...can i do any of these right now? Please post me your suggestions.
Avatar m tn I am 20 years old and i have big lower lip.Even my upper lip is a little bit big and is there any possibility that my lips can be augmented without any side effects?
Avatar f tn I have a large dark tash and am highly insecure about it. I haven't tried any treatment or anything and am shy about asking for any treatment or anything (haha). Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn A week ago, I fell down a couple of stairs and bit through my mouth, right below my lower lip on the outside. I received about six stitches all along the inside of my mouth and they just super glued the outside of my mouth. My stitches are dissolvable and all of them have dissolved with an exception of one which is really low on the inside of my mouth, right by the roots of my teeth.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I looked in the mirror and notice my bottom lip had a row going across in a straight line of little small white bumps. I can feel them they are hard to see but if you look close enough you can see them. I think its maybe because i dont get enough water. I'm not sure what they are where they came from I thought they might have been Fordyce spots but based off pictures Ive seen I dont think that what they are. They're really annoying and stressing me out just a bit.
Avatar n tn I accidently bit my inside lower lip several weeks ago and the wound is slow to heal. The wound it self seems to have a purple and white color to it. The area around it is also swollen and I've applied ice to it but this doesn't seem to bring the swelling down. It really isn't painful but it looks like I have a huge growth on my inside lip and it looks weird. Any thoughts on how I can get rid of this.
Avatar m tn on my upper lip there are tiny bump like dots ..on my lower lip to the corners there is a small white patch at two sides of my lower lip ..iam worried alot about this ? what is this? what to eat and what not to? this small patch is bit itching.
Avatar m tn my lip now has a white appearance at the site of the bite. it looks as if i burt my lip! no real pain, but its a bit uncomfertable and just disgusting looking. im begining to notice pockets of of clear fluid also. i have applied AAA, and taken the begining dose of Zpack. any ideas for other forms of treatment, should i worry or what signs do i need to look for in terms of infection?
Avatar m tn I have a redness, browness, little bit rash, and weird looking wrinkles/scales near the border of my lips. The scales and wrinkles are also very flat and smooth, while the normal parts are puffy and fuller as usual and normal. The middle of my lips are not as affected, and the inside of my mouth either.. it is just the outer courners that have been affected. I have no clue what this is do you think it is.. A.) Actinic cheilitis B.) exfoliative cheilitis C.
Avatar f tn A few weeks later I experienced the burning again for a few days. Then I thought it was perhaps a cut on my lip and salt had gotten into the cut. Then last week my lips started burning again and a day or two later the insides of my lips were all red and maybe even a little swollen. I did eventually get slight cracks in the corners of my mouth. I kept using lip moisturizer but they still burned. I used petroleum jelly for 2 days and it may have helped a bit.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure what it is and I'm scared. Is there some kinda treatment, cure? And what is the proper name to call this lip sore or thing what ever it is. Does it go away? And how long does it take?
Avatar m tn I think it formed after I accidentally bit my lip while I was eating. I did a little bit of research on mucoceles and I couldn't really find any conclusive answers. My question is will a mucocele go away on its own and if so, how long will it take? Is there anything I can do to speed the healing process?
Avatar f tn I am 35 yrs old and now I am a non-smoker, however I did smoke between the ages of 21-33. I woke up a few days ago with a small blueish-gray spot on my lower lip. I just thought it was a bruise or something & maybe I bit my lip in my sleep, however it doesn't seem to be going away or even lightening up at all. I was just concerned about if this could be a skin cancer type of issue...and also it isn't very pretty. Do I need to see a Doctor?
Avatar m tn Face rash starts to clear up a bit while the lip rash gets yet more hardened (still not really visible) Day 6. Lip bumps start to get crusty and turn yellow but do not ooze at all. The yellow crusties can be easily removed but I'm not sure if this is helpful. Lips start to burn but are still itchy. Day 7 - 10. After more burning, eventually, the lips dry up and peel, and the face rash clears up. The rash goes away and then comes back some period of time later. I have no other symptoms.
Avatar n tn I had this blue bump on my lower lip for about a year. Then I bit it one day and it took like an hour to get it to stop bleeding. now there is a red bump, it seems to remain big and pop after awhile...anyone have any idea what this is from or what it is?
Avatar m tn (dermatologist give me the same advice and say they can't help ? ? ? ) I am African American and my skin is brown while my upper lip is quite a bit darker and it appears as if I have a mustache. I just want it to be lighter, thanks.
Avatar m tn So im not sure if i had a zit on my lip, its in the spot my girl bit my lip very hard and there was a little bump, then a little white bumb under the skin, i messed with iy and kinda popped it open and its still a bump thatmhurts. How do i fix it?mhow do i know if its infected or inflamed . Its yucky and her fault .
Avatar n tn When i was like, 4-5 a dog bit me on the lip and kinda ripped it a little and left a scar. It looks like a bump on my lip and then theres a little line right above my lip from it. i really want it to go away! Im 14 now and it still hasnt gone away. Everytime i meet somebody new, they ask about it and its really embarassing. PLEASEE HELP!
Avatar f tn It got rid of it, but I would use the ointment every day because it would be a tiny bit irritated pink. Now, it has come back ( winter) and I think it changes based on weather ( I live in MidWest) and hydrocortisone isn't working. Help! P. s. it started two summers ago. It was really humid and above my lip was sort of itchy so I rubbed really hard and it turned red. Then it never went away. One time when it go really bad, it broke open and started bleeding a little but scabbed over.
Avatar n tn A few months later, a sore came back on my lip. It starts as a small bump which then grows into a bit of a larger one without any fluid inside. It has a white top to it which eventually just sits there. It doesn't scab over, but goes down after a few days. It happened again at the end of August, and then a few weeks ago. I finally saw a dermatologist who tried to do a test for herpes, but the results came back inconclusive because he said the sore was "too old.
Avatar n tn Well 4 years later, I drank soda in the evening and woke up with this sore on my lip, it is in the same are, center lip almost inside my mouth. I felt like i could pop it, it burst a little bit of white fluid came out. Its not painful unless something gets into it. Very sensitive to soda and spicy and salty foods again. The sore is so tiny and almost in my mouth nobody can notice it but i can feel it. I'm just curious if it is a cold sore of cancer sore and what should i take for it?
Avatar f tn This all started about 1.5 months ago. I noticed tiny bumps along my upper lip. It started a day or two after I kissed this one guy. I thought it was his scruffy face that caused an irritation at first. at the same time I bought a new lip balm. My lips got worse. It became very bumpy. It didn't get better until I stopped using anything on my lips but pure vitamin E. It got better and when I would try any type of lip balm, it would get worse again.
Avatar n tn I have this large bump on the inside of my vagina lip. It isn't inside though. I tried to squeeze it to see if puss came out and a bit of puss did. It hurts like a zit would to the touch. My mom says it is a pimple but I don't know. How do I get rid of it and what is it?
635236 tn?1222718006 I have a pinkish small bump above my upper lip. It has been there for a couple weeks now and I'm becoming concerned. I came on here for some suggestions on what it could be only because I have a couple more weeks for my insurance to begin and by that time if I still have this issue I will definitely have it looked at by a professional but in the meantime I'll just take advice... It's a small pinkish bump that was white and a lot smaller until i tried to pop it thinking that it was a pimple...
Avatar m tn I may have ruled this out, but I would appreciate a professional opinion. Just above my lip is a small red area, a little bit rough but the texture really is no different from the rest of my facial skin. I thought it might be shaving irritation, but the blade does not hit that area when shaving. There is small amount of redness, and maybe one or two tiny tiny red spots, but I would not say they are bumps or blisters.