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Avatar f tn In January I had a really bad cold sore blister on my bottom lip..I accidentally bit it and it just would not heal..In early march my primary care doc sent me to a dermatologist and he did a biopsy since it just would not heal..The biopsy came back negative for cancer but was identified as lichen simplex chronicus, the doc said it should heal within a few weeks with vaseline. Well it is now May and my lip is just not right..
143123 tn?1274304425 Because I think the moisture is keeping it from healing all the way. It's not in a very good place for me to look at it, so I got my husband to look and he said that it was 3 cuts and they have new (white) skin over the cuts, but it's just too moist. Any suggestions??? I'm desperate!!!
Avatar n tn Hi can anyone help me with a problem concerning my discolored bottom lip? My lip has a light pink and dark colour, I think it might be because of pigmintation. what can I do to even out the discoloration ?
Avatar m tn the swelling is like an elongated, rounded and raised bump shape. when i wake up in the morning, the swelling is not present. the lip looks perfectly normal with no sign of irritation or swelling. after i brush my teeth, the swelling is there but then goes down after 3 minutes or so. i also notice that sometimes it will swell after i start talking for a few minutes but then goes down after i stop talking. it appears to swell when there is more blood flowing to the lips, if that makes sense.
Avatar f tn No partner. Not had one for 5years. No sex either...(no joke.. prefer sti's that way) I was hoping that those bumps weren't cold sores. They burned and hurt really bad for a week and stayed red the entire time, still there and scabbed over as one sore vs individual. My left side gland swelled up a couple days before the bumps that hurt to the touch showed. Lasted for a week total.
Avatar n tn I read about the GH7 cellular supplement that has helpe some with nerve healing. What do you think about this product and do you think it would help and is there anything else I can do to help with this nerve healing. I can feel everything on the side of my face, under my chin and the top of my head but there is a numb like feeling and tingling and pulling feeling that drives me crazy at times. Please help.
Avatar n tn From days 1-3, a small area right where my outer lip meets my inner lip near the ulcer was painful to the touch and had a little bit of blistering (the area had small red bumps and was painful). Now, the area is not actively painful and has a severely chapped/mild scabbed appearance and is healing. The small ulcer is still present but appears to be healing. I did go to see a doctor on day 5 who proclaimed the ulcer/area did not appear to be a herpetic lesion.
Avatar n tn i got a bump on my lip from a accident and i bit it to get rid of it , and took medicine to get rid of it, but it won't go away
Avatar n tn However, at the time he not only removed the lump, but also did a biopsy removing a section of my lip. During the healing, I have been left with a small indent in the line of my lip. What concerns me most though is the lumping under the lip surface which does not seem to want to recede and the pain which i feel whenever i smile or move my mouth. This is really uncomfortable and stressing me out a bit. It feels like having an ulcer which you can't get rid of.
Avatar n tn Hello -- I have a spot that has developed on my lower lip, near the corner of my mouth. It is toward the lower edge but not at the vermillion border. It started as a little spot, became sore, than scabbed over -- resembling much like a pimple with a whitehead. No multiple spots, thick scab, etc. It improved in 3-5 days but didn't quite disappear completely (looking like a small pinhead red spot but no soreness or pain).
Avatar n tn It looks flat in front of my lip and this is good BUT there is a lot of hard tissue inside the lip and some hard swelling in the inner lip. I can not even smile for real, it is so stiff. Please, please tell me it is normal because I am freaking out. I am massaging it 3 times a day with pure vitamine E oil. Will the hard part "melt", or become softer? Thanks a lot. Serenou.
635236 tn?1222718006 It's a small pinkish bump that was white and a lot smaller until i tried to pop it thinking that it was a pimple... then it grew, hardened and changed color from white to pink. It may just be healing but it's not going away or scabbing anymore. It doesn't hurt or bleed and only bothersome because i know it's visible and doesn't belong on my face!
Avatar n tn hey! i'm 19 and I am not a big lip chap user, but every time I start to use ANY lip product for more than two days my lips go crazy! Like I will get red bumps near them and they become super chapped! So, i switched to regular vaseline (the lip chap and the stuff that comes in the container) but that caused the same effect... so then i switched to olive oil and no success! If you ever do find something PLEASE post it here!
Avatar f tn Hello, Due to an awkward sleeping position last night, I have bit my upper left lip bad enough to lose skin off of the inside of my lip and have severe swelling on site (top left lip) and am now suffering from decreased sensitivity and/or slight numbness going up along my cheek bone to about the outer corner of left eye and decreased sensitivity/slight numbness at out end of eye brow down to about the outer corner of my left eye.
Avatar n tn I feel as if there is a little bit of swelling along the interior lip line too. I know that this is not a cold sore - there is no burning or itching, no redness and no pustules. Yeast is a chronic problem for me and I have been traveling and eating an unusually high amount of sugar. I am going to :decrease my sugar in my diet, :stop wine, :lower yeast related products, and : take a probiotic.
Avatar n tn 5 – 3 litres per day and eat a balanced diet. Do not keep your lips dry; apply lip balm which contains sunscreen – preferably a medicated one. If the symptoms still persist, consult your skin specialist or dermatologist. Let us know about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts. Regards.
Avatar n tn The thing is that since I started using it my upper lip has become somewhat yellowish in some areas around the the lower side all the way around, and a little even a bit up on the lip. Could this be an effect from the Aloe Vera lip balm? I red something today about Fordyce's Condition and it looks awfully lot like that. I've never seen these spots before and there are plenty of them now. Will they go away or at least be less visible?
Avatar m tn The next day or so, they began to burst and turned to the appearance of a non-serious injury (like that of a bruise) in appearance, and pained me like an injury does. Since yesterday, my upper lip has been healing, as it produces not little liquid similar to that of an injury anymore. It is now sealed up but appears like a healing injury. As for my sore throat, I hadn't felt nor now feel it at all while eating (like it doesn't exist).
Avatar m tn I can not believe that so many people have the same lip issue. I got my first dry patch on my upper lip about 5 month ago. It started out as a little bump and turned into to pinkish (when moisturized) otherwise skin color dry patch. I thought it was the start of a cold soar but it wasn't. After two weeks I decided to see a doctor, he looked it over and said that it did not look like anything serious. Two weeks passed by and the patch on its own went away.
Avatar m tn I was leaving a club after a long night of drinking and met a girl outside who was probably just as drunk. We made out for 10-15 seconds and she bit my lip hard enough that when I got home I noticed broken skin and red bite marks similar to if I had bitten myself while eating. After being offered oral I got out of the situation realizing how bad/risky it could get.
Avatar m tn I don't know if they sell Vit D ointment over the counter but that is a really good one too. It may also be a good idea to use an antibiotic ointment if the lip is not healing fast enough. Try to stay hydrated too, it may be that your lips are getting a bit dry and cracking from be on the dehydrated side.
Avatar f tn The oral surgeon told me due to my age there was a chance I'd have numbness, but it might not be permanent. The left side of my chin, lip + teeth became numb, I've had 2 follow up visits + was feeling some improvement. Now in the last 2 weeks the numbness has become more intense than at any time. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Avatar m tn Roughly 30mins go by and i wiped it off. My lips were feeling a bit dry so i put on lip gloss and that helped. i wiped it off and slathered on more toothpaste. This time i let the toothpaste sit for about an hour...until i could feel the burn! All of this was within 6 hours. When i wiped it off this time the blistering was gone and a small lump was left. I could feel the weight of it.
Avatar n tn I havent had sex in a few months, my boyfriend is away for a lil while, We just had fone sex tho, it was normaly masterbating, but my left vag lip swelled up pretty bad, It kindof hurts but not really, but it is anoying and i can feel it, i put ice on it, it was the first thing i thot of, but is there anything else i shud do?
Avatar n tn For the past 2 days, i have woken up with a zit above my upper lip and my upper lip has been fat right in the middle. I popped the pimple, and alot came out. I took an anti-inflammatory yesterday which seemed to help a bit, and i put ice on it last night, but this morning its only seemed to get worse. Is there and home remedies that would help, as i have to go to the beach with some friends in a few hours and i'd rather not go looking like a duck.
Avatar n tn my cousin was just bit by a dog the dog did not bite down but his canine teeth made two tears on his upper lip no tissue was lost the plastc surgeon seem to stich him really nicley i was wondering what would be good to put on the stiched area before the actuall scarring began???
Avatar m tn Well I'm a bit confused cause its not a blister really at all and never leaked any fluid of any kind it was just a big whitehead that I irritated the hell out of and now is kinda scabbed. And I went to see my doctor who said it didn't look like any cold sore he's seen because of its location and look its also healing up and looks more like dead skin than anything else.