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Avatar m tn I noticed a bump/rash near lip, specifically on (maybe a bit above) the lip line. The rash didnt last very long, it was gone by the next day but i have this very tiny little pimple looking thing. It looks like it has a head, similar to a pimple i guess but a bit different. Its been there for about a week now. It doesnt really hurt, and a couple days ago i tried to pop it and a very minimal amount of pus came out (barely anything).
Avatar m tn Hi there- I had sx witha sex worker with a condom on and about 60 hours later I had a bump appear inside my lower lip. I feel like it may be tingling a little bit. I engaged in just a little bit of kissing, so am a bit concerned about what I could have caught. Thanks for the help.
Avatar n tn last month i had what appeared to be a small cold soreappear on the inside of my bottom lip, then about a week later, while i was eating i bit it and started bleeding (it had gotten bigger which is why i bit it) i waited anohter week for it to heal (they have gone away before in about a week but not gotten so large) and i bit it again and went to a community urgent care and dentist. they both said it looks like a mucus filled trauma, and i am praying its not cancer. i dont smoke nor drink.....
Avatar n tn i got a bump on my lip from a accident and i bit it to get rid of it , and took medicine to get rid of it, but it won't go away
Avatar m tn Hello, I noticed this strange bump on my lip one evening. At first it upset me because I thought it was a cold sore, but then, only a few hours later, the bump went away, leaving only a bit of dry skin. Now, two days later, the dry skin is still there. It looks slightly whiter than the rest of my lip and could have been this way that evening. I don't remember as I only had a short time to look at it. I don't remember the bump being there earlier that day. I noticed it while I was eating dinner.
Avatar n tn For the second time in three months I woke up with a bump on my upper lip on the area swollen. I notice that there are about 5 small blister looking bumps in the swollen area and one of them is darker than the others. It is tingling and it itches at times? Is it an allergy?
Avatar n tn I had this blue bump on my lower lip for about a year. Then I bit it one day and it took like an hour to get it to stop bleeding. now there is a red bump, it seems to remain big and pop after awhile...anyone have any idea what this is from or what it is?
Avatar f tn It doesn't hurt, it's just there and it bothers me. I noticed after I had made out with my friend, and he had bit my lip several times. Any ideas on what it could be?
Avatar n tn it didn’t become a pimple again, but was instead just a skin bump between my nose and lip. just an odd bit of skin. it didn’t hurt, nor did it do anything else. it was just a bump. and it still is. i haven’t asked a doctor or anything since it doesn’t seem that it’ll hurt me. but you never know. i’m wondering if anyone can assist me?
Avatar f tn I keep getting this bump in the same spot on my upper lip. I have had cold sores and know this is not a cold sore. I have not burned, bit or done anything to cause a bump on my lip. It does not hurt only feels a little tight and is not discolored in anyway. It has been coming and going for several months. Any thoughts on what this could be?
Avatar n tn i woke up this morning and made breakfast as any other person would on a regular day . then all of a sudden i got this small bump on the bottom of my lip its at the very tippy top close to the inside though and im just worried about it not going back to normal and dissapearing, i think its one of thoses overnight things that would go away but if not i dont know what it is, im applying vapor rub and drinking liquids. i dont think its that serious and i dont know how i caught this ...
Avatar n tn I have this large bump on the inside of my vagina lip. It isn't inside though. I tried to squeeze it to see if puss came out and a bit of puss did. It hurts like a zit would to the touch. My mom says it is a pimple but I don't know. How do I get rid of it and what is it?
635236 tn?1222718006 I have a pinkish small bump above my upper lip. It has been there for a couple weeks now and I'm becoming concerned. I came on here for some suggestions on what it could be only because I have a couple more weeks for my insurance to begin and by that time if I still have this issue I will definitely have it looked at by a professional but in the meantime I'll just take advice... It's a small pinkish bump that was white and a lot smaller until i tried to pop it thinking that it was a pimple...
Avatar f tn My boyfriend and I were having sex, and it hurt a little bit.. He asked me what was on my vaginal lip and I said i don't know. He told me it looked like a pimple. I checked it out when I got home. It is sore when I touch it, and it's on the right side of the lip. I'm not sure whether it's something to be worried about or not!! Help!
Avatar m tn So my lip was bit recently by my gf. It hurt and made a little bump bout a week later the bump looked like a little white head i messed with it and it looks bad now like a zip. Could it be a badly placed zip? Or could it be swolen from the bite?
Avatar n tn Hola, I recently engaged in unprotected oral sex for the first time last night. Earlier that morning, around 3 am, I woke up and noticed a weird bump on my upper lip. It looks swollen as if something bit me in my sleep. It noticeably went down today and I'm not entirely sure if it is an STD. Could it be a coincidence this appeared after what I did last night? There's no discharge or discoloration. It doesn't itch or burn, but sometimes it tingles just a bit.
Avatar f tn About 3 minutes after consuming it my throat started getting itchy and swollen (although I could still breath fine). Then, I felt a bump appearing on the inside of my lip. I pulled my lip down and scratched it and it bled a little bit. Now, a day later the swollen bump has gone down, but I can still feel it (it doesn't/hasn't hurt at all). This is only from having an allergic reaction correct?
Avatar n tn I have had this bump on my lip since June of 2008 and it wont go away. My son bit me and left a rather large mark and here it is over a year later and it still bleeds atleast once a day. It gets small and scabs and then gets huge and breaks open and bleeds. My doctor called it mucolytis(sp)? I google that and everything about Chemo an Radiation pop up, I have had neither of these treatments. Any ideas what may get rid of this?
Avatar n tn i woke up with a bump on my upper lip and i though it was a zit so i try to pop it but it wasn't nothing.the bump got a little bit bigger. i don't know what it is, can you help me?
Avatar f tn I am 14 years old. I have a bump on the outer lip of my vagina. Under the skin their is a lump as well. i have had this type of bump twice. But the second bump I popped. And now after maybe after a month the same exact bump has returned. I have noticed a characteristic of this bump it seems to only come when I use those body washes from perfume sets(you know the cheap ones that are only to make you smell good) I have tried to stay calm as possible. But I mean I am kind of worried. I am a virgin.
Avatar n tn i also bit my lip a while back ago, and the same bump appeared on my lip. I ended up biting it a few more times before i realized what i needed to do is just leave it alone. so ive left it alone now for a while but it seems to stay. what should i do. and i cant get any medicle help at the moment. any help on how i can get it to go away on its own?
9228159 tn?1402473126 I know it's not herpes. I have a bump on my lip kinda looks like a fever blister. Its 3 bumps which makes it feel like on big bump. Its clear but you can see some red probably from my lip. I am 23 weeks pregnant and I was wondering if it will hurt my baby?
Avatar f tn I bit my lip along time ago and a little white bump formed in its place. It has been there many months without any sign of it going away. Its hard n I tried biting it off but its just grew back. Nothing comes out of it. Its just a hard white bump. Ay ideas of what it is and how to get rid of it?
Avatar n tn I recently found a bump inside my lower lip similar to your description. I used to chew regularly, but now it's rare for me to take one. I have been watching it a couple of days and its a bit annoying. I think it started when I bit my lip chewing food...
Avatar f tn A small bump on bottom of lower lip, on the outside of lip. I've had this small bump for about a year now, and it has not gone away, and after once picking at it it bleed a lot of blood and when it stopped it looked slightly bigger. Also it is painless and just a bit more red then my lip color. If anyone could help me to find out what this could be I would appreciate it very much, and how I could make it go away.