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Avatar n tn I have a recurring bubble in the exact same spot everytime on the inside of my lower lip. It appears to be mostly clear. It has a white center and is a near perfect half circle. The bubble looks like it's separated into little oval shaped pods. Imagine a daisy with a solid center and petals in a perfect circle. Same shape anyhow. No pain, swelling or other discoloration around it.
Avatar m tn so almost three weeks ago I woke up with this bubble on the center of my upper lip. it was dead center but more on the bottom of the lip if you want to say. it was resting on my bottom lip but it was on my upper lip, lets put it that way. just one bubble. i think it was clear or white liquid or a combo. clearish white maybe... no blood involved. kind of looked like a burn blister. I say I think it was clearish white because I immediately popped it when I realized it was there. .
Avatar n tn I occasionally get a little "bubble' on the inside of my lower lip. It is clear and fluid filled. I seem to get one when I am stressed or my immune system is low. Only once I got 2 at a time. They start out small and sometimes get a little bigger. The bubble or cyst doesn't hurt- but it is bothersome and gets sore when I bite it or try to pop it. It usually goes away in a day or two- it pops on its own usually, but sometimes it is so bothersome I try to pop it.
Avatar m tn Luckily its not a purple/red bubble. Usually that indicates blood which means it would bleed quite a bit if you lanced it. Anyways, I would recommend just waiting it out until you can get into a doctor.
Avatar n tn 5 yr old toddler developed a 'bump' on the upper lip about 1/3 of a centimeter into the lip, the size of a small pimple that was clear on top (1st mistaken as a spit bubble)perimeter was red and that was solid. During the day the clear "bubble" turned white and appeared as a white head pimple but moist due to saliva a pacifier use. The following day the 'white head' area had a greenish pigment and by the end of the 2nd day it appeared whiter and then the top bubble peeled away.
Avatar f tn My weight is good, a bit on the low side and I eat healthy. The only problem is that over the past few weeks I have started getting migrain headaches and I have noticed that from timw to time my left arm goes numb and my lip on the left side gets a strange twitch. All tis never happened before. The other morning I woke up and I was so dizzy and tired that I could not go into work.
Avatar m tn Roughly 30mins go by and i wiped it off. My lips were feeling a bit dry so i put on lip gloss and that helped. i wiped it off and slathered on more toothpaste. This time i let the toothpaste sit for about an hour...until i could feel the burn! All of this was within 6 hours. When i wiped it off this time the blistering was gone and a small lump was left. I could feel the weight of it.
Avatar f tn The numbness is going away considerably except for the slight tingle feeling when I put my finger to my lower lip. The two teeth feel a bit strange but I do notice improvement. It was very difficult to talk and eat but I got used to it because that's all we can do right? I would again just encourage everyone to keep a positive outlook!
Avatar m tn I'm initially thinking its a mucocele which is a bubble that forms when you bite your lip on accident and sever a salivary gland on the lip. The fluid inside is saliva and tends to stay there and changes shape a little during meals (throughout the day). Still, a biopsy would be best to find out what it is.
Avatar n tn So frustrating because no amount or type of lip balm seemed to help (vaseline lip therapy, body shop lip salve, etc etc). Additionally, the skin above my upper lip became dry, red and irritated. About 2-3 weeks after that, I started experiencing swollen eyelids as well as dry, wrinkled, red, itchy patches above and below my eyes. I could not apply the most mild lotion to those areas because it would burn, but it was so dry I wanted to do something.
Avatar n tn I got this burn on my lip when i bit in to a pizza that came out of the oven and was hot. Now it's red/pink and hurts. I've been putting on chap stick alot so it's not dry but i don't know what else to do and it's not going away. What do i do to make it go away? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/399761'>Burn to lip</a>.
Avatar f tn so, my boyfriend and i had sex last night and i'm always kind of sore afterwards but today i looked and i the inside of my left vagina lip is swollen. it's kinda of a bubble looking bump and on the surface is what looks like a little bit of white pus. i go to wipe it off and it doesn't come off. so i'm thinking it's a cut or something. i've read about cysts and everything but this doesn't feel like a ball or feel like it needs to be popped.
Avatar m tn Soon i got little blisters and little bubble looking things on the inner bottom of my lip and hurtful little bumps on the tip of my tongue. (As if i had bit my tongue or burned it.) So i went to the doctor to try and get antibiotics and I'm shocked to find out i may have herpes. Now knowing that the virus may take about 20days to show symptoms I'm worried my baby boy now 15months may have it too because i always kiss his mouth, cheeks, everywhere!
1571146 tn?1399913292 Okay so I'm experiencing symptoms left and right... Peeing like crazy (that's a new one! Exclusive to this cycle!) sore as hell bbs, vivid dreams (also new) ravenous and blue veins (new!) are popping up on upper body.... Please God let this be the real deal and not the cosmos yucking it up at my expense!!!! Now that I'm spilling my hope, I might as well come out and say that at 5dpo I actually felt little "bubble" like feelings on the left side of uterus area....
Avatar m tn It started as these tiny white dots under my middle upper lip white balooned the area a bit. So i am fairly sure i contracted herpes. It has not changed color in 5 days now though. It just looks like an air bubble, but under it are small cluster of white dots with a slight reddish area in the middle. Now heres my question. This is my first herpes infection. Since i was sick ive been inspecting my mouth almost every 10 minutes. Im afraid i mightve spread it on myself.
Avatar m tn I've also had a couple non-painful bubble type bumps inside my lower lip. I have also bitten my lower lip a couple times, not sure if it relates. I got tested for all STDs, except Syphilis and HIV, negative on that front. Lastly, on the foreskin of my penis shaft (" underneath"), Ive noticed a flesh colored " bump"..on a vein, its not raised or hardened, but does have an "indent", part in the middle.
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm very worried and I can't seem to stop obsessing about this. I've been researching online for an entire day and I keep getting mixed information regarding my concern. My situation is this: On Sunday around 4:30pm I had masturbated and used my own saliva. Around 11:00pm or so I noticed that I was getting a cold sore. I don't think I had physical symptoms when I masturbated, but my lips (especially my upper lip) had been dry and kind of chapped for three days.
Avatar f tn Painless at first, it almost looked like a callous. It kind of looked like there was an air bubble in my lip. It eventually grew a bit then popped and healed and I've been fine ever since but I'm curious as to what it mightve been. Lastly, at the start of he year I had a crazy nite with some friends and everybody ended up making out with each other. A few days later we both ended up getting what the doctor called acute gingivitis.
267401 tn?1251856096 Amazingly, her teeth were not broken or chipped, and the little piece of tissue connecting the gums to the lip was not broken. However, it was sufficient force to leave black marks from the asphalt in those two teeth and in the gums. We went straight to the ER, where to doctor took a look and found nothing broken or in need of immediate attention, other than to try to clean the area.
233405 tn?1190472197 woke up with a fat lip bit town on the tube when the intibated me LOL! i will give it a month and try again! signed consent for a pathology report to find out what happened to my baby. just have to wait for th report to be completed. hope you are all doing well. talk to you soon. jenn ps. gonna sit back tonight a have a nice glass of wine......relaxing!
290867 tn?1333572878 If you're talking about a little bubble on the middle of his upper lip, that's a callous that forms from the nipples on the bottles. It WILL go away! It may also peel at some point, so don't pick at it. And your little one will be just fine in his room. Keep the monitor on and check on him if you need to!
Avatar f tn Then the next time it formed in the same place plus it had moved to the upper part of my upper lip. Now this time it didn't appear on my lip but right above my lip. I'm panicking a little bit because I really don't want this all over my face. Here are my questions. 1. Is it possible for it to spread and move around on your face? I am VERY cautious not to touch it. I always use a new q-tip every time I touch it or put cream on it.
Avatar n tn it looks if i were to describe it, would be like a tiny bubble with clear fluid. its deep in the lip so i cant pop it. yet it does protrude a little bit outside although not noticible much. i can definately feel it with my tongue so its hard not to forget it. any ideas? any help is very appreciated.
544292 tn?1268886268 Please make yourself at home and snuggle down. It will be a bit bumpy, but worth it!
Avatar n tn I'll get the pain and then alittle while later, I emit the gas bubble externally. The other times I get the pain is when I'm stressed, believe it or not. I've prodded around in that area and discovered that while I'm waiting for a bowel movement, a section of colon sticks out a bit there. I laid down and pulled in my tummy and it was larger on that side than the other. I haven't seen any blood or mucus in my stool. I have no family history of colon cancer. I did give birth almost a year ago.
Avatar m tn ) I have never had any problems with my penis before but this ball bothers me a bit and scares me what others might think. NOTE: (i do not know if i am uncircumcised..pretty dumb right? ) It is a very embarrassing topic but it bothers me to no end. please help Links, info, point of view, and feedback would very much be obliged.
Avatar m tn I'm a man who had unprotected sex with a lady friend. I have an active bladder, since I was in 2nd grade, however, 2 days after my encounter, I began to urinate a lot more, which irritated my urethra, as it was itchy. The encounter was 4 mos. ago. Also I get tingling/warm sensations in my groin area, has happened twice, last for a couple days then subsides.
Avatar n tn I was in a bad wreck 5 months ago I had short term memory loss,neck brace on stitches in my right ear scrapes on the side of my face bit a hole in my lip I can't remember 20 hours that's from that morning before the wreck till the next morning of the wreck.i can't sleep with out taking sleeping pills and most times that don't work.
Avatar m tn Hey- Unfortunately, i started this year with a bit of bad luck to my side. I went in to the health office a week ago with a mark on the side of my shaft. it looked liked a brown piece of skin which eventually turn into a scab. Scared out of my mind, i went in for a std check and hiv testing. A week later, (today 14th) the test results came back as positive for herpes type 1. A month ago, i had a one night stand with a girl i met around the area.