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807542 tn?1238224675 I am in Treatment ((meaning))) Methadone I have been in Treatment for over 20 something years I only been clean on Methadone with out the use of Herion orCocaine its been 18 years The only job I had was elling my body now today I am A Community Advocate/OutReach Worker /HIV/AIDS Peer Educatoras well as well as A Awareness Woman For Street Harmony ran by my GodChild & Husband where we work with Youth from 8 years old to 30 years old and belive me if I would have not been in Treatment I no I
Avatar n tn Can hiv pass through clothes. I play Basketball with an outreach group I will not say where. I have been on this page before and have read lots of info about hiv. Well one guy we were playing with has hiv, in fact ithink full blown aids. I have two questions. The first. He got a cut on his hand and DID not stop playing. It was bleeding a tiny bit but it was not gaping and maybe he didnt notice but I did!..
267369 tn?1247330981 I was diagnosed with hep c last year, completed 48 weeks of very successful treatment and am looking for a referral for my new location. We moved to Birmingham, AL from NC (treatment was taken in NC) and I will need to continue seeing a gastro/hepat physician for occasional follow up. I know there is the Kirkland Clinic here, but do not have anyone to ask if they are the ideal place for me. Does anyone have any experience in this area with the doctors associated with hep c.
Avatar m tn Just found this forum and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good psychiatrist in Birmingham, Al for a friend who was dx as bipolar and is self-medicating with alcohol? She has recently moved here from another state and is really having a tough time. She actually lives in Gadsden, AL, but can't find a doc there who will accept her insurance (United Health Care.) Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
306307 tn?1317053518 I am curious to know if any of yall have used or know someone that has used neurosurgeon in Birmingham, Alabama area? I realize the list of Chiari specialists states only one in Alabama, which is in Mobile. But I have read where others have had surgery in Birmingham and I have searched but unable to find who exactly he/she/they were. Thank you in advance. (also let me add this is for an adult not a child, if this even makes a difference.
Avatar f tn 205-918-7156. Director: R Harris Rhys, M.D. 01D2091573 Follicle Stimulating Hormone 8.7 Menstruating Follicular 2.5-10.2 Midcycle 3.4-33.4 Luteal 1.5-9.1 Pregnant <0.3 Post-Menopausal 23.0-116.3 Southeast Clinical Laboratories, LLC, 3621 3rd Avenue South, Birmingham AL 35222 . Phone: 205-918-7156. Director: R Harris Rhys, M.D.
Avatar f tn Anyone had a bad experiance with their Dr? Do any of you live in the Birmingham ,Alabama area? We are looking to find a new Dr and husband is in 7th week of treatment.
Avatar f tn If you were going to London if the price was right, then how about Birmingham, where it was £6700 or bath where I paid £4800 total for both eyes. Vision now with the Finevision is way over 95% perfect in all conditions, 100% in most areas of my daily life. I have not regretted spending a penny if it. Even if you cost in a flight, you could have the op and fly back same day.
Avatar f tn hey all in the forum im a 21 year old female from birmingham UK, its been 5 weeks since my ordeal where i was sexually attacked by two black men that sounded african, ive told no 1 about it im to scared and ashamed of whats happend all ive done is cry and stayed locked in my bedroom all day, im due 2 stat back at uni on monday but i cant face it, my roommates know theres something up but i dont nlo how to tell them im very very scared, i first worried about being pregnant luckily im not but now
Avatar f tn I waited 3 months and took a rapid Insti hiv test at a free aids clinic. Then my OCD came back a day later .. Having thought like was the tesr kit contiminated .. Lancet of pipette was dirty.. What if the tester in the free clinic was trying to infect me? It is a free testing facility is there a risk? So I'm 5 weeks after getting tested I am still worried. I always Google transmission risk of a lancet and everybody says there not reusae. It's like my mind won't believe it.
Avatar f tn I just recently moved to the Birmingham area and have used Methadone for pain management for many years are there any physicians in the Birmingham area who prescribe Methadone for. Hronoc severe pain respond to Cot.
Avatar n tn If an HIV+ man ejaculated into a small pot and then, approximately 5 minutes later, a woman uses the same semen as lube, putting more or less all of the semen in to her vagina, what are the risks to the woman? I read so much about HIV+ fluids losing their infectiousness very quickly when they leave the body, but am not sure how this applies in this situation. Real risk, theoretical risk or no risk? The pot was open, so oxygen could easily get to the semen; normal room temperature; etc.
1736483 tn?1310604753 I am searching for a private Dr. in Birmingham, Al that that treats opiate addiction through prescribing methadone. I have been going to a clinic for about 3 years, I need to be treated for high blood pressure and severe lower back pain as well as the methadone treatment. Searching for a private Dr that can help with treatment for all issues with the intent of getting off methadone eventually while treating the other issues. I also would like to use my Blue Cross health insurance.
Avatar f tn Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama early Saturday morning. According to WAFF, News 48, the incident took place at about 4:00 a.m. on the hospital’s fifth floor. Birmingham Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Johnny Williams told WAFF that the gunman positioned himself in a hallway and shot at the officer and the hospital staff members as they stepped out of an elevator. Another police officer reportedly came around the corner, alerted by the noise, and fatally shot the gunman.
Avatar m tn anyway March 10 i was so gripped by fear that i was HIV positive that i had a rapid blood test done and it came back negative 6 weeks after my last act and just over 8 weeks after the unprotected oral it was negative , anyway i slept with my partner and now i have this demented notion that i have infected her and it is causing strain in our relationship again , everytime i watch tv and a programme comes on about aids or even that aids is mentioned i think it`s the universe sending me a message
Avatar f tn I live in Birmingham. I will definitely look into it. Thank you again.
Avatar f tn I got tested 4 weeks ago with a rapid Insti test at outreach center that did free testing.. Am I at risk taking a free tesr? My throat been brotheribg me ever since .. I also had my wisdom tooth pulled back in July . I'm just so scared if the clinic used contiminated material on me..