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Avatar f tn There are 2 types of Asexuality. 1: Those who experience no sexual pleasure at all and most likely are not interested. 2: Those who do not find any gender to be sexually stimulating.(Like looking into a filled fridge and finding nothing to satisfy your hunger despite the variety given.) I am Pansexual. I am sexually attracted to people of all known non-binary genders and binary genders. Nor would I care what my partner's gender would be.
Avatar f tn ) Hopes it helps !
Avatar n tn ve found so far seem very focused on the gender binary, which I never identified with from an early age.
Avatar m tn In the begining I had a small binary growth (2) below my back, then in 1998 I had two of them removed, but after I removed them within 3-4 years many smaller growths appeared nearby the one which I removed. Then I started to have more in my back, three of them are bigger and are slowly growing bigger since 2005. Now one of them is big enough to bother me sometime. They are not painful though, these are less sensitive to touch.
572651 tn?1530999357 You have 4 days left to enter a text message that will be sent via binary code to the nearest, most like earth planet out there - 20 light years away these messages are sent next week. nasa is collecting names again.. This time its for a mars rover labratory mission heading up in 2011
Avatar m tn Relationships between seromarkers and HBsAg loss were assessed annually and after 6 years using binary logistic regression. RESULTS: Among the 634 participants, 117(18.45%) cleared HBsAg after 6 years, with a 3.08% annual seroclearance rate. Baseline HBsAg levels and platelet (PLT)counts were predictors of HBsAg seroclearance. The HBsAg level predicted HBsAg seroclearance better than the PLT count (area under the receiver operating characteristic curve (AUROC): HBsAg, 0.965 (95%CI, 0.947-0.
Avatar f tn By this I mean gender and sexuality. One day she will like males and females, then will like non-binary people and then no one. This bothers her and it bothers me because I don't know what to tell her.
Avatar n tn Posted By CCF Neuro[P] MD, RPS on April 13, 1999 at 23:47:52: In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: CIDP Remission? After Effects? posted by Keri on April 13, 1999 at 17:29:30: : : : : : Dear Dr. CCF: I don't mean to be a noodge, but am trying hard to understand. : : : : My initial impression was that CIDP was basically binary--you either have an : : : : active case or you don't.
Avatar f tn Has anyone else tried cow boy boots? I used a medically prescribed torture brace for several years. Miserable! I put on a high style 'Ugg" boot with no brace one day and found the high back of the ugg boot rested against the back of my calf and sort of prevented my right foot from dropping. Wheels started turning and I had an insight. My normal unsupported foot drooped so why fight it, have my footwear normally hold my foot in a droop position. How about a high heeled cowboy boot?
Avatar n tn first test showed blockage of 75% and 50 % on other artery; follow-up test scheduled for tomorow for cardiac ct angiography afraid and worried with numerous calls to anyone i could reach inc both sons-worried kraig here; and kyle in england. family issues continue with btother coming into two appts and telling me he would be my only family contact now and was not aware that i didn"t even know that family would not be there for me anymore.
Avatar f tn Well Lord said search my heart Oh Lord now search my heart Well said search my heart, so I'll know what's right and what's wrong When I'm in trouble said search my heart When I'm in trouble said search my heart Well when I'm in trouble said search my heart, so I'll know what's right and what's wrong When I'm in misery said search my heart When I'm in misery said search my heart When I'm in misery said search my heart, so I'll know what's
Avatar m tn This thing is pretty cool
Avatar m tn started halter approx 1 pm had decaf in morning and 120mg verap approx 10 am gone to bed at approx 1050 pm heart beat echoing in my ear.
1243333 tn?1296446902 I hate this skipping and exterm lightheadedness and chest pain is this real please let me wake up from this nightmare
1742220 tn?1331356727 i know, i know, you're all sick of him I am too actually and i think he is right and TJ is right when i'm not YOU zing i don't really need that bich i mean smeg head No, Ben is NOT a smeg head. omg so when we talked on the phone last Saturday Ben was like twisting all the words around like he does ( i know huh) and he said "Just text me later, text me a summary of what we talked about today" and when i did, remember he go "Thanks for the update, Meegan!
675718 tn?1530033033 today I seen my new psychiatrist he told me that apparently the anxiety meds are messing with my heart I guess a new change is in order so taking Zoloft in the morning and trazadone at night is too much go figure :)
5938685 tn?1377028551 No heart issues today so far, haven't done much look online try to find a job.
Avatar n tn Fast heart beat going off armpit tomarrow
363243 tn?1331033850 For about a week or more I've been having tachycardia. It was bothering me so much that I decided to take metoprolol. It didn't seem to be working but I continued taking it. I had an appt with Dr. Asghar on Monday and I didn't see her because I was 12 minutes late and I saw NP Hope instead. She mentioned that I should call my cardiologist to see if he could change the dosage because the metoprolol wasn't lowering my HR.
Avatar n tn woke due to rapid heartbeat about 110 bpm, lasted several minutesw
Avatar f tn Went for my second heart scan. All is ok. Was told by doctor if have heart palpitations for more than 10mins to contact gp again.
Female Athersclerosis,cardiomyopathy,CHF
958842 tn?1266512599 hart went out of whack for 10 minutes. Bent down @ rios game & stood up it was bad.
Avatar n tn Was advised by Dr Peter to call my cardilogist ^ try and get appt...if not richard said he would get me into see the Dr at his wife's office (Paul's Dr's office). took one of each of monavie today...uncertain if it will help. legs felt a bit better yesterday after treatment.
937826 tn?1261333879 I have a pacemaker in and it has been shocking me every 2 minutes I have chestpain and pressure squeazing and I can't breathe