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1107684 tn?1448832030 I'm not sure what "plan" you are referring to. I have the Biggest Loser, Yoga for Weight Loss dvd and I love it. Even though it's yoga, it will kick you butt. LOL We are always looking for good plans; maybe you could tell us more about it. Is it something that one would be able to stick with over the long haul? Usually if a plan is too strict, most people won't stay with it, or if you go off it, you risk regaining any weight lost. Where did you find the plan?
1277304 tn?1272937851 Yes, you need to cut calories to lose weight, but you also need exercise. You can't figure that we all need the same amount of calories/day. For some people, 1200 wouldn't even be enough to support basic metabolic needs, for others, it might be too much. You need to calculate your calorie needs based on your current weight, height and activity level to get your BMR, then cut/use calories accordingly.
Avatar n tn I would say that it is a 50/50 chance whether you would lose weight in the long run as the product wasn't designed as a weight loss product. (but I'm not a doctor so your dr. might be able to tell you what to expect).
Avatar f tn To incorporate eercise that burns 500 cals/day plus cutting back on 500 cals/day (if there's room in your diet to scale back that much), that's 1,000/day and a 2 lb weight loss per week. But even at a normal healthy weight, exercise is still so necessary to keep us moving and to stave off some of the ill effects of our disease, our medications, and aging.
1149046 tn?1264365186 Can you please tell us your height, current weight, activity level, etc are? Do you really need to lose weight or do you just need to tone muscles? I've read that it IS harder for women to lose weight than it is for men, but I'm sure that's not an "across the board" determination. I did try Mega-T Green Tea with Hoodia --- it did nothing for me......however, drinking a cup of "actual" green tea sweetened with Stevia, has a tendency to make me feel less hungry.......
1260033 tn?1269663455 Hmm -- not really sure how to answer that. I do know that if you do the same exercises, day in and day out, your body becomes accustomed to it and it's no longer a challenge, so weight loss will slow/stop. Same with eating the same amount of calories/day. You need to change things around to keep your body from becoming "comfortable" in a routine......... With the "uneven" muscle -- have you ever thought of trying yoga?
750946 tn?1270291732 I've been slacking on the mindful eating...writing in my weight loss journal...and the yoga....i did yoga 2x last week..and it didnt even feel like i was challenging myself...I needa get back on track...I got a water bottle i can track my water intake... i use to check my weight daily... i think i'm gonna try n check it only weekly or every 3 days... if i gain weight one day by a lil bit..i get discouraged really imma try the weekly weigh biggest loser hehe...
93210 tn?1287457826 But I DO NOT appreciate being lectured to by a total stanger who has no clue about my medical history or what I have or have not tried in an effort to lose weight! Who are you anyway? Are you a physician who specializes in weight loss? Because a person like that is the only person I will take a lecture from and only when he or she has full knowledge of my medical history. I suggest you tone down your comments that you write in the future to other total strangers.
Avatar f tn You might want to try some yoga; it really does a great job of toning muscles. "Biggest Loser Yoga for Weight Loss" is a great DVD, If you stick with it, you will lose weight!!
1311499 tn?1273679555 Well, it sounds like all three of you certainly have the desire to lose the weight. I don't know what to tell you about the stretch marks; I've seen advertisements for creams, etc but I don't know if they work or not. I like the idea that stretch marks are braille for "I love my children" -- how true it is. As for the weight; the best thing is to figure out how many calories you should be eating/day, then figure out diet that will let you achieve that.
1127564 tn?1262548356 I'm sorry to disappoint you, but your mother is right -- you don't need to lose weight.
Avatar f tn I guess people might get tired of hearing this, but in my opinion, yoga is one of the best types of exercise out there... My very favorite exercise DVD is "Biggest Loser - Yoga for Weight Loss".... Also, various exercises using hand held weights can be beneficial.
Avatar f tn my ob/gyn assured me that it won't affect my weight loss. I'm a stay at home with twin boys so my diet is chaotic. i do eat lots of fruits and veggies. i get a good daily amount of protein and have cut back on my sugar intake (besides juice. i'm such a sucker for juice) i'm a caffeine fiend. (for other moms...they know why...i couldn't make it through the day without coffee) as soon as the weather improves and isn't -10 out i'm going to start jogging again....for now...i'm at a loss.
Avatar n tn I joined a boot camp 3 days a week and it has helped immensly on the aching joints. I am seeing muscle tone but absolutley no weight loss....I even increase calories like they said......went to Doctor and he too said it is menopause and some women will gain and I was one of them....I thought no way! I quit WW and joined Jenny Craig and stuck to it except for the occasional far 3 lb. gain...FRUSTRATING, I'll give it 3 more weeks. I want to prove the doctor wrong...
Avatar f tn I was really heading for throwing in the towel, it was so bad, but thankfully I perservered as it all cleared up. I wish everyone success on their plans for weight loss or gain. And I hope you learn more about yourself, too. And learn healthy foods, and gain greater temperance and self-control. God bless you.
Avatar f tn but it seems impossible to drop the few pounds.
1406332 tn?1315966360 I would also try Googling exercise or weight loss plans for those with mobility impairments. There are also DVDs called sit and be fit. I think they focus on seniors but I am sure it would work for someone with limited mobility. Swimming and Water Aerobics might be another option. I found this site too and it had links to Seated Strength Workouts. I hope that these suggestions help.
Avatar n tn I understand that it takes a long time to get this drug out of your system and the weight loss is very slow. I think that most of the 4 pound weight loss is because I fasted for a few days and took UltraClear which is a powdered "metabolic detoxification" product you mix with water. I used to only be able to get it through a doctor but now it is avaibale on the internet. It is a de-tox flush that I thought would help get Lexapro out of my system. I think it has helped.
Avatar f tn I'm not familiar with that one either. I prefer yoga; there are tons of DVDs for that. The Biggest Loser Yoga for Weight Loss is great.
Avatar n tn Also, if the bodygem said you needed roughly 1200 cals/d for weight loss, I really wouldn't go below that level because it can actually make it more difficult for you to lose weight. You also might want to consider seeing a Registered Dietitian but if you do, I'd make sure beforehand that they also have some type of exercise background (ACSM/ACE certification, Kinesiology Degree, etc.) I know it can be frustrating but don't lose hope.
Avatar f tn My favorite yoga is Biggest Loser, Yoga for Weight Loss. I've got to get back to doing it regularly. Don't worry if you can't keep up right away; you'll work into it.
Avatar f tn Instead of cutting all pastas, why not switch to whole grain versions, which are much healthier, and limit portions? You should also switch to whole grain breads. Don't cut out meats; they're a major source of iron and vitamin B12, both of which are essential for providing energy. Make sure you opt for leaner (low fat) cuts and stick to smaller portions. Opt for chicken or fish, as much as you like; just make sure it's grilled, broiled, or baked vs fried.
1386082 tn?1280367031 My work schedule will go back to 8 hr days, next month, then I will get back to either walking outside daily, the treadmill and/or my Wii Fit. I also have a dvd that I dearly love -- it's called The Biggest Loser, Yoga for Weight will kick your butt, but makes you feel so good afterward.... Don't know if you've ever tried yoga, but it's awesome exercise.
649848 tn?1534637300 I think they are a bit more than I could tolerate. I do have the Biggest Loser - Yoga for Weight Loss, though and I love it; it works if I'd do it often enough.
Avatar f tn Fast workouts aren't always the answer. Walking is an excellent exercise; it will tone up your belly, legs, hips, thighs, so cellulite isn't so obvious. Aim for at least 30 minutes/day, but more if you have time (minimum 30 min/day, 3 days/week). You don't have to run or job, just go at a good brisk clip. If you carry a resistance band, you can work your arms, shoulders, back all at the same time. Yoga is also good for toning, tightening.
Avatar f tn like watch Biggest Loser together...(that show is motivating for ANYONE that is overweight)....or mention how junk food makes YOU feel...not attack her bout her eating junk food... 4. When it comes to family activities or something outdoors... like if your going to an Amusement park or the fair...then (without her even knowing)..walk a few more circles around the park without even tellin her..most likely she wont even notice that she was walking that long...
1515145 tn?1298302022 I am trying to push myself more and more each time I do shred it and even with the weight loss yoga I am trying. The biggest difference that I do see/feel is when bending forward and down in yoga, my chest is getting closer to my legs and less stomach area in the way; also when sitting on the floor when doing cool downs, my head can/almost touch my leg again. This might seem simple and small to some, but for me that is like YIPPY.
614343 tn?1258045119 and they don't have a chance to get used to the same thing. I often rotate the Wii Fit, with the Biggest Loser - Yoga for Weight Loss, with another yoga dvd I have........Can you tell that I'm a yoga fan?? And for anyone who thinks yoga is too slow or won't help you lose weight --- I challenge you to try the Biggest Loser - Yoga for Weight Loss.............
2006603 tn?1331332927 Why not try yoga? It would be wonderful for you during your pregnancy, because it stresses balance, breathing, etc. has quite a few dvd's specifically for pregnancy. Also see a few for post pregnancy. You can find them at the following link:
1339332 tn?1329857966 I allow myself to think I can achieve my weight loss goals and when I fail it just makes me feel more hopeless and like a big loser (and NOT a loser of weight). The more positive I permit myself to be, the higher height I fall from.