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951908 tn?1303159818 since you said IBS-C was your problem, I would avoid all dairy/lactose completely which they cause IBS-C. Also i'd go to the health store or wild oats and buy some magesium and potassium pills or eat a bannana a day and start some fiber supplement asap like..oo non-allergenic citrucel and start at one scoop and work your way up to two scoops a day and just keep going up more until you're going daily and hold it there.. or follow the directions.
Avatar f tn I've only used it during tx. I put it in my oatmeal, granola and fruit shakes. You can buy it at health food stores.
328799 tn?1276569332 Also, try getting into eating whole foods. Go to the health food store and eat some good food. I hope you're feeling better!
1109547 tn?1300238866 It is always good when pet owners decide to improve the health of their animals by switching to better brands of food. Opus has said it all. I just wanted to commend you for wanting to put effort in giving kitty the best possible life.
Avatar f tn How do you mom's feel about Making your own baby food or jar baby food ??
Avatar m tn Interesting that you asked that. I have a neighbor, kind of a new age young guy that came over with a kit of what he called essential oils and a little wheel card. He asked my symptoms, turned the wheel and came up with a mix of 3 oils, one being oil of oregano. Put it in a capsule and I took it. I don't know if it helped any, but I am still burping up the very strong taste. I make my own yogurt and it is a staple of my diet. Thanks for the suggestion...
Avatar f tn okay so my i dont rememebr when my budgie was last examened so the examination date is defenently incorect i just left it like it was, so i have a seed diet at the moment , that dose contain a lot of oat groats and i heard that oats groats containe a lot of fat and arnt as healty, and i read that seed diets can shorten the birds life, i have to parakeets one i believe is a male and the other a female, but my parents wont buy them pallet food until all the food is done, because my dad dosnt beli
782269 tn?1236280432 And what is noteworthy is that the more the worse the food is the more he likes it (I always try 2 get him the best money can buy, but sometimes there is no supr quality food in our local store and I have 2 buy just a quality stuff). Well, he also likes shrimps and some sorts of meat - veal and chicken, but he would often refuse even them and go about the house meowing and asking 4 dry biscuits.
Avatar m tn The dog is on Nutrisource puppy food, which the store sent home with it. Is this a good brand of food or should I wean her off this and go with something better?
Avatar f tn Many theories have become prominent only to crumble when the next one comes out, then pop up again and the pattern repeats. In 18 years managing health food stores I read more studies than I cared to. In the same journal you would read contradictory studies, peer reviewed, saying opposite things with very well done research but usually too small a sample or using animals instead of humans.
Avatar f tn my OB/GYN gave me a prescription for Restora when I took it to my pharmacy Walgreens I asked them if it had the same ingredients as Probiotic and they said yes I have been taking it for awhile now I am also taking vitamins from my health food store like Cayenne for poor blood circulation, which I also have, cell food for oxygen and I asked them about vitamins for MRSA so now I am also taking silver, goldensealr root and using tea tree oil for my leg rashes & it is helping alot I take alot
Avatar f tn I know I always felt deprived, even if I wasn't hungry, I longed for the lousy stuff. We didn't steal food, but you better bet the moment we BOTH moved out on our own, we went a little nuts. I think if we were allowed a little more of the bad stuff in moderation, we wouldn't have felt as though we were missing out. I mean, as a kid, I would go to my friend's houses, and they all had cookie crisp cereal, or fruit loops, and lets be honest, the stuff tastes good!
506791 tn?1439846583 My Meezy is getting a little arthritic and The ones I have I had to buy in the store but they are just not high enough. Hurts her neck to bend Down too far to eat. "Lady T" is lookin mighty trim from behind--wait until the little princes step into her life---AHHHHH the calm before the storm.
Avatar f tn Hey, Ruby, didn't know about your sister. Add my condolences as well. What a bummer. To the poster: something you said concerns me. You said you are deficient in folic acid and B12. I can't add much to the health anxiety, though I don't think that thinking about anxiety confined in categories is that useful.
535822 tn?1443980380 The liquid I take from the health food store is pina colada flavored makes it tase nicer , dont you hate those foul tasting supplements I take that wheat grass stuff when I am in there its a great store called Sprouts, lots of samples and goodies in there...... you can eat healthily as you walk around ..
307500 tn?1302119746 I went to the store and bought Lunasom PM, and high and mighty I slept maybe 4 hrs, 2 right off and awake for 4, and then fell asleep again. but I feel so much better today. I had still alot of cold and sweating moments last night. How long this will last? And today I feel like I could just go take a nap. But can't... is this kind over since I feel better, or will it come back and get me again.
Avatar n tn To save you some time I went down below and got Concerned Lady's response to your 12/7 post. I have cut and pasted it below. Hope this information helps: Dear Kaya, I am so sorry you are having these terrible problems! But you are smart to have posted your question here, because there are many caring people here who will want to help you! Kaya, I have suggestions AND questions for you!!! 1) Do you have a good HEALTH FOOD STORE near you?
Avatar f tn Great article and good for him!!! However, people can buy puppy mill puppies and pet store puppies with AKC registration, assuming that hasn't changed. Of course, looks impressive to a buyer but who knows if the information is correct or even gies with that puppy. AKC makes money that way. Don't get me started. Yes, I used to show dogs and did some breeding. I also have done education for our large breed club and have done puppy referral - these are club positions.
Avatar f tn there are alternative products, like oxy e, that you put a few drops in your water that claim to oxygenate the cancer cells. i bought one at the health food store called cell food. i didn t use it the whole time only sometimes, it made the water taste strange.i have heard a lot of testminials about getting your body alkaline working, that it is the same effect on cancer cells, but you have to really change your diet. now that i am back on chemo there is so much i can tolerate eating.
Avatar f tn and says ANY canned food is BETTER than even the best of dry foods. However there are many much better options of canned foods that are not carried at grocery stores or walmarts for example. Check out a local pet store for the brands named above.
Avatar f tn The best diet for a dog is a raw food diet, as the raw food contains enzymes that canines (meat eaters) need for overall health. Dogs were meant to eat raw meat, rather than cooked cuisine. You can make your own raw food, (google for a raw meat recipe, or buy a book about holistic dog care), or you can buy it already made. The most complete frozen raw food I've found is "Nature's Variety.
Avatar n tn What I do eat is too much carbs and sweets. How do I go on a diet when I cannot eat healthy food? I am 60 years old with health issues and need to lose weight. HELP!
Avatar n tn Since you feel better when you avoid breads, you may want to try a wheat (gluten) free diet. I know you can buy rice, potato or soy flour at a health food store and these flours taste just as good as regular flour. I also cannot eat wheat and remember how great I felt after my physician suggested going without wheat for 2 weeks. I haven't eaten any wheat in 2 years. http://www.wheat-free.
Avatar f tn I've tried some melatonin tablets from the health food store. Jamison Vitamins makes a long lasting, fast dissolving melatonin tablet that I find most effective. Instead of dreading sleep, think of how relaxing it's going to be falling asleep. Try putting lavendar on your pillow. Make your bedroom into an inviting place for sleeping. I hope my suggestions have been helpful. I've struggled with sleep issues a good part of my life.
Avatar m tn KinLINY, you claim they must eat high protein foods, yet feed Marshalls which is one of the worst choices out there, next to Kaytee and Walmart or any grocery store brand! OK, the best food out there is Innova Evo brands, which unfortunately was just bought out by Proctor & Gamble which owns Iams and is not a great food at all. Its unfortunate because Evo is a fantastic brand for cats, ferrets, and dogs.
4499225 tn?1396072263 10.) I went to the food data entry and No information. 11.) I looked up a custom food, found the item and added. 12.) Saved meal and exited the app. 13.) Made sure app was not running. 14.) Logged in 15.) Item I just entered was there. 16.) I closed app and logged in MedHelp via PC 17.) opened up my meals, the new Item added in the mobile app was not there on PC.
Avatar f tn Let' see if we can find you a better food, but one that will not break the bank....Please remember, that these foods are highly dense (No unnecessary fillers so you feed less per serving....The one (Very High quality food) that is the less money per pound compared to ALL others is called "Taste of the Wild"....They make a wonderful canned food, also...Yes, your dog DOES need canned in it's diet...... Petsmart will not sell it, so don't waste your time...
274158 tn?1276350787 Life's Abundance Premium Health Food. Also give them steamed veggies twice a week in their food. They love carrotts and yams the most but do love other veggies as well. I order the food online and it gets delivered to my home. If you'd like more information on this food I can give you the website info.
Avatar f tn I did a lot of research on diet and nutrition for dogs and decided that we will change his food to a dehydrated food called the honest kitchen as I was suspecting that the kibble we gave him might be responsible for triggering the diarrhea, because he was fine on home cooked food. Everything has been fine since we gave him his food. No more diarrhea and he really likes it. The reason I am posting is that I am still concerned that there is something we are missing.
4835773 tn?1360019421 Since our tragedy last month, I have been obsessing over dog food, and decided I need to change things around and go homemade. There is an abundance of information on the web, but most seem to want to sell something, and that makes them a bit untrusty... The only article I found that makes sense to me, is this one: . And maybe this one too, for the info on calcium: