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951908 tn?1303156218 wow I know the feeling it's like trial and error.. well from my experience of being a lab rat on meds and diet i'll chime in.. it depends on what you're trying to do you said you're trying to lose weight..and you have constipation.. so based on those two there are some things you can do. Sometimes people with constipation have a slight 'intolerance' to soy/lactose/ sometimes those are causes of chronic constipation.
Avatar f tn my OB/GYN gave me a prescription for Restora when I took it to my pharmacy Walgreens I asked them if it had the same ingredients as Probiotic and they said yes I have been taking it for awhile now I am also taking vitamins from my health food store like Cayenne for poor blood circulation, which I also have, cell food for oxygen and I asked them about vitamins for MRSA so now I am also taking silver, goldensealr root and using tea tree oil for my leg rashes & it is helping alot I take alot
487969 tn?1249313291 We washed the dog, went to the pet store for food (she loves to take our dog to the pet store), watched the fish and the birds for a while and went home to NAP. God don't ya just love a good nap in the middle of the day! I swear, nothing is better! Anyway, feeling good today (note to self - self inspection of the thyroid indicates its still swollen and there, just not bugging you right now -- hahaha). Anyway, wishing you all a restful evening!
535822 tn?1443976780 The liquid I take from the health food store is pina colada flavored makes it tase nicer , dont you hate those foul tasting supplements I take that wheat grass stuff when I am in there its a great store called Sprouts, lots of samples and goodies in there...... you can eat healthily as you walk around ..
Avatar f tn I later started taking thyroid glandular purchased from a health food store. I felt like it gave me a little added energy. When finances were better I started taking thyroid again but by this time the world had switched to synthetics and the health food store variety had seemed to work better. At some point I requested a change to Armour Thyroid which was accomplished and I felt better. I picked up my new prescription yesterday and it was not Armour Thyroid it was something called NP Thyroid.
506791 tn?1439842983 My Meezy is getting a little arthritic and The ones I have I had to buy in the store but they are just not high enough. Hurts her neck to bend Down too far to eat. "Lady T" is lookin mighty trim from behind--wait until the little princes step into her life---AHHHHH the calm before the storm.
Avatar f tn How do you mom's feel about Making your own baby food or jar baby food ??
Avatar f tn The best diet for a dog is a raw food diet, as the raw food contains enzymes that canines (meat eaters) need for overall health. Dogs were meant to eat raw meat, rather than cooked cuisine. You can make your own raw food, (google for a raw meat recipe, or buy a book about holistic dog care), or you can buy it already made. The most complete frozen raw food I've found is "Nature's Variety.
Avatar m tn But watch for one gluten-free trap -- most packaged gluten-free foods are quite unhealthy, loaded with artificial ingredients and sugar to make them taste more like gluten containing foods, even the ones in the health food store.
874521 tn?1424116797 First place to check out is at your local food supplements/health store. You can order online too and see how competitive the pricing are and what would be the total cost with shipping and handling. If i were you i would start at my local health store for the only simple reason that you will have someone to talk to there that will give you services and knowledge that online health store don't.
Avatar f tn Thanks I do have the food grade form of Diatomaceous Earth , bought from a health food store, we live in Australia, a naturopath recommended it.
Avatar n tn For another thing, among the fillers and binders are several toxic chemicals, which is common in drug store and pharmaceutical company vitamins but are largely absent in the best health food store multis. But a good multi in a health food store will have higher doses of some things, will have a whole lot more nutrients, and the best aren't one a day since you can't fit absorbable minerals in any one a day -- they take up too much space.
Avatar f tn This is a pretty broad question. What is it you're specifically trying to accomplish?
Avatar f tn Hi teko, where I live, we don't have the 'Dollar' Store; instead, we have 'General' Dollar; so, unfortunately most items are merely marked down somewhat at our store; but, I sure wished we had the "Dollar Store". Here lately though, I've been purchasing half the items I normally would purchase at Wal-Mart at the General Dollar, in my case, I'm saving on average - a few cents per item; but, it helps / adds up.
Avatar m tn I could swear I posted an answer to this question, but alas, it's not here. If I can remember what I said, I started by saying that the best way to change your diet is to change it permanently, as a positive thing, not as something negative where you're cutting things out and doing things you don't like.
874521 tn?1424116797 To shorten the duration of the flu you can try olive leaf and elderberry, two anti-viral herbs. They should be available in any health food store and even in many drug stores. For the congestion, anything we recommend might work and might not; that's how medicine of any kind works. Planetary Formulas makes a good formula based on the herb mullein that helps with congestion. Bromelain, vitamin C and quercitin combinations act as anti-histamines to decrease inflammation.
Avatar f tn For myself, I try to choose more natural alternatives whenever possible like homeopathic medicines or products one can purchase in a health food store. Even then, I would suggest not just choosing a product from the health food store that you think would be helpful. Some herbal products purchased from the health food store can interfere with other prescribed medications. I take a few herbal medications from the health food store with my doctor's knowledge and approval.
369861 tn?1306275686 B Complex and B6 pills, which are available at a Health food store, also eating lots of salads, cucumber, soups, etc. I wasn't even aware that there was anything in liquid form to take? I hope you feel better soon-that's no fun...
Avatar f tn I'm. In Phoenix,AZ... Sprouts is like a regular store but they sell everything thats healthy!!
Avatar f tn yeah any vitamin or health food store will carry it any vitamins you get from one of those stores are much better vitamins than the ones at cvs walgreens or walmart but like you mentioned they are more expensive at the health food of vitamin stores but are better products
Avatar f tn okay so my i dont rememebr when my budgie was last examened so the examination date is defenently incorect i just left it like it was, so i have a seed diet at the moment , that dose contain a lot of oat groats and i heard that oats groats containe a lot of fat and arnt as healty, and i read that seed diets can shorten the birds life, i have to parakeets one i believe is a male and the other a female, but my parents wont buy them pallet food until all the food is done, because my dad dosnt beli