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Avatar n tn I forgot to say I'm sorry about your miscarriages; I know how painful those can be! Also, the other thing an RE can do for you is monitor your progesterone if you do conceive and give you precription progesterone if it's low (as it often is in women over 40). Best wishes to you!
1346723 tn?1300718741 Coffee is okay during pregnancy! :) And Erm, I duno, I shall look for you, because the doctor just gave me folic acid when I said I was pregant! I shall look now... Newly expectant mothers often want to get started on vitamin supplements right away. Many worry that it will hurt the baby if they are too nauseated to take a vitamin, or if they didn't find out about their pregnancies until they were a few months along. But what do prenatal vitamins really accomplish?
Avatar f tn s harder to get pregnant when you are over 40....even women who are 38 and 39 who are trying to get pregnant take a long time. So basically expect to try and try and try and when you do get pregnant you have a much higher risk of miscarrying and if you get past that point then you have to worry about Down's Syndrome. It's really amazing when it happens and of course it does happen, but it seem like the rarity. Good luck. We ended up using donor eggs.
Avatar n tn From the reading I've done, it seems like the IVF success rate for women over 40 is low. I just finished Lupron and I'm starting the stimulation phase. Can anyone over 40 share some success with IVF?
Avatar m tn You should have sex during ovulation days. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should take a balanced and nutritious diet rich in all these vitamins and minerals. Exercise daily and reduce weight if you are overweight. Get a prenatal checkup done and ask your doctor about prenatal vitamins like folic acid. Stay away from stress and exercise daily. If you are still unable to conceive contact your doctor. In that case you and your husband both may need evaluation .
898530 tn?1268618782 I'm still trying and will be 41 in a month. I've heard alot of wonderful stories about women over 40 have perfectly healthy pregnancies both on here and people I've met. There can be complications at any age. At 32 I had gestational diabetes with my DD but still had a normal healthy pregnancy otherwise, it was actually quite a wonderful time. I felt really good. I think they just have to give you those "warnings".
776961 tn?1236544263 Hello, welcome to the forum. What a coincidence that you took an HPT along with your neice and find it's in fact YOU that got the BFP! Well...congratulations!! I can understand your shock and surprise, especially if it was unexpected. Most of the women on this forum are in their late 30's-40's TTC or currently pregnant. So you have come to the right place for help and support.
6295353 tn?1395241495 Buy some over the counter prenatal vitamins. I noticed that I would burp my daughters vitamins when they were prescribed. I bought a bottle for $7 that have over 200 pills. Good luck.
1584497 tn?1296744574 Thank you for all your advice, I live in the UK and will be visiting the doctors real soon. Can I ask....Its been 8 days now since I miscarried and I still feel so very tired, also I have a pain in my side. Not a stabbing pain or a cramping pain,its just a little bit tender. I stopped bleeding 2 days ago and was wondering if this was simular to your loss?
Avatar n tn Have you consulted your dr about wanting to get pregnant? He/she will answer your questions about whether Clomid is the right choice for you. About getting pregnant at 40: there are many women on this forum who've had babies well into their 40's so there's hope!
Avatar f tn My sister, best friend and cousin all bleed for 6 weeks. Most women bleed for at least 4 weeks..
Avatar f tn The "over 50" vitamins for women usually are formulated without iron (or without much), on the assumption that the woman taking the vitamin would have gone through menopause. If that is the case for you, any multi that is formulated for women over 50 would be about as good as any other, for as much as they do anyway. (Multi-vitamins are not the best way to get your vitamins.
Avatar f tn The baby will get a lot of nutrients from what you eat but just to help along the way the prenatal vitamins help promote development. You can always buy over the counter prenatal vitamins. They have gummies too. Or you can get a prescription from your doctor. Just buy some when you get the chance, it's not too late. And you should continue taking them even after you give birth especially if you're going to breast feed.
Avatar m tn I have heard about the risk of getting pregnant over the age of 40. Do you have any experience or more information in this respect?
Business woman2 No vitamins help you get pregnant. There are vitamins to take that some believe are important while a baby is developing called prenatal vitamins. folic acid is the key ingredient there. But until you are pregnant, you can take just a good multi vitamin or a prenatal if you feel so inclined. However, these do not enhance fertility. Wishing you luck.
Avatar f tn Many women swear by yams to increase fertility. And I agree that there is a 4 in 5 chance of a baby without downs. And all of the people that I know with Downs are the happiest people around. Good luck!
1141709 tn?1329402332 I am 44 and have had 3 miscarriages after getting pregnant naturally those 3 times in the last 7 months. All my tests for women with recurring miscarriages are good. Has anyone over 40 been successful after IVF with PGD?