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1538488 tn?1331486905 why don't you get a list of foods the doctor permits? Not knowing the foods available in your region of India it is difficult to suggest what to eat. "our principle food is rice and roti. vegiterian." For starters you can reduce carbohydrate intake. If your mother is diabetic she needs to reduce her intake of white rice as rice turns into sugar after eating - brown rice is better. Make your own Roti?
1597891 tn?1298852879 I would think you could buy fresh/frozen food and cook for less than McDonald's would cost. Fresh and frozen foods are the best, but if you opt for low sodium, and check labels you can get some good deals on canned foods as well. I'm not sure shake and bake is the best option for chicken (I know it has a lot of sodium and carbs); maybe if we knew your likes and dislikes, we could help come up with options.........
Avatar n tn I would highly recommend talking to your doctor about seeing a GI physician that has alot of experience with gastroparesis. This has worked best for my son. Also talking to a CDC can help you with diet. As I have said everyone reacts differently. There are several drugs that you can speak to your doctor about if you do have it. One that seems to work is Domperidone from Canada.
1286779 tn?1400016406 Sometimes patients are undertreated, which makes losing weight much harder. Best diet for thyroid is generally lower carb type diet. Avoid junk food, highly processed foods, and sugars. Don't eat too much fruit, or drink fruit juices. Some people with thyroid conditions do much better following gluten free diet. Would be good if you can be tested for celiac. Sometimes celiac and thyroid occur together. Hope this helps. btw, all caps means you are "yelling".
Avatar n tn im needing to find a simple diabetic diet plan. the doctor gave me one but it seems really complicated. does anyone know any good sources for diabetic diet plans?
Avatar n tn I live in Cherryville - 10 miles from the Shelby clinic - and I'm interested in the type of foods that you are eating on the HCG diet. What you are actually eating for breakfast/snack/lunch/snack/dinner... I'm going to start on the shots next, but thought I would go ahead and start eating right now - to test it out. My email address is ***@**** Thanks for you help!!
Avatar m tn If you look on the hepatitis c trust website there are details about foods and your diet. I eat what I like but I try not to each too much beef and chips as is puts a strain on your liver, and your body is already fighting the virus. They also said if possible organic food is best or rinse your vegetables in vinegar. And never any alcohol. I am waiting to start treatment I am geno 3a also. I don't have any damage to my liver or if I do not very much.
Avatar m tn He told me to never eat ne thg that u could break such as raw carrots, apples, the normal diet foods because of gases they cause. I have to have colonoscopy every three years due to bleeding polyps, n other thgs. They usually do an upper GI as well. Last time they took couple biopsies due to my stomach lining being so red n irritated. Came back ok thank the Lord! Don't like water at all. I do drink Crystal Light n Sweet Tea n Light Lemonaide.
97615 tn?1212682189 Has anyone made the transition into a raw foods diet and have any suggestions on books or even a juicer. I have read a ton of reviews and still feel lost. What is the first thing I should get a juicer or a food processor or both? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I'm not wanting to medicate myself -- that's why I quit the BC pills and other medications because I want to deal with my issues as naturally as possible. I'm just wondering if there are some key foods I can include in the raw diet that will support adrenal function.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone. I started the HCG shots today (late afternoon) The doc put me on the "Soup Diet" Can someone please share with me their prescribed diet plan? Im not crazy about the soup diet and I wanted to know if there is a different prescribed 500 cal diet out there, Thanks all.
2074844 tn?1331715983 For me I went from an pretty unhealthy, irregular diet filled with packaged foods and soda to an extremely regular diet of only fresh foods. Many things in boxes have a lot of junk in them so I suggest moving away from frozen dinners, boxed packages, and pretty much anything in a wrapper. This move helped me to figure out when I should be eating and what, at 235 lbs I was eating about 1650 calories, exercising (swimming laps, well learning how to swim laps) 2 times a week, and loosing about 1.
Avatar f tn Depends on the type of fat, actually. The basic diet that still tops out all long-term studies for health and success is to eat a diet high in veggies, some fruits, whole grains, and protein mostly not in animal form other than fish. You can eat anything occasionally, but this has been the recommended diet forever. All other diets are fad diets, but do help you lose weight more quickly.
Avatar n tn I will summarize what I remember reading No red meat, no salt, minimal sugar Poultry and fish are fine should be organic Alot of veggies and fruits Best fruits are dark fruits like berries Best veggies artichoke and beets Avoid processed foods Stay with wholesome simple foods. Drink a lot of water coffee is (strangely) good for the liver. Avoid kombucha- otherwise good for you but not w/ liver disease.
Avatar f tn and how big a impact those words of change your diet would have !! The last couple of days I have been walking around a lil stunned not really knowing what the heck to do. I'm afraid to eat !! instead of wheat bread the say white :( it is 25 mg of Phos. Barley 1/2 cup 40mg piece of salmon 279mg. a apple 15mg. this is just a example It is in everything we eat ! we drink ! I have a list of what is bad and what is better for me..but the better for me is in very small portions..
Avatar n tn Are you losing weight at all? The best way to keep weight off is to lose a bit at a time so it stays off, and you don't say if you're getting anywhere or getting nowhere. I would ask, if this exercise is new to you, meaning you weren't doing this before, do you notice anything positive happening in the shape of your body?
Avatar f tn Does any1 have a healty diet plan and exercise plan 4 me im 12 weeks pregnant and a bit overweight. I dont want to add unnecessary extra weight.
Avatar m tn Well, I think that as long as we eat a well balanced diet we have done the best we could do. All the best .
Avatar f tn Thanks for your post! I would strongly recommend against HCG. You don't mention in your post how overweight he might be, but I think it's great that it doesn't seem to be holding him back in baseball practice. It's likely just a question of portion control and general nutrition. These are tough issues for any teenager.
Avatar n tn diet when you don't know them or their taste preferences. If the diet does not include foods that they enjoy, they are less likely to stick with it. My best recommendation would be to speak to his doctor or a nutritionist to come up with a meal plan that will factor in both his preferences and his medical needs. The doctor can give calorie and other parameters that you dad should follow.
Avatar m tn in order to get to my goal weight. Other then Weight Watchers, can anyone recommend a diet or some kind of weight loss plan which has helped you. What I don't like about the current W.W. plan is keeping track of the points. It doesn't have enough structure for me the way the old W.W. plan did from the late 70's up until about 1997. The old "Exchange" plan told you what kinds and how many proteins, low fat dairy products, grains, starchy vegetables (i.e.
Avatar m tn From what I have read, it appears that when deciding which foods are best to eat, Glycemic Load is even more important that Glycemic Index. With that in mind, I am having some trouble making decisions pertaining to the all-important Rice, Potato, and Bread categories. My doc says stay away from white, and that brown is much better, i.e. whole grain bread is preferable to white bread, and brown rice is preferable to white rice.
Avatar n tn Have you talked to your doctor about a weight loss plan? Not only can your doctor make sure that you're healthy enough for regular physical activity, but she/he can also suggest nutrition options and workouts that suit your lifestyle and level of fitness. Talking with your doctor gives you an outline and someone to report your success to in order to stay motivated. Plan long and short term goals to help you stay motivated and see results.
Avatar n tn If you have health insurance it will pay for you to see a professional that will help you plan a nutritional diet/exercise program that will allow you to lose weight and stay healthy. If you can afford it, I suggest you go to Weight Watchers. They have a good track record for people to lose weight and keep it off. They offer a variety of plans to lose weight in a healthy manner.
Avatar f tn Has your dog been patch tested? If not, it's worth considering as it will tell you exactly what the allergies relate to, which then means these things can be avoided. Without knowing what the dog is allergic to, changing diet to something that won't cause a problem will be long-winded and a bit trial and error.