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Avatar f tn Eating healthfully and exercising are still going to be your best *pals* in long-term weight loss - and the ONLY side effect is losing weight! Check out elaine1961 !!! If you go to her profile page and read about her (better yet, look through past posts on here), you WILL be inspired. She has lost over 100 pounds! Go to our CL's profile page, too! She has also lost over 100 pounds. She is Ranaesheart. I really want YOU to be encouraged that YOU can do this!!!
Avatar f tn If you want something that works and you can actually see it work, is well worth the simple side effect of intense sweating (which is wonderful to sweat of that FAT), just make sure you drink plenty of water and Gatorade or powerade, because of all the sweating you are losing fat, along with electrolytes , and salts, and fluid. So good luck in your search, and be careful. Don't find yourself trying lots of different things, if you hear of something that sounds too good to be true IT IS.
Avatar n tn I've never taken Slimquick but I do take another diet pill and the moodiness is a side effect of some pills.. I have never had the other symptoms. Can you check the bottle to see how many it says to take?
Avatar f tn Well, I was 49 yrs old, and had the advantage of always having had general good health, because I have practiced a healthy life style, whichmeans, a healthy diet, exercise, and no hard-drugs, pills or alcohol. That being said, I had a fairly easy time, with a 28 week Treatment with the PI, Victrelis.
Avatar n tn He doesnt want to take any antidressor because he is scared of the side effect. We have 3 kids in young age. He can be very agressif under this medication and he focus on little thing and make them a big deal. I dont have help at all. He does thing like getting mad at me for using the car at 9:30pm in our daugter's birthday. Its was to go get a movie at 1 km from home. He went on and on about how hard it is on a car. Please I need encouragement.
Avatar n tn It's the only one that has actually worked for me but I am committed to it and use the exercise regimen and diet plan as best I can. Mostly I would look at their plan with out the pill. Just look at the site It's slimquick! I would ask the doctor about the regimen. Just use caution and please research everything. Including nutrition, how your body reacts to insulin and what exercise your body likes.
Avatar n tn So realize my opinion is highly biased, but exercise and diet are the best weight control. No pill will ever come close to having the lasting effects of caring for oneself. If you want some tips on boosting metabolism without speed, I am more than willing to share what I know.
Avatar f tn I read on the net that neither of these are not the best, to say the least. Different sites recommend different diet pills and I suppose that's because they are plugging their companies. All I need is an honest answer with an honest diet pill that will burn this horrific fat.
Avatar f tn I started my treatment January 4 of this year and completed my twelve weeks with no side effects at ALL. I feel truly blessed and my six week post treatment is still negative. The next step is to have labs redone in 6 mos and if all is clear...I'm cured. I am 57 year old African American female...treatment naïve, Genotype B and stage III liver disease....
Avatar f tn Taking diet pills or caffinated drinks or the like is a bad idea if you suffer from GAD. In my opinion there are far better medications for GAD then propranolol. I would suggest you consult a psychiatrist and discuss the alternatives if you haven't already done so. They are far better options to solve your anxiety problem without the lethargy. It may even very well be the anxiety that's causing the lethargy as much as the propranolol.
177988 tn?1266802499 if you want very rapid results, *you should eat no refined sugars* -- this means no sugar, no wine, no white bread or pasta, no beer, no sugary soda. actually, for the first week, *no carbs,* and not even more than one piece of fruit or juice per day. so you're pretty much eating vegetables, legumes (lentils, quinoa is ok) and lean protein.
Avatar f tn If the side effect includes a racing heart, that is palpitations. Palpitations is the medical word for a racing heart. Most diet pills as well as caffeine has a side effect of palpitations (racing heart).
Avatar n tn I'm looking for information on the effect of diet pills on type 1 diabetic's. Specifically, I'm thinking of trying a product called cylaris. If anyone can give me any type of information, good or bad, or otherwise, I would truly appreciate it. Thanks again!
Avatar f tn My doctor mandates a yeast free and sugar free diet. My naturopath said no wheat and dairy...I really try to limit it the best I can. Sometimes when I am starvin Marvin, I have a wrap sandwich or something with wheat. I now see how addicted to sugar that I was. It was a risk -benefit thing for me. I want my health back so badly that I am willing to give stuff wasn't so bad once I made the commitment. For bread you can get Ezekiel bread...
Avatar n tn I heard that growing tumors can be a side effect and they could be the cancer kind?? Someone please give me some info. I am so confused I do not know what to believe.
Avatar m tn Diet should be healthy but what is healthy for us is high sodium. I generally do best on a low carb diet as sugar is an issue for me - but you have to figure out what is the best for you.
Avatar n tn lolololol Maybe starting the journal at week 40 out of 48 won't be such a bad idea after all. When you look back on this can skim over 8 weeks and say...Wow that tx wasn't so bad after all!! HAHAHA.....NOT!! Or you can open my journal and see all the extensions with added book and want to burn it! Yep love the blocks for pills but no eye gel here??
Avatar n tn We have found diet seems to have major effect on side effects. Avacados, Organic Peanut Butter, Juicing as well. Spicy food are out right now as they seem to add to the digetive issues. High Fiber Organic bread. We try to stay away from most processed foods. Melons work very well. You need foods that help promote your red blood cells. Salads are very good as well. Chicken and Fish are great as long as they are fresh with no hormones or chemical additiives. We are working on week 4 so good luck.
Avatar n tn Weight gain due to increased fat storage is not a normal side effect of gall bladder removal. No weight change is more common.
190885 tn?1333029491 Grapefruit and grapefruit juice was a food listed as a no - no in my trail protocol.likely for the reasons cited by flcyclist above.
Avatar n tn I have paid a lot of money for diet programs in the past. The total cost for this diet was only $96.00. The only side effect I had was weight lose.
Avatar n tn Just because headaches are a side effect of the hcg and if I let my headaches go they seem to go into a migraine. Sure enough I had one but I can't say for sure if it was the hcg or just the stress from cooking for 30 people or what. But since I took my meds, I feel ok today (knock on wood) I have felt fine. Wow, I can't believe you ate and didn't gain any weight! Lucky dog! lol Feels kind of strange eating until I am about to puke and it's OK!
Avatar f tn I also do not believe that you can control your thyroid levels with just diet. If your thyroid no longer produces hormones, you are going to have to replace the hormones with med, because you can't get them from ANY food. I'd like to recommend that you go check out the thyroid forum here on MedHelp -- there's a ton of great information and a lot of very knowledgeable people. Good luck...............
256349 tn?1189759437 I'm a little down about losing only 3lbs in 5 days! Maybe this diet in protien-dependent! NO one out there is a veggie I guess. I bought a hemp protien powder which I'll mix with h2o. Try that tomorrow.Meanwhile its egg whites and spinach for dinner! Yippy!
Avatar f tn can someone with some knowledge and experience please tell me what seems to be the best treatments out there when it comes to dealing with fibromyalgia? i am still trying to gather information on which is better lyrica or neurontin, and i am also told they are the same med? any truth to this? any advice on how to deal with flare ups would be just great also, at this point i am up for anything new that may help...
Avatar n tn I dont think any perticualr place changes the pain effect of Fibro,,barometric pressure and such can cause a flare up and theres just no way of getting around it. Every state has its one element or more that causes Fibro to become more painful at times.