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Best diet lose inches fast

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Avatar n tn hi. i find it very very hard to lose weight.... despite exercise and diet..... my weight either remains the same or increases. eg. after working very hard in the gym and following a low-carb diet, i was able to lose only 3 kgs!! even my personal trainer and friends and family felt there's something not right. I recently got blood test done along with a USG scan. my thryroid seems to be fine and i do not have pcos. but my prolactin levels are high ie 31.5 ng/ ml.
1577478 tn?1296177497 Im 13, 5'4 and Im 162 pounds! I need to lose weight fast. I have asthma so exersice is hard for me. Ill do ANYTHING to lose weight fast. Anything I can do?
Avatar f tn Try the Fat Smash Diet by Dr. Ian Smith if you want to kickstart your diet and lose weight fast and healthy. I did the first stage and lost 11 pounds in 8 days. Its basically eating mostly fruits and veggies, also beans, brown rice, yogart, egg whites, drinking lots of water and etc... You got to eat every 3 hours and work out atleast 30 minutes a few days a week. Its basically a natural detox without the pills.
Avatar f tn I have been doing hip hop abs. It was a little difficult at first but I am on day 46 and I have lost 12 inches and 10 pounds. You see results everyday after you workout. I haven't had very much motivation every diet I have ever done. My husband had told me not to buy anymore diet things. My sister got surgery and let me borrow the workout videos. My husband has now agreed for me to buy it.
1198369 tn?1294791928 If you know how or learn how to lose 60 lbs fast you let me know. I've never ran into a diet or gimmick that would do that. At least and be safe for you too. I know for a fact that when I have lost weight too fast, it comes back with a vengeance. Losing 1-3 lbs a week is a safe goal. But 5 or 6 is ok if you are on a good plan.
Avatar f tn you tend to lose inches more than wait as long as your body is shrinking you are doing great
Avatar f tn You can't lose 45 pounds by March unless you starve yourself.
Avatar f tn I have been trying to lose weight/inches for roughly 3 months now. I have cut back my calories to about 1300-1500cal a day and also do an hour of cardio 6 days a week. I started drinking slim fast about 1.5 months ago and I started doing weight training about a month ago. Yet despite all of this I have yet to lose 1lb or any inches. This is VERY frustrating... what am I doing wrong? I do have a thyroid disorder but I really need to lose weight....
Avatar n tn I want to lose 10 kilos. I have started the Kellogg's Special K diet wherein I have a bowl of it with milk for breakfast and then for lunch. At dinner, I have normal food. Is this diet effective? I am not an exercise person, which is why I have to try the diet. I am overweight and I need to quickly drop 10 kilos. I need to know whether this diet will work.
2150264 tn?1337222044 Well i havent had much time to excercise since ive been working so much, but the sweet n low dont really make me crave sweets at all. but i do want to lose weight any great advice? i dont really have much of a belly o too much love handle its more of my thighs that are big and my hips.
698538 tn?1228122979 Hi Tammy, the first thing I want to applaud you for is your honesty. Talking about your weight is a very sensitive issue, and it sounds like you are determined to achieve a goal to meet a goal. But, remember, any weightloss done fast, immediate, or quick, will not work! You have to incorporate eating healthier smaller portioned meals coupled with routine daily exercise. It's as simple as that. Have you stuck with walking briskly long enough to see results?
Avatar f tn However, losing the exact 6 kilogram may entail analysis of your calorie intake, how fast your metabolism is, your diet and your overall health. It is best that you check with your doctor or be referred to a nutritionist for proper evaluation. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn BTW I doubt you lost 4lbs of fat today, probably most of it is water weight. Best to lose weight gradually anyway -- like 1-2 lbs per week. Not sure what your nurse means by "make no diff".
Avatar f tn Has anyone had any luck on the Slim-Fast diet? I just started it, I need to lose around 30lbs.
Avatar f tn "Some people fast as a way to lose weight. Others fast to try to detox their bodies, or for religious reasons. If you're fasting to lose weight, you may want to reconsider. The weight loss may not last after you finish fasting. If your goal is to detox your body, you should know that there's no proof that it works. Your body naturally detoxes itself. Fasting diets aren't all the same. Some allow only liquids like water, juice, or tea.
1641357 tn?1470495393 Hi! I'm 24 - mother of two small children and want to lose some weight pretty fast if I can. I know I need to exercise and eat right, which I'm starting to do, but do diet pills help a lot? I'm debating on taking some to help me lose the weight that I've gained and then I want to get into shape. Who here has used any pills and do they work? Pros and cons?
Avatar f tn hi, i need some help to lose weight...FAST!! i have tried everything!!! is there any diets that will definatley work?! please can someone reply...
Avatar f tn // Diet Plan for weight loss You do not gain weight over-night similarly you should not expect to lose weight over night In reality, you have to commit yourself to change life style for the long haul. I recommend that you keep a daily activity diary. I have created a word document that you can download to your computer and print it out. Step 1: Analyze weight, EER and BMI - Here on medHelp Weight Trackers!