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687665 tn?1227103240 I think it really depends on what diet is best for your dog. My dog LOVES Science Diet. It is the only one he really likes. It doesn't hurt his stomach like all the others, and it was highly recommended by my vet.
176741 tn?1295233989 My favorite commercial foods for dogs are the ones that contain no grains, low glycemic index carbohydrates approximately 25-28% protein and less than 11% fat (even less if your dog has a lot of weight to lose). The fatter the dog the more Atkin's diet-like the diet should be. There are a lot of brands out there and more formula's are literally being added daily. Inova/Evo, Wellness grain-free, and Orijin are good brands, but may be hard to find locally, but are available online.
Avatar m tn my dog has batter stones, and is on a special diet, but he don't always eat his food. is there a food that he will eat and be good for him?
Avatar f tn This includes canned dog food also. Dogs have a hard time processing grains and are allergic to them. Some dogs tollerate grains better than others. My dog has suffered from allergies for a few years now. In January I stopped giving him all grains (for example wheat, rice, corn, and barley etc) and he has had no itchy skin, no runny eyes, and no ear infections. Another benefit is he doesn't smell or have bad breath.
Avatar n tn and knew it was time for a good holistic dog food, after she had seen the effects of bad food on dogs. So she started Healthy Paws. It's most likely grown now, but started as a small family run business. I am not sure if they have a distributor in the US or Canada.... You could always email them to find out? I am sure shipping costs from UK will be a bit steep!
6669309 tn?1462648142 About a year ago I tried a bunch of different foods for my two dogs, including a homemade diet. We did food trials and a mail-in allergy test kit for them. One dog ended up being diagnosed with a stomach tumor which was removed right before Christmas and the other dog has suspected allergies (his muzzle always used to be red & itchy). They have both been on Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach dry and canned food for over six months now and they are both doing GREAT on it.
Avatar f tn s itch persists despite strict flea control every month, antibiotics, antihistamines and the OTC hypoallergenic diet, then the potential reasons would be a yeast skin infection, microscopic skin parasites such as cheyletiella, food allergy unresponsive to OTC foods (many food allergic dogs require prescription foods such as Royal Canin rabbit/potato, and the key is to give nothing else but water since it only takes one bite of a non-hypoallergenic food to ruin the diet trial), or a different al
1360237 tn?1351816181 I would like to know which human foods i can feed my dog. For example i heard that giving a dog raw meat is good and i also heard it's bad. I do feed my dog normal dog food but i would like to treat him every now and then with different food. Also on the same topic if there is anything else a dog can drink other than water i would like to know please.
Avatar f tn Nutro is OK, (better than many other supposedly good dog foods) but you have to read labels, as some of the Nutro varieties contain corn or wheat. The best diet for a dog is a raw food diet, as the raw food contains enzymes that canines (meat eaters) need for overall health. Dogs were meant to eat raw meat, rather than cooked cuisine. You can make your own raw food, (google for a raw meat recipe, or buy a book about holistic dog care), or you can buy it already made.
4835773 tn?1360015821 I believe your dogs are safe using off the shelf dog food, good to mix in some wet/canned but check third party testers - I forget the one popular on this Community, but just do a web search on dog food testing will likely bring it up. Then pick from the top half of the ranking and you should be alright if you dog isn't allergic to one of the main products listed.
Avatar f tn One of my dogs was recently put on HIll's Prescription Diet C/D. My question is, can I give my other dog the C/D as well? He does not need the prescription diet, and he is in good health, it's just easier to feed them the same food. My vet said it wouldn't hurt him, but does the C/D provide the correct nutrients etc. for a healthy dog? Would it be better to continue him on his normal food, or is there no harm in feeding him the C/D? Thanks!
Avatar m tn My GS dog is 4 years old and has been kept on a veg diet Any harm if it's veg We also give Veg Pedigree & one egg daily It is active but should have more fat on itself people say Looks thin at times We feed it twice daily with some biscuits and milk in between Is the Diet OK Next though it is vaccinated it has bitten 4 5 people Are they prone to biting How to prevent it Pl advise
Avatar n tn It has recently come to light that the best diet for a particular breed of dog is the diet that their DOMESTICATED ancestors consumed, not their wild ancestors. The problem with a raw food diet is that when a wolf hunts it is essentially eating live meat with all the digestive enzymes in the blood and muscle intact, along with predigested vegetables from the prey animals stomachs.
Avatar f tn by Springtime Inc. (just throw on top of food for dogs, for cats, crush up with back of spoon and mix in with wet food ) and it seems to make everyone noticebly more energetic/healthier. (My 17.5 year old cats used to sleep 24/7, now they are going outside, running around the house, chasing each other, etc...
Avatar f tn My dog (stage 3) is a finicky eater and I had to mix the KD diet (wet or dry) with some of the regular dog food diet to entice her to eat. Has anybody recently researched and identified higher grade commercial dog food that are relatively low in phosphorous. A lot of information I find online tended to either have lower level brand or not recent enough.
Avatar f tn t stay with one dog food. I rotate through foods. My philosophy is that there is no perfect dog food, so if I rotate among several "good" foods, the pro's and con's of each should balance out. Some of the ones I use are Core, Flint River Ranch, Canidae, Fromm, Instinct, Wellness, California Natural, and Innova. I just stay with super-premium foods that use high-quality ingredients and minimal chemical preservatives.
Avatar n tn You are very welcome. Keep us posted on how she does!
Avatar f tn I didn't understand what kibble you are feeding, but I recommend in general a "grain free"... and I also recommend adding canned dog food to his diet, best It think if it is the same. In the USA it is always good to see "limited ingredients" claimed on the package, meaning no artificial color/flavor/junk... We have a Westie with some allergies we haven't figured out yet, so I do not post a someone who has had great success, but I keep trying.
Avatar m tn And after learning that dry food is not good enough and dogs and cats, especially cats, require certain amounts of moisture in their food I have switched all 3 dogs and 2 cats to a homemade raw food using Dr Becker's Real Food for healthy dogs and cats recipes. You can read more about the issue you are dealing with on dr Becker's site. www.
Avatar m tn I don't know if Rain has a digestive disorder or not, but he's not getting a biologically appropriate diet. The diet that you are describing has no calcium in it to speak of, and that is a huge problem. Dogs need high levels of calcium. Also, I second ginger899 in questioning how your dog has been able to become overweight on the amount of food you describe. That's not very much food. As for the teeth, most pet dogs' teeth require cleaning by a veterinarian every so often.
372900 tn?1315512302 I'm looking for a one source protein diet dog food for my dog. Canidae isn't doing well for her and I just want to see what other options there are.