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Avatar n tn Is it normal to have breakouts every day? I'm 31 weeks today and I have had acne all over my chest, shoulders arms and lower jaw. Also is there a safe way to treat while pregnant? I'm so aggravated with the itchy skin and scarring left from the old bumps. It's not cute at all.
Avatar f tn I have more acne now that I'm pregnant than I ever have. I seriously feel like a 15 year old boy working the grease fryer at a fast food joint! It's all over my face, on my chest, and over halfway down my back. It has gotten better at some points throughout my pregnancy but it has also become really bad! Hope you don't have the same expierence I've had with it!
Avatar f tn Never really dealt with acne as a teen. In my 20's I had a problem with acne on my beck and chest. And now in my late 30's on my face YUCK!. Anyhow what I discovered works great on the back and chest is dandruff shampoo. I think it's the zinc in it. I remember reading something years ago. Anyhow I tried it and it really does work. I use head and shoulders for my body wash. Vey rarely I get a pimple on my back, chest, shoulder ect. I use to have tons. Hated summer .
5544493 tn?1369612388 Hello Marshallsbaby12, let me tell you that the best acne treatment is without MEDICAL treatment. Anti acne creams, topical ointments, pills, tetracyclin, doxycyline can only lessen the inflammation of your acne but it will never really kill the root cause of your acne. I discovered a powerful method tested and proven by 138,000 people around the globe in 157 different countries. You see, you must understand what acne is, what it works with it and what makes it worst.
Avatar f tn In many cases being relieved of severe acne has changed patients' lives. Best. Dr.
Avatar m tn For the acne on your face, ask your doctor for a more effective treatment such as Duac gel (clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide) or Differin (0.1% adapalene). Also mention the spots on your penis. These are unlikely to be acne vulgaris, which commonly occurs on the face, chest and back. It is easy to get a bacterial or fungal infection in the genital area and this is not the same as an STD. Best Wishes, Eloise.
Avatar n tn By the way, I am also taking Ortho TriCyclen, which I started taking for birth control, not acne. My doctor has told me to continue taking it. I had some very mild acne as a teenager--usually just a pimple or two at a time--but nothing like this. As a teenager, my acne would typically clear up completely after a few days on benzoyl peroxide. This acne is really different.
Avatar n tn There really isn't anything for redness, especially on the chest, that's likely to help in 2 weeks. Topical Vitamin E, makeup, and avoidance of picking or rubbing are best. Your skin doctor may be abl to recommend some topical treatment for the face (such as an antibiotic cream.) Good luck! Dr.
Avatar m tn Pimples on the chest and shoulders are usually acne. I don't know why you're worried about MRSA, and don't see why you should be. I advise you to cleanse with benzoyl peroxide--available without prescription--and that you consult a dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment. Best. Dr.
Avatar m tn While I've never considered myself, nor have other people, to be unattractive, the recent development of acne on my face, back, and chest have recently changed, at least my, person opinion about my physical appearance. While my face is more managable than my back and chest, they're all bad and I feel like I'm running out of options. I'm currently using pro-active which is able to, at best keep it under control, to the point where its still obviously visible but not completely distracting.
Avatar n tn Hi. Acne vulgaris commonly occurs on the face, chest and back. Although it is possible for the odd pimple to grow anywhere, this sounds more like a follicular conditon. He should see his doctor for a definite diagnosis and treatment, probably with a medicated foam. Popping any type of spot should be avoided. This seldom improves the appearance and will spread bacteria under the skin leading to future breakouts.
Avatar n tn Murad products are quite harsh so your skin must be strong and oily, meaning you are unlikely to suffer sensitivity from using a new skin care regime. Clinique make a good range for blemish prone skin including cleanser, soap, chest and back spray, treatment gel and post blemish formula. Have you thought about asking your doctor for oral acne medication to use in addition to your topical regime?
Avatar n tn I use belly facial wash and acne treatment! You can get it at buy buy baby! Works wonders and I've had it last 4 months still going strong; ) good luck!
Avatar f tn These are avilable without prescription but always read the label. The standard treatment for acne is a course of oral antibiotics such as Oxytetracycline 250mg twice daily and a topical retinoid such as Differin (adapalene). Female acne patients will also benefit from taking an anti-androgen contraceptive pill such as Diane35 or Yasmin. You don't say how old your daughter is, but these birth control pills are commonly prescribed to teenage girls with acne even if they are not sexually active.
4319578 tn?1352743461 If I have Acne Cheloidalis Nuchae, then what could be the best treatment?
Avatar n tn Oil glands are all over the face. There's usually no particular reason why acne chooses, say, the forehead versus the shin. Local factors like sports equipment and sweaty headbands occasionally are a factor, but most of the time they're not. Food is very unlikely to be related. My advice is to consult a skin specialist about this annoying but actually rather common problem of post-adolescent acne. Topical and oral treatments are available and effective. Best. Dr.
Avatar m tn Hey Everyone, I'll tell you a little about my acne and what treatment and regimen i use. I've had acne for a few years (17 now) and it's never been severe, always light to moderate. Both my sisters and my mother had acne so i have a feeling I've inherited some of it. Just like my sensitive skin. I went to the dermatologist a few years ago and he prescribed me an antibiotic along with a topical gel, Differin Apaline Gel 0.1%.
Avatar f tn I am looking for help in regards to my 13 year old daughter. She has severe cystic acne for the past 7 months. The cystic acne was just beginning late last year in 2013. The oral antibiotics were of no further help so we started Accutane in Dec 2013. She had the terrible initial flare but it has not stopped!! She started out on Accutane 30mg twice a day and then bumped up to 40mg twice a day. Then dropped to 40mg once a day. She weighs about 155lbs.
Avatar f tn In addition to that, it will also speed up healing time of old acne, and help with any acne scarring. How can you get a better treatment than that?
Avatar m tn Ask your dermatologist about a second course of Isotretinoin, it is your best hope of a long term remission from acne. Best Wishes, Loiloi.
Avatar n tn Now I have persistant and large acne on my cheeks and jawline, including cystic acne. The acne is ever present and not just once a month. My current dermo (not the one who proscribed Accutane) tells me that it's hormonal (I believe this) and that I will just have to deal with it for the rest of my life (I don't want to accept this). She does Cortosone injections on occasion for the cysts because I cannot, for the life of me, leave my face alone.
Avatar f tn Sometimes it's nearly as bad as it used to be and it is very uncomfortable. It's also frustrating as after nearly 7 years of trying to rid the acne it's returned! The doctor is looking to refer me back to the dermatoligist, only I am worried that they will be unwilling to provide treatment as for a lot of the time it probably isn't as bad.
Avatar f tn My son has acne mostly on his neck, chest and back. He shaves his chest and one day while doing so, he nicked a large pimple and it started to bleed. That night, it started to hurt so he decided to squeeze it. The next day, the pimple was swollen and red, however, there also was a large lump underneath it and slightly above it. The lump was about the size of a grape. We went to the doctor who said he had an infection in a lymph node.
Avatar n tn Over the counter products are of limited benefit compared to prescription treatments when acne is this severe, and you shoud be realistic about their usefulness. That said, the best non-prescription acne gel I have found is Freederm. Don't be reluctant to wear make-up to a special occasion, there are lots of useful full coverage foundations which don't appear mask like. Estee Lauder Maximum coverage foundation is very good. Alternatively, could you wear a pashmina or shawl? Eloise.
Avatar f tn As you are under 16, the NHS will pay for your treatment so do go back to your doctor. Best Wishes, Eloise.
Avatar f tn it has turned into a deep pink to a redish with veins that can be seen on both cheeks and is spreading down my neck to the top of my chest and back with acne. I do not get acne as bad on my face as I do on my neck. I have tried many remedies for the acne with no hope. I just wanted to mention the "blood moles" that are mentioned to appear in older people. And my dermatologist could not figure out what my skin condition was, after testing various things.