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2022474 tn?1328705151 Introduction This really is mainly a body weight program that you can do entirely aware of little equipment. Body weight workouts are good simply because they will train parts of your muscles working together while reducing the chance of injuries that weights often exacerbate. We'll be focusing on a four day split. I've the workout looking for Mon-Tue-Get married-Comes to an end, however, you can pick any four days such as the following exactly the same pattern.
Avatar m tn My first workout involving my right arm was using a 35 lb kettlebell. After four sets of 15 reps, my biceps were tight but no pain. The next morning I had significant pain at my right elbow at the same spot of the previous injury, only the pain was more severe. I did not see and swelling or bruising and I did not hear or fell any pops during the workout. The second day (today), the pain was much worse. I have very little lifting strength with my right arm.
Avatar f tn ) I do less reps but more sets now that I'm pregnant. Like before I would do 3 sets of 15 reps. But now I have trouble making it to 15 lol so I do like 4 or 5 sets of 10 instead with breaks in between. The farther along u get, you'll notice that your heart rate picks up much sooner and u get out of breath faster.
Avatar m tn Pause, then push yourself back to the starting position quickly. Complete 10 reps on your left side then 10 reps on your right—that's 1 set. Make It Easier: If you feel wobbly with dumbbells, try placing your hands on your hips instead. Focus on keeping your core contracted to stay straight, and maintain your balance. Low Side-to-Side Lunge Dumbbells are optional here. Stand with your feet about twice shoulder-width apart and your toes facing straight.
Avatar f tn My strength training is 3x per week and my routine is 1 rep at the maximum weight with perfect form then 12 reps. at a lighter weight then 25 reps. lighter. this is done on machines so the only rest is when I place the pin in the next weight class. I then rest for 90 seconds and repeat this 2 more times. As for the cardio I use a heart rate momitor.
1831849 tn?1383231992 I carried 3LB hand weights and did random arm exercises.
1415174 tn?1453246703 Hi , I lift weights 4 times a week. I have a trainer and l alternate workouts so I work out arms one day legs the next day off then arms then legs then get 2 days off. That gives me 2 days in between the body part. Anyway, I seem to be getting very tight pecs on one side and it causes sharp pain in the same side of that shoulder blade in the back. If I press on the pec the shoulder blade pain goes away. If I let go it comes right back.
Avatar n tn I then started my seated curls with dumbbells. Started with 35lbs and finished 10 reps per arm. I then moved up to 50lbs and did 5 per arm and felt the headache start coming. Finished 10reps with the 50s and moved to the 45lb. I felt the headache more. I did 15 chin ups and felt the headaches coming. I then stopped and left. Went home and made an appt with the doctor that day. Same day I had a CT scan w/o contrast done.
Avatar n tn Before I follow the same routine with progressive weights by week..
Avatar n tn the buttocks, around the widest part the chest, around the nipple the thigh the upper arm Repeat every week, comparing the results. And trust yourself. Your waist getting small means your toning up, but an arm getting bigger could mean your muscles are developing. You know if you've lost. I don't have an answer to your last question, sorry.
Avatar m tn Hiya guy's and gals, Im a 25 yr old male currently weighing in at 16st (100 KG) 5ft 10, For the last 3 mths i have been ging to the gym 6-7 days a week for 60-120mins a time doing mainly cardio workouts burning between 500 - 900 calories per session i also sometimes do the clasess Body Attack (cardio) or body pump (weight training) i did these classes and gym routine for 11 weeks and didnt see any results for killing myself every day at the gym and 2bh its a little disheartening i was watching
Avatar n tn Boxing is a good alternative to arm and shoulder workouts. Swim or bike instead of jogging. You get the idea. Watch what you eat, get rid of packaged processed foods and eat whole foods. Consider juicing. Get at least 20 minutes of sunshine without sunscreen each day. If you are worried about cancer, stay in the shade, go out in the early mornings or late in the day when the sun isn't so strong.
Avatar n tn I found that switching my workouts doing Abs directly before cardio. helps. I do as many reps as possible regardless of ab excercise until the Knotting occurs. i do my funny walk to cardio machine. preferably treadmill but any machine works. after about 1-3 minutes of cardio the knotting goes and pain dissapears. after couple days of this my reps increase before the knotting. everntually completely dissapears until the next "off" period.
98010 tn?1305903335 Some days I dont feel as I have eating much - not on purpose just how the day as gone. Its so hard to know what to do for best cos I always think I need to cut down more but maybe with what you said I need to think about adding.
Avatar n tn When stress, like exercise, increases the heart rate, it makes you a higher risk for stroke and heart attack in this profession. Since the stress levels suffered by EMTs in emergency situations, your heart rate may prevent you from getting and keeping a job. Alot of time exercises that are aerobic bring down the heart rate. Biking, swimming, low impact aerobics and power walking are good exercises that will give you a good workout without raising your heart rate too high.
Avatar n tn It often starts when I have been lying on my side or if I am supporting my upper body on one arm. After a while if I move I will feel a pain in the sternum, this can be quite uncomfortable. If I move my arms together or bend forward this will get worse, however sometimes if I bend backwards and spread my arms wide and up into the air I will hear and feel a click or series of clicks from my sternum.
Avatar n tn I'm glad I found this post. Good to know I'm not the only one! I went through this same thing all last week. I would do a moderate intensity work out on the treadmill for 40 to 50 minute. the next morning I felt tired and heavy, slightly sick in the stomach as well as bloated. The thing the thing that help the most was drinking at leat 2.5 liters of water a day. For a while it was an unhappy cycle. I would drink water all day, feel better, exercise, feel worse, drink water.... Now I am over it.
79998 tn?1291188201 so be sure u r doing some type of aftercare I also detoxed alone at home...sometimes it is best to be alone...if I woulda had a boyfriend,,i woulda have liked to have shared so he could help//i didnt/and if a person is not an addict they do not understand perhaps it was for the best i did it alone Have u read thru the health pages? lots of great info there...thomas recipe rox...exercise even is just a walk can do wonders cos it kix in those much needed endorphins..
Avatar n tn I got refered to physio which didn't help much but she told me that it is scarred tissue in the neck (which is corrigated V\/\/ ) rubbing together. she says it is best to try and strengthen the muscles around your neck by lifting weights,,,Have anyof you had an injury to your neck???? Hope this helps...
Avatar m tn I would run also in my workouts. To my knowledge I don't believe I have ever hurt myself during my workouts nor hurt at all during them. I have had many visits to have my back adjusted, but no changes there. I have even changed my matress a few times as well. All top quality matresses, but no matter how hard or soft my bed may be, the pain is always returning in the morning. If I take motrin it's temporary relief but I don't want to be on that to long either.
Avatar n tn SAME EXACT pain started app. 3 months ago. 2-3 hrs into sleep, pain wakes me up at which point I have to sit or stand, walk around until it goes away. I've discovered that if I use two pillows, I can sleep through the night so that the pain doesn't wake me up. It is still present in the morning, but not as bad as it would be if I slept in a regular, horizontal position with only one pillow, which is how I slept all my life.
Avatar n tn And please, please , please young lady if you have not gotten more then one opinion about your need for a hyster. please do so. Study up on what is available. It could be the best thing that happened to you, but I am all for keeping all of our bits and pieces as long as possible. They were put there for a reason.
Avatar n tn Can't get up from a sitting position unless I get help or recline on the arm of the chair. Getting up from the floor is nearly impossible. Once up, I can play tennis but am afraid to run in case my knees give out and cause a fall. I have read this same complaint above several times but I see no solution or diagnosis of what the problem is. I need someone who can tell me what to do or if someone found a solution.
Avatar n tn Luckily, I have 100% collateral blood flow, no brain damage, no shifting, possible outcome. Interestingly, in addition, I have tested positive for antiphospholipid antibodies (after testing false-positive for syphilis---common, who knew). More tests reveal that I test positive for anticardiolipin antibodies, negative for lupus. They have hooked me up w/ a hematologist for follow-up on this (and he is monitoring my Coumadin for the next 3-6 months).
Avatar n tn I have never heard of Thyrolar?? Can you tell me a bit more about it? I am pretty miserable on Synthroid.. All the best to you.. I can relate to all of this.. thanks : ) Good for you, you are well and happy :) Wish to GOd I could atleast feel like me just a little bit again.. It's been 3 years of horror.
Avatar f tn Have had the gerd, some heart palps, stomach lurches, anxiety, small hiatal hernia, arm and finger numbness, diarhea, breathing issues and my biggest problem of sleep starts/jumps/gasps all seeming to originate down by the middle of chest area. 42, male, have lost about 30 pounds in last 5 years, which is good but have driven people in my life nuts including myself. I have a strong belief that the vegas nerve is the culprit, and after coming across this page I believe it more than ever...
Avatar n tn I fell down three steps and ruptured my patellar tendon. My injury occurred 12/14/06, my surgery was 12/18/06 and they discharged me from the hospital on 12/19/06. 1/3/07 at the docs he said to do quad flex's 30 times twice a day and 10 heel toe points every hour. Next appointment on 1/18/07 I get the x-ray like usual then go into the exam room. He comes in, takes off my brace, throws it on the counter and then tells me to lay down.
Avatar n tn what exercises I am doing right now that were recommended by the physio therapist sorry i dont have time to look up youtube videos so I will explain them the best I can 3 reps of 20 - 30 seconds 5 times a day ham string stretch # 1 put your leg up on a stool and keep your other leg straight and your back straight and lean forward till you feel a good strectch in your hamstring... TAKE IT SLOW AND DO NOT FORCE... VERY SLOW... YOU CAN SET YOURSELF BACK WEEKS AND MONTHS IF YOU OVER DO IT.