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Avatar n tn Is there anyone in ventura Los Angeles County that removes a metronic interthecal pain pump!
Avatar f tn I have the name of a doctor in Ventura that has been recommended by two fellow Forum members. Would that be close enough for him?
Avatar f tn If you are interested I have the name of a doctor in Ventura that has been recommended by other members. The doctor also seems to accept most insurance.
Avatar f tn Soar throat is cause by bacteria, I think you need antibiotics, but my best advice is to have a check up to your doctor first. Because, you have allergy to some antibiotics and so that they can give you the right antibiotics for your soar throat.
Avatar f tn Is there a place where I can get a duo HIV test that is not a scam in or near Ventura County in Southern California??
Avatar f tn Everything vaginal or pubic has been checked with the doctor and ruled out. She then went to an allergy doctor and a dermatologist. Here are the tests that have been performed: - cbc with differentials - sedmentation rate - allergen ige - chaetom globosum - and food allergy profile The only discovery is that she is allergic to dust mites and a certain pine which we do not even have in here.
921525 tn?1248122687 The best bet is to call someone with the county you live in and ask them how to dispose of used needles. Especially is your county recycles.
1747881 tn?1546175878 When Los Angeles County’s minimum wage ordinance was approved in July, I began looking at Ventura County, Orange County and other parts of the state. Then, when California embraced a $15 wage target, I realized that my company couldn’t continue to operate in the state. After considering Texas and North Carolina, I’ve settled on moving the business to Las Vegas, where I’m looking for the right facility. About half of our employees will make the move with us. Nevada’s minimum wage is only $8.
Avatar f tn I had a nipple-sparing mastectomy in March 2004, and it was the best thing I could have done to help me recover from the shock of having to deal with this disease. My tumor was far enough from the nipple for me to qualify. Following a lumpectomy, I was diagnosed stage IIA in October 2003, had a re-excision, and still there was DCIS in the margins (multifocal disease).
Avatar f tn Cool.
Avatar f tn Ventura county, Ca. Due October 20 and hoping for rain. It's been so so hot here.
1061329 tn?1261713914 I don't have insurance, and have been to see the doctors at my local county clinic this past week, but they barely looked at me and told me to take benadryl, but that has not helped. I don't think this is strictly allergy related. I've had certain symptoms recently that lead me to thinking I may have some type of thyroid problem. First: I had this feeling like a lump in my throat for about 5 days now. It really hurts to swallow, and the doctor didn't even look at my throat.
Avatar f tn our dog is always licking and not resting much because of this. Maybe you know of a specialist here in Orange County,California..
Avatar f tn m having a difficult time finding restaurants in the Bergen County area (I live in the Pascack Valley) that are allergy-aware and safe. Can you give me some suggestions? I'd love to be able to safely dine out with my family. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I'm in the Ventura, California area. I can go to LA or Santa Barbara. I'm willing to travel as far as Phoenix, if necessary.
Avatar m tn I live in Long Beach. I could recommend a very good doctor (my doctor) but I am positive he won't proscribe over 60 mg a day. Let me know if you can find a doc who will proscribe that much or if you want his contact info. He really is a very good doctor. I just don't think he'd appreciate me putting his contact info on an open forum. To get a dose that high. You need to bring medical records. Printouts of past docs visits will do.
Avatar f tn Is there a doctor I can go see and I dont have to pay, I have no job and no money but really need to see a doctor for a physical please help...
Avatar f tn m not a doctor, but I do have a tendency towards puffy eyes. I know that one cause is allergy, and if your eye swelling comes and goes with the seasons, allergy is a real possibility. I know that another cause is that I chose my parents badly: My mom had major eye bags, and she passed them on to me. Thanks, Mom.
Avatar f tn Scientific studies have shown that Free T3 correlated best with hypo symptoms, while Free T4 and TSH did not correlate at all. If the doctor still resists, then you should again insist and don't take no for an answer. If that fails, then you might as well find a good thyroid doctor. A good thyroid doctor will treat a hypo patient clinically by testing and adjusting Free T3 and Free T4 as necessary to relieve symptoms, without being constrained by resultant TSH levels.
Avatar n tn I would like to go for a second opinion and find a best retina specialist around orange county, Los Angeles or San Diego area. are there any doctor to recommend a best retina specialist around ornage county, CA. Appreciate your help and support. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Hi lost did you try tarzana treatment they're on Reseda and Ventura. I don't know the cost or anything but you could always call and see whats up. I'll try to think of some others too but i don't really know much about rehab. You can pm me if you want to talk. good luck.
Avatar f tn What about your primary care doctor? My primary care doctor does do pain management medications, though only up to a certain dosage. If you can't find a pain management doctor before you run out of meds, you could also ask your primary care doctor for Clonidine. It's a older-type blood pressure medication and many doctors use it to help with withdrawal (and pain.) Some people say it cuts withdrawals in half.
Avatar f tn I am desperatively looking for a highly skilled doctor in Orange County or Los Angeles County to perform Amnio procedure for me. Anybody knows about a doctor who does more than 100 Amnio procedures in a year or is know for his/her expertize on Amnio test by his/her peers. Please e-mail me their contact info at ***@**** Thanks and looking forward to your help in this matter.
Avatar f tn Have you been on an antibiotic or other med that has caused this allergy? Can you go to the county ER they have to let you in there. You need to have them get your symptoms down. The painful urination may be a urinary tract infection. Do you have a sore throat or fever? Been bitten by a tick?