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Avatar n tn I would stick to one brand where possible as the products often work together ie the cleanser and exfoliator prepare the skin for the moisturiser. Murad products are quite harsh so your skin must be strong and oily, meaning you are unlikely to suffer sensitivity from using a new skin care regime. Clinique make a good range for blemish prone skin including cleanser, soap, chest and back spray, treatment gel and post blemish formula.
1356959 tn?1488979548 You may have to take it for 6 months, but it nearly always results in complete clearing of the skin. Skinoren cream kills acne-causing bacteria on the skin and can be used in conjunction with oral treatments like Ginette.
Avatar f tn I am currently taking chemotherpy treatment for Breast Cancer, an have developed facial acne, would like to know what I could use on my skin without drying so.
Avatar m tn Washing alone is not going to heal acne, since it is not caused by dirt. Acne occurs when the patient has high levels of androgens (hormones such as testosterone). Androgens stimulate the sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin. Bacteria on the skin feed off this oil (called sebum) blocking the pores and resulting in spots. You cannot wash all the bacteria away because they multiply too quickly.
Avatar n tn My favorite ranges for oily skin are Effaclar by La Roche-Posay and Sparkling Clean by Estee Lauder. However, over the counter products may not result in total skin clearance. It is always best to see your doctor for a course of oral antibiotics and/or a topical retinoid.
Avatar f tn Im an esthetician i work with alot of prenatal clients, we use murad products you can get it at ulta i believe they have acne kits that last about a month. You can also get an extractor tool at cvs or walgreens to pop them instead of using your fingers. Best time to pop is right after a shower so your pores are open.
Avatar f tn My diet cuts out things like snacks, chips chocolate, etc really anything oily like fries, baked, deep fried foods, no dairy products or bread, anything with gluten in it I do my best to cut out. The problem is that, most products have gluten in it. I have used proactive, oxy, made from earth green tea detox, and so many other store products. Nothing has worked.
Avatar f tn I even had cystic acne on top of oily skin and zits everywhere. Honestly the best thing to do is let your skin breathe. No make up. I wouldn't recommend the tooth paste. It will dry up your skin and may cause a negative reaction like clogged pores. You can use acne products that do not contain salicylic acid, which most of them do. What saved my skin was the st. Ives avocado scrub, use every other day, and the Nuetrogena naturals moisturizer and cream wash I use daily.
Avatar m tn While exact cause of acne is not identified, this is often associated with hormone changes,medication side effect, family history of acne, stress. products used on hair and skin and even from underlying medical conditions. While irritants may also be a factor, further evaluation may need to be done. Continue your facial regimen and avoid too much sun exposure, touching your face and even popping your acne.
Avatar n tn Try using the Neutrogena body clear body wash. I had the best skin ever with my son, but i'm broken out all over with this little girl.
Avatar n tn As an X acne sufferer, I have a very good understanding of the acne products which worked for patients and which ones did not. I am posting this to provide you the information of best acne treatment available over web so that you don't waste your time or money. ZenMed Derma Cleanse System: This acne treatment is a 3 step system. Specifically formulated for sensitive skin rejuventation. Reasonably priced and very effective.
Avatar f tn Just don't pick at them, and don't do something radical like coat yourself in acne gel. Pamper your skin a bit and treat it well, and it will heal itself. If the bumps get to looking more like a rash, then you need to seek a doctors opinion. But I really think looser, clean clothing, and a good scrub will do the trick for you.
Avatar n tn How old are you? What is your skin type? Oily? Dry? Sensitive? Is it flaky? Most acne sufferers have more sensitive skin than they think and they treat and treat and treat and rarely see any good results. Overwashing and scrubbing and medicating is the last thing the skin needs. The key is to getting the it balanced. If you are red, your skin is probably very irritated and needs a break from any cleansers or treatments. Wash in the morning with a very mild cleanser (no harsh chemicals!
Avatar n tn Hello. I have Acne. Not much. How can I get rid of it? What best works?
Avatar m tn The ones that are labeled for acne treatment at the drugstores are usually much too harsh on the skin. You must treat your skin like sensitive skin. No harsh toners. One skin care product you can try that certainly shouldn't hurt is a natural skin care line called Waleda for sensitive skin. If you can only afford one part of the product line, get the sensitive skin cleansing cream. Treat your skin gently. Don't use scrubbers on your face, especially with acne flareups.
Avatar n tn What products can I buy to treat my sons acne and would he just need a cream or cleanser as well. He was prescribed Erythromycin by his GP but this hasnt helped.
Avatar f tn Our skin is our biggest organ and like our heart or kidneys it will respond well to generally being healthy. There are so many products out there that claim to get rid of acne, believe me I've tried most of them. The first thing to look at is your cleansing routine.
9062363 tn?1402524675 I've always had really clear skin and now that I'm pregnant I been getting really bad acne any ideas on what I could do to get rid of my acne :(
Avatar f tn 2) I use a lotion when my skin is really bad 3) Followed by an acne cream Lifestyle - sadly does make a massive difference * Drink lots of water * take omega 3 supplements as they work to reduce inflammation * avoid fatty foods and foods rich in omega 6 * avoid suggary foods * Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables * Ensure you have a good sleep pattern * Allow relaxing times to avoid stress as much as possible What works for one doesnt always work for another but I use the Aknicare range from a
Avatar f tn Does anyone know what I can do for these acne break outs? This is my first pregnancy and I'm breaking out on my chest, back, neck, face. I hate it! I feel like I'm 15 all over again. Any advice please help!
250155 tn?1485299539 can anyone please tell me their oppinion of what they think is the best OTC products for a clear complexion? my skin is sensitive and is combination between dry and oily w/ some breakouts (not too terrible that i can't cover up w/ makeup but i'm nearing 30 and this is kinda ticking me off!). i would love to be able to find a product that keeps your skin clear that TRUELY doesn't overdry your skin and TRUELY moisturizes but is still oil free... is there even such a thing???
2026160 tn?1328928087 and how to use the products correctly. Even the best skin care products won't clear your skin if they are not used in the right way. This is where we are different from other acne systems - we believe in coaching you in the right way to use products. We want you to succeed in getting and keeping clear skin! By the time our clients come to see us, most of them have tried myriads of products.
Avatar m tn Its the age when you get acne and pimple more. The best solution to treat acne with sensitive skin is to drink plenty of water and use cream and products with good ingredients. Scrub your face once in a week and exfoliate your face daily.
Avatar f tn I have really sensitive skin and a lot of the cleansers/acne products have really dried out my skin and irritated it to the point of causing more acne. Recently, I have been using the regular Acnefree kit and it has been going well, except that my skin still dries out really easily (around my eyebrows, jaw, and temples) despite the fact that I use Aveeno moisturizer. Also, I still received pimples, however, they were much less severe and numerous as before.
Avatar f tn So I am constantly trying to battle acne with products that dry and moisturizers that break me out. I just can't seem to get the right routine for my skin type...please HELP!!
Avatar n tn The best thing you can do for your skin is to wash it genly and use at least a spf 30 can use a betahydroxy acid to exfoliate the surface skin cells that like to hang around and that will improve the appearance of the wrinkes but I am sorry to say there is no miracle cream,Just lots of good moisturizers.