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Avatar n tn This sports hernia issue is more for the men with the pulling sensation in the lower right ab that sometimes extends to the testicals...sometimes experiencing the pulling sensation during orgasm.
Avatar m tn The best saline solution has the ratio 2 grams salt for 98 milliliters of water. This is about 78 grams of salt to the gallon. Do the math, and make it practical, it works out to be 10 teaspoons of salt poured into one gallon of distilled water. Shake it up. Now you have plenty of saline solution, enough to get rid of the toxic schmoo in your nasals and sinuses.
Avatar f tn I'd also say, nobody does sit ups anymore because it's not great for the lower back -- most would recommend a range of ab exercises, including the planks. Also, planks must be done with the core in perfect posture or you'll again end up hurting yourself, so I hope someone showed you how to do it correctly.
Avatar n tn I think you are VERY smart for realizing that right now your energies are best concerned for killing off this disease and fighting it every way you can. Lots of us in here have a LOT of physical things that have nothing to do with the disease (I broke my back in a car wreck in '93 when I was rearended while at a stop light for example). Lots of people with different ailments and pains and tx doesn't make it any better for sure.
Avatar n tn again, its that the pain, numbness and all of the above that I have mentioned, that is spreading to my whole body that is concerning me. Thanks for your time in reading this.
Avatar n tn I cant were and bikinis or sexy cloths becuase of it. Im still looking for the best options for treatment and prices. I dont think i can ever be intimate until this thing is removed. But the girl is right up there, dont give up trying to find a solution. We all need to stick together and try to help each other out:) Some info that may be helpful to you: (please return the favor) http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn As I couldn`t really do many abs workouts before my stomach was really hurting over long periods(weeks). Usually it should hurt after the first workouts, but for me during one period I just couldnt do ab workout. I just had to much pain doing it after first workout.I haven`t expericend this the last years though. Anyway,the doctor said I had strong abs during that time. I read somewhere people saying that building up your stomach muscles help, but clearly not.
Avatar n tn And please, please , please young lady if you have not gotten more then one opinion about your need for a hyster. please do so. Study up on what is available. It could be the best thing that happened to you, but I am all for keeping all of our bits and pieces as long as possible. They were put there for a reason.
Avatar n tn I am 46 years old and my body shape has not changed since I was 18years old, except for a slightly bulging tummy and love handles, which I was the only one to notice, this was from having 2 children. I run 10kms every day and I do ab workouts, however, nothing helped remove the fat from those areas, thats why I tried lipodissolve. This has given me a curvier shape, but no one noticed any difference, which is ok, for me becasue I didnt tell anyone I had it done, not even my husband.
Avatar n tn It's anything but trivial. I have been searching the internet for months trying to find men who share this condition. If the doctors can't do anything for us then we're going to have to do something for ourselves. I don't know what the cause is and I'm desperately seeking a solution. I'm not a physician but I am left with no other alternative but to speculate and theoricize on the cause of this condition.
Avatar n tn Did all the tests possible and saw one of the best urologists in town and still no apparent answers or resons for it! No kiddney stones, no std's, no hernias. Just a lower left abdomen disconfort that radiates into my left testicle and leg. Like if someone is squeezing the testicle. The pain also comes and goes, and it get's worst when I'm laying down for a long period of time. Please anyone let me know if you find what this is!
Avatar n tn Therefore, I put myself back to Induction level carb intake (20 grams or less a day) to kick start taking off the 5 pound gain as well as started a 3x per week exercise regimen of walking/running a mile or two on the treadmill as well as leg lifts, ab workouts etc to try and kick up my progress even further. Should be a breeze right???? WRONG. For 4 weeks I did not weigh myself while I pressed on with my plan (as I can be a bit of a scale watcher).
Avatar n tn I am very excited and happy. This is the best thing for me. I have lost weight and gained weight over the years. When my doctors gave me a steriod treatment thinking that would help me lose weight I was through with them. I got off that doctors steriod therapy and and that was over 6 months ago. I am please with my results. I have 19-25 more pounds to go and I will be happy! Wish me luck! And go luck to all of you!
Avatar n tn advised me not to inhibit myself and to go ahead with normal physical activity, but gave a big no-no to even simple workouts for a couple of months. The area around my belly button still feels tight and sometimes I am unable to stand straight for a long time. But i think it will get better and the the body is healing itslef.
Avatar n tn the only thing i didn't like about NHW was that the product came in preloaded syringes and i am not confident that the potency is going to be good after it's been mixed for the entire 43 day cycle. both simeons and KT suggest that it's best used when it's freshly mixed. also i didn't like that they had things added (like b vit) to it.
Avatar m tn I did these exercises twice a day for about 10 min each time. To be honest for about 6-7 weeks it did nothing, but one day i woke up and realised i didnt have to think about my breathing anymore. I still do these exercises about 4 times a week now just to keep things in check. Trust me, your body has gotten itself into a routine of bad just have to break that pattern. This can sometimes take a bit but stick at it.
Avatar n tn why do men have to look at so much porn ? My boyfriend says it`s normal, all men look at porn. But everyday, for an hour or two ? He used to look at it every morning at 5am before I got up. Of course it was bothering me so much, did he not know I knew what he was doing in the other room every morning ? Instead of staying in bed with me, he was with the 'screen'. While I was lying there crying.......feeling not enough, not pretty, not sexy, not desirable.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone. I am 28 yo and I have thalessemia minor, as does my father. However, I have never experienced chronic tiredness as most of you in this thread have. I was one of the best athletes in high school, winning several awards for track&field, swimming, etc. Today I am still extremely energetic. However, I have always been pale, which is most likely due to the thalassemia. I also have a tendency to feel depressed, which may or may not be related.
Avatar n tn I also take the medication for type 2 diabetes. I also take glyburide for my diabetes. I would say that it is a 50/50 chance whether you would lose weight in the long run as the product wasn't designed as a weight loss product. (but I'm not a doctor so your dr. might be able to tell you what to expect).
Avatar f tn Anyway, I will check with the gastro office tomorrow to see if they will do both tests at the same time. I tested positive for H-Pylori last year, but doctor didnt prescribe anything for it, so i thought it wasn't a big deal. This time when the blood tests came back, they want me to do the Prev-pack and Prevacid for two months because I tested positive for it again. I found out that there is a breath test that doc can give you to see if you have live bacteria at the moment.
Avatar n tn For about 6 weeks I have been experiencing mid back pain when I wake up in the morning. The pain is so bad, I cannot go back to sleep, and NO position change helps. I must get out of bed and start walking around or sit in a chair for the pain to start going away. After an hour or two, the pain basically disappears. The pain seems to be emanating from my spine, and tensing up the back muscles nearest the spine.
Avatar n tn I never had kids but most my of friends have kids and have experienced with them. One of my best friend is trying to get pregnant. I am praying for her to get a baby she wants before she is 30 due to back problems as she was growng up. Take care.
Avatar n tn The doctor did say it properly isn't the best thing to use but its worked for 5 wks so i'm gonna continue use it. I still get slight stomach ache and feel a bit odd when i have a bowl movement but nothing like before.
Avatar m tn try eating fish eggs. salmon eggs seem to work best for me and i stumbled across this by accident. we went out for sushi one night and i ended up getting about 5 orders of salmon eggs or IKURA in japanese... that's 2 pieces of sushi per serving. that night i was amazed how comfortable i was in bed. no feeling of 'bugs' or tingling while stumbling around bed. i slept like a baby! first i thought it might have been a b 12 deficiency but i tried eating steak and eggs consistently which didnt work.