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Avatar m tn Hello, I have been using benzaclin and differin for a few years now but would love to know the fundamental differences. In other words, is it better to apply benzaclin to existing pimples and then differin to spots on your skin which are currently acne free ? What does each work to prevent etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I think it is foolish to buy BenzaClin even though your insurance pays for most of the cost for the following reasons: 1. The alternatives work just as well. 2. If you ever want to change your insurance company, you will have to say what medicines you have used in the last 2 years on the insurance application. If you have used an acne medicine that costs $445 per month, no insurance company will accept you unless your premiums are substantially higher than $445 per month. 3.
Avatar f tn For my diet I eat less processed foods, no caffine, very little sugar, and lots and lots of fruits and veggies, I work out 3-4 days a week with yoga, I used Proactive for years but it didn't work on me anymore so I asked my dermatologist to give me something. I now use Benzaclin. It's cheaper and works better than Proactive.
Avatar f tn I haverecently gone to my primary physician and dermatologist and they tell me it is acne and prescribed benzaclin/ Atralin and sumaxin. Benzaclin seemed to work at first, but now it seems to make my breakouts worse. The other two prescriptions just dont seem to work at all. What could this be?Herpes? I do have herpes, but my doctor tells me it should only be on the lip (I have it next to the lip) it's not noticeable at all.
118884 tn?1270478379 (For my own acne) I use the BezaClin, It's great, does dry out your skin a bit, but if used lightly it will give you the effects your going for. Do not try Proactive- Been there, done that-Seen all the info- commercials till i almost ran in debt- Just kidding (Those things work for some people, and others they don't) I also take an antibiotics, Forget the name of it. But it is a sulfar base, twice daily, in the morning and one at night. I haven't had any bad side affects to date.
Avatar f tn Im just so lost anymore, i shouldnt have acne at 23 years old and its very disapointing to know that everything they prescribe does not work! I have been on retina for 6 months, although is cleared my face slightly..I still have acne, Now they prescribed me differin 0.3. Does this work better? Is there something else? Ive use benzaclin with retina and nothing works! I dont feel that i have acne bad enough for accutane. Whats next if differin doesnt work?
Avatar m tn I think it could be impetigo (I swear it has responded well to mupirocin and only happens when I get chapped lips) with angular cheilitis, but don't know why it would recur, though I've heard this can happen after years of acne antibiotics and never noticed this until I finished a 7year course of benzaclin.
Avatar n tn Just recently (in the past month), I have gotten about 3 inflamed pimples (one on forehead, and two on face). (1)Is it normal to be getting pimples this far into treatment? My derm said that my course will probably be 6 months. Also, I have noticed that when I get a larger whitehead than normal, the pimple will get rid of the whitehead, and then turn into a harder bump after a few days. (2)Is this normal?
450122 tn?1205518926 There are a lot of options. Proactiv didnt work for me, and it wont work for most. Main ingredient is benzoyl peroxide, and that doesnt help squatola with my acne. I believe I have PCOS as well. I'm going to the doctor soon to discuss it. I am really quite sure I have it. I get sharp pelvic pain, about every 6 months. My periods are often extremely heavy, extremely light, bloodless, and very irregular. Sometimes I skip a month and a couple times I've got two in one month.
Avatar n tn Also, i am away at college far from my house so could it be my face isnt use to the water here? Im not sure what else it could be. Does anyone have any ideas of what i can do to help??? Can someone tell me what has helped them get rid of annoying and stubborn pimmples? Pleasee helpppp.. thanks!
Avatar m tn I originally used the hydrocortisone for redness on my leg but started to get a similar redness around my upper lip. I used it for about a week and it didnt get worse but it spread onto my chin area so i stopped. My first question is, would the hydrocortisone make the redness on my face worse or better? Also, would it make my skin "addicted" to the hydrocortisone, or possibly thin my skin because I started getting very tiny spider veins?
Avatar n tn Accutane is a complteley different kind of medication. It does not work the same way antibiotics do at all. It is an oral form of vitamin A, which bascially shuts down oil gland production. Antibiotics, on the other hand, kill the acne bacteria and reduce inflamation. Not sure why your doctor would refuse to prescribe accutane based on how you reacted to minocycline. Doesn't make any obvious sense to me, anyway.
Avatar m tn I am going to resume Mico retina like next week .and try to stick with it for a long time .the doctor told me it does the same thing as PDT but in a longer term.I couldn't find Rosalic in the stores in Calgary but the websites are there to order .at this point of time I don't want to be that much bothered with my Rosacea since taking tetracycline has helped almost eliminate thsi problem besde the acne. Do you think by taking a minimum dose of the tetracycline I can take control of my Rosacea.
280418 tn?1306329510 It may not be good to start doing all of this at the same time, I really don't know. I do know though that it does work, so if you have the patience, I'd give it a shot. Good luck!! I hope this will work for you as well as it did for me.