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159619 tn?1499916784 My blood pressure is controlled with Benicar HCT 40mg and is steady at 110/70, my TC is 151 with HDL of 40 and LDL at 58, but tri's are still on the high side. No family history of early onset CAD, don't smoke and exercise daily, 45 -60 minutes on a treadmill, no symptoms at all. I have had two thallium stress tests in 2005 & 2006 that were negative, echos each of the past three years and all have been normal.
Avatar m tn Vyvanse is not a good medicine for people with high blood pressure and you might talk with your doctor and see if there are alternatives. Beta blockers do antagonize the effects of vyvanse. Maybe a calcium channel blocker or an ACE inhibitor would be better--but first check and see if Vyvanse is a must for you.
775732 tn?1246128744 Thank you, Marileew, et al For starting this group...I'll try harder to check in. I, like everyone here suffers from the dreaded "headbangers". Mine are daily, since youth...and escalating in severity. To recap meds...have covered most & combos, and alternatives; now relying on benicar/ prophylaxis; botox injections every 3 mos.; relpax -prn; narc if needed -compazine for nausea; I also have seizures that I take lg dose of topamax for. Have checked for rebound...
Avatar n tn Swelling developed in my legs and feet and now I have been trying other alternatives. Benicar, Tekturna HCT are the latest. I experience sweating, severe headache, ringing in the ears. I also take Lipitor, synthroid, lexapro as well as vitimins and some minerals. Is there a medication you know of that will not cause what I have experienced. I have been monitoring my pressure and on these medications my pressure does not go down to what I had on Calan (120/76).
Avatar f tn It uses low-dose (pulsed) antibiotics, along with Benicar. Dr. Trevor Marshall has discovered the use of Benicar for Th1 inflammatory diseases. A brilliant discovery and I know it works because I was originally on his protocol. Benicar alone, without antibiotics, appears to enable the immune system to function better and thus kill enough bacteria to cause the resulting immunopathology. Benicar allows the immune system to 'see' the bacteria.
179332 tn?1273250959 and the doctors back then STILL wouldn't listen to me!! It was my sister who mentioned an article on vertigo caused by Benicar (a BP med) that I found MY ANSWER!!!! I read the article and couldn't keep from crying when it mentioned the ear fullness, and pain!! the long suffering on those meds lowered my vitamin and mineral counts in my body. I am on B12 and B vitamins along with minerals and feel SOOOOOO much better!!! Granted, my BP is about 155/96 but, at least I feel better!!
Avatar n tn When I don't have these sensations, I can be a very relaxed person who enjoys life. What are my alternatives regarding going back to a doctor. Sometimes I feel embarrassed talking about this as I feel they all think it is in my mind, which it probably is and is triggered by stress. If anyone can help, I appreciate your response.
Avatar m tn A correlation can't be made easy and you don't compare Entecavir with Vit D. Until now we have a correlation made by some study between Vit D level and AgHbs seroclearance, but you don't know if is the cause or effect.