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874521 tn?1424116797 Skin biopsy can be supportive of allergic dermatitis, but not specific for food vs. atopy. Unfortunately, blood allergy testing for food allergy is not accurate in animals; the test and treatment are the hypoallergenic diet trial. The hardest part is finding a hypoallergenic diet that a cat will eat; I have found the most palatable are the prescription formulas Royal Canin HP23 and Hill's z/d.
9180989 tn?1406387996 Thank you, I've been getting hives from some random allergy.
Avatar f tn My dr said I could take Benadryl for my allergies. I haven't yet but I'm considering it tonight because I'm so miserable and I know it would help a lot and I could get a good night sleep. Has anyone else taken it while pregnant. I'm absolutely sure my dr wouldn't have said it was ok if it were the slighted bit questionable but im still hesitant.
Avatar m tn Ordered both it and Flagyl be stopped and called a script for Bactrim instead as well as Benadryl. The Benadryl helped with the hives (and a good night's sleep LOL) but in the morning they returned. Took another benadryl which helped for about 4 hours (and knocked me out again) and the hives and swollen lip came back. Called in again and he said to switch off the Benadryl and try Loratadine. This does not seem to be controlling it so well (took it 2 hours ago).
Avatar f tn If when you have a headache coming and you take Benadryl, is that an indication that you actually have an allergy? Or does Benadryl also have this lovely effect on anyone?
Avatar n tn I take benadryl every night for my allergies. I don't know if I shouldn't be taking it everynight. I wake up with allergies. I was wondering if there is some other over the counter drug that works better and would not interfere with albuterol and prevacid.
4244557 tn?1371701336 at the beginning of my pregnancy my doctor gave me a list of medications that were safe to take during pregnancy. for allergies she had 2 different shots listed and an over the counter medicine. I myself suffer from seasonal allergies and so does my friend who is due the end of July. I had told her that we could take the over the counter meds and she told me that we couldn't because allergy meds dry up the amniotic fluid. is that true or is it safe to take the medicine.
Avatar f tn Benadryl is safe during pregnancy. If it's not enough talk to your dr for a prescription.
Avatar f tn I have really bad allergies also. Even got a sinus infection this time ! Benadryl didn't do anything to me but what you can take is over the counter benadryl, zyrtec, and claritin. zyrtec works better.
Avatar f tn Can I take allergy medications?
490183 tn?1361213953 Hello all! I've had a sinus cold/allergy problem for the past couple days and I was told by my doctor I could take Benadryl at night, but I didn't realize I was taking Benadryl Allergy, not just Benadryl, and now I'm a little scared. :( Does anyone know if it's safe????
Avatar f tn Anyone know if benadryl is safe to take? My allergies are crazy right now and the zyrtec alone isn't enough. Normally I would take a benadryl to help but I never asked if that was ok during pregnancy.
2114467 tn?1358210256 i'm curious if it is ok to use flonase. also, is benadryl ok to use. I just finished using my netti pot for nasal allergies. I'm trying to be careful about drug interaction; I haven't started the boc yet.
Avatar f tn Has anyone taken Benadryl during pregnancy. Nothing is controlling my allergies and I'm only sleeping 4 hours a night and that's thr only thing I can think that might help. Or any other suggestions.
Avatar n tn I was given the allergy shots from Jan to August of last year. I had to stop b/c I ran out of insurance. Now it seems that my allergies are worse than ever. For instance I have bad runny nose even during the winter. But it isn't consistant. I could be fine for weeks and then a day like to day an hour after I wake up I can't stop sneezing and my nose is running. I have a netty pot and that does not seem to work as of late. Benadryl only makes me sleepy and claritin does nothing for me.
Avatar f tn Claritin zyrtec allegra dont help me. Benadryl makes me fall asleep too easily...
Avatar f tn Is it possible to take Benadryl or in this case the Complete Allergy/Sinus Headache pills from Dollar General? They're 325 mg. I asked my doctor today what could I take and she told me Claritin but as I didn't find them I got these. Should I take them?
Avatar f tn yes my daughter did she was stung and gave her benadryl right when it had no reaction her foot swelled a hour after the benadryl gave her more benadryl and that was it but 24 hr later got sever asthma attack face swelled up and got blisters went to er they gave her a epi shot and put here on short course of steroids.
Avatar f tn I want to know, is there any alternative if you have to take allergy medication? The only reason I ask is because my eyes swell, I sneeze non-stop, and if I get over heated I weeze and cough a lot. I was thinking maybe a allergy shot could be a alternative to oral medication and nasal spray.