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Avatar n tn It looked dilluted (like when you accidentaly cut your self and you stick it under the water to rinse it off, and the water mixes with the blood, making it look dilluted). Since then my belly button hasnt bleed any more, but it is still having moisture in it and it has a foul odor. I'm trying to figure out what might be wrong.
Avatar n tn I have discharge coming from my belly button and I can see all the way in, i saw and my little sisters belly button is closed. I'm kind of worried is it dangerous that my belly button isn't closed all the way?
Avatar n tn i have discharge from my belly button and it looked alot like blood.... can anyone tell me if this is normal or not?
Avatar n tn stinky belly button can result from an imbalance in body chemistry. try cleansing your belly button with a q-tip dipped in tea tree oil twice a day for a week... it's great for clearing up bacteria and fungus and will likely resolve it. good luck!
Avatar f tn my son is 4 n hisbelly button has been hurting for awhile when it does hereally dont eat n ipull things out of his belly button he has been todoc n they say nothing is wrong but it keepshurting n when i pulling the stuff out it dont hurt n he can eat everything....if someone can helpme i would really like that or any ideas as to what it can be..
Avatar m tn Hi, About 5 months ago I had a pain around the belly button which then suddenly went and there was a yellow & light red discharge coming from the belly button. I went to the doctors and have had 3 different sets of antibiotics over the last 5 months but it still hasn't gone it's just very wet now and the smell is sickening. Last time I saw a doctor about a month ago she said I should try Scholls Athlete Foot powder in the belly button to try and dry it up but this has also no worked.
Avatar n tn Okay, I scoured the internet while I FREAKED out that I must have knicked the inside of my belly button about 10 days ago when I was too aggressively cleaning it out. Well, a few days after the cleaning, I woke up to DRIED blood outside of my belly button. I freaked out, saw, far in (bareeeely) that it looked like there was a bump in there that was red and bleeding. Next day, yellow/white/light greenish PUSS showed up! I freaked.
Avatar n tn My belly button is swollen and dark brown in color. I first noticed this when I wore a denim pants that was too tight. The doctor gave me ser\veral antibiotics like cephalexin, bactrim and erythromycin. Once I take the antibiotics it will swell and then burst and dark brown blood will come out. The thing is after a month or so it will reccur again. The doctors had took samples of it but found no growth in it. The ultrasound result was also negative.
Avatar n tn here's how it started. I had a bad pain just above the belly button for a day or two, with a smelly discharge. then on the third day, the pain went away and it started bleeding. And then a day after I posted this, the bleeding and pain stopped. so I've been fine. it was a three or four day occurence. very strange.
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor when I first recognized the pain. The belly button was red and there was a discharge. The pain had started to spread down and to the right part of my stomach. A hernia was ruled out but the doctor wondered if I had an umbilical cyst. The doctor referred me to the ER. A CT scan was performed and everything was normal. I was treated for Celulitus with antibiotics. The redness and discharge went away but the pain came back. I received another round of antibiotics.
Avatar f tn Hi! Bleeding from umbilicus or navel or belly button could be due to fistula, boil, infection. Umbilical fistulas are narrow tubes connecting the outer or skin with anything inside like intestine, mesentry etc. Boils in the umbilicus can also burst and release blood and pus. . Do consult your doctor. A swab test of the sticky discharge should be done and culture and sensitivity tested to start appropriate treatment. Diabetes should be tested for as this may cause infection to linger.
Avatar f tn I wasn't sure how to edit my post but when I went to get changed, I saw a ring of discharge around my belly button. It appears to be a mixture of pus and blood. I cleaned it with warm water and Dove soap (using q-tips) and also cleaned it out with some hydrogen peroxide again after that, also using q-tips. I've put on loose clothing but I'm still sort of scared about this. Does anyone have any clue what it might be??? I will be going to the doctor tomorrow. Thanks..
Avatar f tn I am a 40 yr old woman who has noticed a horrible odor and discharge coming from my belly button. there is also well defined redness in the naval itself where the discharge is coming from. The discharge itself is milky and clear but the odor is breathtaking. I also seem to have a large rash with odor in the fold of my stomach at the pubic level (My belly hangs over from previous surgeries and twin pregnancy.) My urine is also cloudy and smelly. I have stomach pain around the naval.
Avatar f tn also check if he is gettin discharge from the belly button. good luck!
Avatar f tn Well for about a week now my belly button has had a smelly discharge to it and very pink it kind of hurts I clean it when I shower an such iv never had problems with this before iv had 2 laperscopic surgerys they had to go in my belly button but I healed the first was on 08' tge other was in April of last year so I'm not sure what's going on. What can I do for it?
Avatar f tn I woke up this morning for work with bad pain in my tummy and belly button. There was also blood inside and around my belly botton even on my top. Does anyone know what the cause is or what it is?
Avatar f tn Usually it is due to fungal infections(and your symptoms of foul smelling discharge are pointing towards it). The belly button is a dark moist, warm place and the ideal breeding ground for fungi. Apply some topical antifungal cream like Lamisil, Monistat derm or Mycelex and keep the area dry and clean.If the symptoms psersist then pls get it evaluated from a dermatologist.Oral antifungals may be needed and bacterial infections has to be ruled out. Hope it helps.
Avatar n tn There is blood coming from my son's belly button and was a discharge coming from it over the past couple of weeks
Avatar m tn i got my belly button pierced about 4 months ago, it got infected about 2 months after i had got it done but it was only a little lump on the top of the piercing, it sometimes pussed but apart from tha there was no pain. but i went to the doctors when the lump started getting bigger and hurting and he gave me some antibiotics, they cleared it up but then it came back and i got a huge rash all over my belly. its really red in the middle and bumpy, what do i do?
Avatar f tn Well The Inside Of My Belly Button Hurts A lot And I Don't Know What's Happening It Seems It Wants To Poke Out But I Took A Pregnancy Test Last Month And It Said Negative And I Got My Period I'm Wondering if Its That I'm Pregnant Or If I Have A Hernia?!? P.s no Discharge or nothing just pain when i poke it i have a innie.!! :) Thanks i really need useful answers please help.!!
Avatar f tn the other day i had the weirdest thing happen to me....recently my belly button has really been smelling bad, so i was cleaning it out with some cotton and i noticed i could see something in whole life iv always noticed something in my belly button but i thought it was normal. but on this occasion it was abit more visible.
Avatar n tn It feels like I have a cut along some blood vessel or nerve that goes from my belly button to my penis and when I stand up, the "cut" is being pulled open, allowing urine inside. I imagine it being like a fresh cut on your arm. When the skin is closed, it feels fine. if it gets pulled open and salt or peroxide is put on it, the pain is awful. The same happens here. The wound or opening is exposed to urine, which has ammonia in it, which is probably painful.