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299260 tn?1304219705 dnikki- Hey girl, how are you feeling? How's the potty training going? luvkayln- Thank you so much for all your kind words! I am trying to have a positive attitude. It's hard sometimes. My temps seem pretty good to me. I am hoping for that BFP but trying to prepare myself for a BFN. I love your little bump. You are so cute!
299260 tn?1304219705 Ok, so about your pain, I get that pretty much every night, because I can't sleep on my back anymore and have to sleep on my sides. Really it's from all your weight being on one side for too long, so once you switch sides it'll relieve the pain on the other side. All I do all night is switch sides about every 2 hours b/c the pain will wake me up! Mommyin10- You seem so set on getting both shots, and maybe I'll feel more comfortable about it like you are once I talk to my doctor.
Avatar m tn So this will be something we can ask for her to be tested for. I'm really interested in finding some women who have had low T and have been treated for it. I am interested to note what other positive health benefits and symptom relief other than low libido that was associated with getting their testosterone levels to a reasonable level.
299260 tn?1304219705 I'm so excited for you and I couldn't be happier. How's potty training coming along? hannah- Update soon! I hope that it's great news. My fingers are crossed and I can't wait to hear from you soon! stacey-I'm glad that you're enjoying the nice weather and that you guys are doing so well. I hope your appointment goes well today and that your u/s is great on Friday! rachjas- Happy Anniversary!!!!!! How long have you been married?
299260 tn?1304219705 ad_06: You are definitely NOT being punished. Please don't think that. I'm sure He knows you will in fact be a wonderful mommy! =) The dark brown sounds good. I think that's old blood, so try not to worry & just know that you've got a whole thread full of women pulling for you & praying for you!!! We'll all be thinking of you tomorrow! Best wishes =) dreamingofson: I'm sorry, what is TR? dnikki & Joyce: Thanks!
299260 tn?1304219705 ) If you're not accepted, hopefully it will work on the first try, and you won't have to worry about coming up with more money for it. I'm convinced it'll happen the first try, it does for so many women, and this will definately be a sticky BFP b/c your lining is gonna be so nice and thick, your body won't know what to think! LOL ;) So let us know your IVF schedule, so we can be in the loop about where you are! :) I'm SO happy for you!!
478429 tn?1265247987 Good luck hope you get a well deserved bfp, Krich- We find out the sex of the baby on Oct 25, through a 4d u/s happy day for us both, and yes this is your month!!! Dnikki- Thanks for the new thread, my next obgyn appt is on 10/11 and 4d appt 10/25 Bfrom- How is it going?
299260 tn?1304219705 ) Oh and she weighs 1lb, 10 oz already! My doctor said she was big for her age, but I did eat a lot this month and my weight gain proved it! Haha! Oh well, :) ... Well, I hope everyone had a great day! :) Mommyin10- Can't wait to see u/s pics from today!
299260 tn?1304219705 Don't worry tooo much about her weight. My son was only 5 lbs. 3 oz. at birth and then lost some liek they all do. We had to go in for several wight check appts. His weight was a concern but he is just fine. She will eat as much as she needs. My son could only eat so much since he was so small but he ate what he needed. If he ate too much, he threw up. I am glad her levels have gone down. Hopefully the jaundice will go away. My son also had that problem.
299260 tn?1304219705 hi everyone. mommyin10: thanx for adding me to the list :) gud luck for your appt. hope it happens on the first try! rachjas: thanx for the tip. i guess the tracker's a gud idea :) i'm doing it right now. gud luck on ur appt with the nurse. Jessie: wow congrats. what a cute story (though probably wasnt much fun for u..but u got ur li'l bundle!). my hi and welcome to little Zachary Kaden! :) hi luvkayln. you sound really stressed. take it easy hon.
299260 tn?1304219705 About the endo, I can only speak from my experience, after the lap and lupron treatment for 6 months, 8 cycles later I am still pain free, I can get a little discomfort here and there, but nothing like it was....Lupron does have strong side effects, it all depends how you tolerate them, for me, just the weight gain is what really bother me. I am sorry you are in pain, hopefully you and the doc can work out a good plan to make you feel better soon.
299260 tn?1304219705 A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey… But a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong. Author Unknown ************************************************ Michelle: (Offer support & prayers!!!) Leighanne: BFP - 28 weeks (u/s 12/6) vortex: BFP - 19 weeks (u/s,12/2) Joyce: BFP - 13 weeks (doc appt 12/16) icierain: BFP Jessie: BFP 8 weeks Armyprincess: BFP - 6? weeks Guesito: BFP 6 weeks (u/s Today!!!
299260 tn?1304219705 Hey everyone. I'm 11dpo and I had a small temp drop this morning. I'm hoping my temps go back up. The lower back pain is still there, though not nearly as bad. On top of that, this weekend I had heartburn like no one's business. I tried tums, pepto, nothing worked. The only that helped at all was milk. So I ended up drinking over a gallon of milk by myself this weekend. I started having some nausea yesterday (afternoon). I have a little today too. Nothing serious.
299260 tn?1304219705 Looks like the beginning to a BFP to me! ;) naf- Wait a second... AF is late for you! Holy cow! Have you tested yet??? I'll check out your chart now! Come on BFP!!!!! ;) Mrspace- That sounds like a great plan!! That's what we started to do too! We started eating very healthy right when I got back from Ohio, which was 6dpo, b/c I had been eating so healthy there it wasn't even funny!
363243 tn?1331037450 Many women will see results within 4 to 8 weeks when used twice a day every day but for some women it may take longer. With VANIQA, you'll feel confident that people won't notice your UFH, even when you're up close... I saw a commercial for it last night I'm really thinking about it.
Avatar n tn I've been working out six times a week and following the Weight Watcher points diet for a month, and I've lost NOTHING! I read Jenny McCarthy's Baby Laughs (great read for moms.) She said she killed herself working out and dieting for two months and only lost two pounds. She went to her doctor, and he said in his experience it takes women, who are holding onto extra weight, three periods before they are able to start seeing a difference.
Avatar f tn ) along with weight training is essential so that the fat cells which make estrogen (Estrone) after menopause can utilize the estrogen effectively rather than get stored as fat. Again, the book explains all this beautifully... I wish I could! The other book I like is "Screaming to be Heard." It is by Elizabeth Vliet, M.D.
Avatar n tn It was hard and I used to cry for the baby. So i think this attributed to the weight loss in the beginning (note i could not exercise as yet). However, now that i am exercising i don't seem to be getting anywhere so right now i am just relaxing and stop worrying about my weight and just try to do the best i can in exercising and dieting. doesn't seem to work but I'm not giving up.
Avatar n tn Anyhow Effexor did wonders for my attitude however after 3 years I am now convinced that it was the cause for all the excess weight. Anyhow I was wondering if the weight comes off after I get off the meds? or am I stuck with excess weight forever in which case I will be contacting my doctor because they lied to me.
Avatar n tn Some people are diabetic and still manage to lose weight (hopefully with low carb). Yeah, it's harder for some than for others, and if your rate of weight loss is 3# every three years, well, that's a start, I guess.
Avatar n tn It is comforting to read that I'm not the only 45 year old women who has gained weight for no apparent reason. I have gained 15 pounds in the last year, I go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week, I eat approx. 1300 - 1400 calories a day and I don't drink. I can only imagine if I really porked out and was drunk all the time.....well maybe I would feel better - ha! I'm just frustrated because I don't know what to do anymore. My dr.
Avatar n tn I to date have gained 10 pounds, truly I eat whatever I want and exercise very little, the weight gain seemes to be more from bloating from the hormones, some women don't gain any weight. If the surgery is for health reasons don't worry about the weight. It is nice not to be bothered every mouth, also I have not lost my sex drive.
215905 tn?1214505001 I am hungry all of the time but I don't eat a lot because I don't want to gain any more weight. They told me that a small percentage of people who are hyper for a long time can exhibt some of the symptoms of hypo, such as weight gain...lucky me.
Avatar n tn Did anyone who went back on it continue to lose weight? I was told it didn't work the second time around for weight loss. Also, if I am refilling my prescription after being off it for 2 months, should I titrate up? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I am on 500 mg and it has done nothing for weight loss. It actually constipated me for the first few days and gave me heartburn and chest pain. I don't know if that is normal or not. My doctor says I am insulin resistant and he thinks this will help me loss weight. Should I ask to increase it? Or is it to soon?
Avatar n tn I'm certainly no substitute for a medical professional, but I'm prettty sure that its just that you shouldn't take the Welbutrin if you already have a problem with seizures. Lots of people take it without developing a seizure problem and it really helps them.
Avatar n tn One of the reasons I went on this medication for my aniexty was my weight, and now my weight issues have come back. I do however, feel so much better mentally. I told myself last year, during the hardest time of my life, that I didn't care how fat I got, just as long as I was mentally sound. But of course now I am upset about my weight. I do want to go off the medication, but reading what others have posted I am wondering what is the most healthy choice.
Avatar f tn hi and welcome to the forum....for me the weight came off as I was tapering off I lost over 45lb when I was finely off...its different for everyone but most lose the weight gaind from the methadone sooner or later ...hey congrads on your taper your down to 15ml now how are you feeling??
Avatar n tn No kidding and do weight training. I know most women hate weight training but if you are that big you need to build muscle. Eat your protein right after you work out. Stay away from restaurants. Don't depend on them to weigh , measure food and be accurate. THEY DON'T. My son is working on his masters in nutrition. We have done several checks and I can tell you, don't trust them. Eat at home and mark everything down, measure everything and you will be really shocked.And I do mean EVERYTHING.
Avatar f tn Hi, you can start with some aerobic exercises like treadmill or 30 minutes a day starting with slow speed and slowly increasing the pace. After a month you may add some more exercises to your schedule like little weight training along with other equipment you have. You can also add Yoga at any stage. Be careful to eat balanced diet. Avoid taking sugars and fat in your diet. Losing weight is a slow process and issued not expect body changes before 2 to 3 months. I hope this helps.