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Avatar m tn SAME PROBLEM; I don't eat any complex carbohydrates at all but here's the other fyi item. I ate 3 avacados yesterday and was in so much pain I couldn't move an then vomited and still have residual stomach pain today. I also used "lite salt" which is mainly potassium (in bananas) and thru research I am attributing the incident to too many avacados and too much potassium. Anyhow, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.
Avatar m tn A balanced diet for gout sufferers includes foods that are high in complex carbohydrates, low in protein and low in fat.
Avatar f tn cold pressed oils (olive, sunflower, linseed, canola, best cooking oil) 7. Complex carbohydrates is also needed. 8. Some people think that drinking beer helps gain weight. But it is not true, it accumulates in your abdomen, making it fatty. 9. Don’t take protein supplements. Consult your doctor for protein supplements. Weight Gain Diets It is not a good idea of Increasing intake of junk foods and fatty foods to gain weight. You should be eating calorie dense yet nutritious food.
Avatar f tn I take 1/2 of a 25mg of atenolol and that really helps it to slow down. Wine and beer are worse for me than vodka (which I put in my martini). I only have a drink or two on the weekends. My body has always reacted this way. Remember, lots of water and if you have more than one drink drink at least 8 ounces of water in between.
Avatar m tn I have read on some workout sites that people who notice this smell when they sweat, may have too much protein in their diets, and need to balance it out with more complex carbohydrates or, good carbs, such as, vegetables, whole grains, fruit.... I am guilty of eating a lot of meat, and not nearly as much fruit or veggies as I need.....
Avatar f tn Carrot - a great liver cleanser, increases vitality and vigor, richest source of provitamin A, high in beta-carotene and anti-oxidants, rich in carotenoids to help regulate blood sugar and help reduce the risk of heart disease, assists in releasing excess cholesterol in the body, contains complex carbohydrates that gives the body energy, excellent source of carotenoids which also promote healthy eyes and good vision.
Avatar f tn Avoid or eliminate highly sugary foods and drinks such as soda, fruit juices, cookies, donuts, cakes, etc… Consume more complex carbohydrates like whole grains, potatoes, pastas, rice, bagels, breads and whole grain cereal. Eat foods high in soluble fiber. These foods slow stomach emptying and prevent the rapid absorption of sugars. choose foods with a high fiber label and fruits and vegetables Increase the amount of fat in your meals.
Avatar n tn I have a lot of friends who drink a lot of beer and do not have this problem, but the month of August I did not drink beer or any other alcohol. This helped a little. My whole diet contains cheese. I eat pizzas, lasagne, tacos, nachoes, ect. My next step is cut out all cheese. I do not know what foods I should try. I am desparate. I actually fear for my job. The head of the company, the little *****, actually bought a gas mask from one of those military magazines.
Avatar m tn Beef, soybean meal, soy flour, animal fat preserved with mixed-tocopherols (form of vitamin E), brewers rice, soy protein concentrate, corn gluten meal, ground yellow corn, glycerin, poultry by-product meal, ground wheat, animal digest, salt, pearled barley, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, natural filet mignon flavor, dried potatoes, dried green beans, added color (red 40, blue 2, yellow 5, yellow 6 and other color), sulfur, vitamin E supplement, choline chloride, zinc sulfate, ferrous su
Avatar n tn Although you need protein, too much protein in hard on the liver; complex carbs are good. Try to stay away from the simple carbs and sweets. And, above all, drink the water. If you are not drinking enough water, that will also contribute to your tiredness as well as to headaches. I also starting taking 800 IU's of Vitamin E a couple weeks or so ago along with the multivitamin I was already taking (on advice from my GI PA).
586636 tn?1223131279 Would like an update on your condition. I have gone thru years of stomach problems but am so much better now. One was H Pylori and I took the 14 days of meds (back in 2001) and the Metronidozole (Flagyl) caused me post nasal drip for months afterward, which irritated my throat very badly and the Protonix kept me awake. (I recommend anyone NOT take Flagyl - it's a nasty drug with ongoing side effects that are sometimes irreversible - some people have gotten acid reflux from it!
Avatar n tn I don't want to throw any gasoline on this fire so I'm staying out of it. Use your brains and think for yourself and do what you gotta do is my motto. Four years or so of these type threads have taught me you're gonna do what your gonna do regardless of what anyone else says.
Avatar f tn I am not familiar with the program's diets, but I do know from experience and from friends' experiences that cutting your carb intake is sooooo hard and strange at first. Your body is so used to having them for easy energy, it takes a few days for it to figure out that it is going to have to start using fat for energy, which is a less readily available energy source. Your body really has to work to get that fat burning.... which is the whole trick.
15298662 tn?1439720697 I am overweight and am going to work toward weight loss and changing my diet form a lot of the simple carbohydrates and sugars I am eating. Because it will benefit me in many ways to become healthier in every aspect of my life. So from what I read and I am experiencing it seems to me like I have Reactive Hypoglycemia. But of course I am not for sure.
Avatar f tn Beano is Unique Beano is a natural food enzyme dietary supplement that can help prevent gas before it starts. It helps you to digest the complex carbohydrates in your favorite healthy foods. By taking Beano at the beginning of a meal, you can help prevent gas, bloating and other discomfort. Beano comes in a convenient tablet or liquid, and it isn't just for beans. It also works on vegetables and whole grains.
363682 tn?1299492962 Hi Guys, Just to let you know, I'm also Exactly in the same boat, except I have no back pains to complain about. But a single glass of wine or beer is enough to trigger a throbbing headache on the frontal lobe and almost in the same degree everywhere else in the head, and hot flashes in the face. It's extremely disturbing, as it kills my social life after a drink. I'll tell you what I've done to fix this: -Full blood work: nothing unusual. Trigylercirin is high, but hey.
Avatar f tn The doseage of 3 pills ( the triple complex) is 1500 mg.. sounds high to me.. but not sure how much is rhodiola.( It says 16% rosavins). What does that mean?? I read usual dose of rhodiola is 200- 600 mg. daily. There is another thing that was recommended- cortisol manager by intergrative medicine... it has Phosphatidylserine , ashwanganda and magnolia. Take at bed time for restful sleep. I read ashwanganda can cause hypothyroid (me) to go hyperthyroid.. don't want that!
Avatar n tn 2 meals should be salads, 1 meal fruit, 2 meals can be protein, fibre/complex carbohydrates and minimum fat. Salt restricted diet, sufficient water and motivation and continuity is what you need. Remember the golden line " You cannot gain weight if you take less than the required calories for your body" Before starting please check with your doctor all your vitals and get started. Avoid alcohol and smoking.
Avatar m tn Use Google to understand the difference between simple and complex carbs. The latter is good for you. You do need some carbs in your body for energy. So pay attention to portion sizes. If you go too low on carbs your skin will start to stink like ammonia so watch this carefully. The last key is exercise. Exercise helps burn off excess sugar. You want to do 30-60 minutes of exercise daily or at least 5 times a week. Walking at a good pace really burns off excess sugars.
Avatar n tn 1) Stop eating complex and simple carbohydrates -sugary foods I.e. Pop, candy, bread, pasta, fruit, yogurt, milk.The yeast (fungus) feeds on the sugar. You may want to get a fasting blood glucose test or an A1C (average blood glucose over 3 months) to rule out type II diabetes. 2) Take probiotics. The higher the better 50, 75 or 100 billion. If it's cheap probiotics, remember to refrigerate as soon exposed to air.
Avatar f tn One of the best things I like about my hepatologist is how willing he is to say," we don't know." You know you need to find a good hepatologist who can help you. Fatigue is the main symptom of hep C. Your GI is not only misinformed but dangerous. Shame on them.
Avatar f tn We had flood here recently in Germany and for about three weeks, the city closed the flood gate. As I was having my wheat beer (malt/hop beer), I looked at the high water of the river & across it, the forest (our cycling road) is still wet (damp & muddy). I imagined ticks living in that forest & for the first time, I couldn't enjoy my beer & cycling on those trail roads. I love the outdoor but the worries of Lyme disease just creeps into my beautiful world of wondrous nature.
Avatar n tn This is a fairly complex issue that I would have approached differently. First of all I would have used the results of the stress test to make a decision now. If the stress test was markedly abnormal and showed a large part of your heart was needing more blood, I would likely have recommended a bypass surgery or angioplasty now.
Avatar n tn Hey Penny, lots of good advice on here for you. I know my doc told me to take b complex, b1, b6, and i also give myself a b-12 shot twice a month. It could be a combination of alot of things for you. Depression had me so down i couldn't get out of it and had no energy at all. So that could also be a biggie for you. Talk to your doc and if they can't help you, get another doc. Sometimes it takes that to get real help. Good wishes to you. Please keep posting.
Avatar m tn D) who had never experienced anything related to anxiety or panic attacks ever in my life. I've always been a laid back, easy-going individual. Last May, after a weekend of beer pong and partying, I woke up on the following Monday and instantly felt dizzy and out of breath, like I was going to pass out or fall over. I didn't know what it was. I thought maybe I had hit my head during the previous weekend's festivities.
Avatar n tn I found that it was Crown Larger beer over any other that was causing the thrush - I was also having lots of sex with a new partner at the time. Things are not always at face value. Antibiotics can give you thrush, anal to vaginal also can without penetration but the bacterium needs to already be there, Um, high yeast products can do it. There are many reasons. Experiment with diet and sex. Maybe halve the oral sex you receive and see if it helps. Look at your diet.
524608 tn?1244421761 But I want to drink beer again with my tacos and pizza...and have Burgerville Pepper Bacon Cheeseburger with strawberry shortcake and an extra side of ice cream for dessert....mmmm....without any inhibitions. I'd rather clog my hart and die quick than waste away slowly without indulgences. I want the energy to build a butterfly garden for my Squishy. I also want my Hubby to get more... In all I do feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Avatar f tn I went to see another gastro specialist recently who was very knowledgeable and helpful. She suggested that I cut out all complex-carbohydrates from my diet because they are difficult for the intestines to break down. The intestines produces enzymes that break down complex-carbs into simple-carbs in order to be absorbed.
Avatar m tn - Fermentable Oligo- (fructans, galactans), Di- (sacharose, lactose, maltose), Mono-saccharides (fructose, galactose) And Polyols (sorbitol, xylitol and other -tols). Can you tolerate milk (lactose) or beer (maltose)? Beside that you my be allergic to some of these or other foods. OK, when you have excluded all what may irritate you, you can start to add fruits (one fruit, than wait 4 days to see what happens, then next fruit...