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Avatar f tn Patients with POTS had mild depression. They scored as moderately anxious on the Beck Anxiety Inventory, but did not exhibit a high level of anxiety sensitivity. • Patients with POTS scored significantly higher on inattention and ADHD subscales than control subjects. These symptoms were not present during childhood. Conclusions: Patients with POTS do not have an increased lifetime prevalence of psychiatric disorders. Although they may seem anxious, they do not have excess cognitive anxiety.
Avatar f tn Cute said..... but my dr does a mini mental inventory called the Beck inventory in an electronic device to monitor mental state while on tx.............. Hmmmmm. mine don't bother, he uses a device called shaking his head at me. Serious people if you need them take them, i don't need them so im not taking any more stuff then i have too.
Avatar n tn I have been on clonazepam since approximately July 5, 2002 (just over a month and a half). I was orignally given xanax, but asked for clonazepam because I knew (through my own research) that it had a longer half-life and would be easier to withdraw. Originally I was having some mild anxiety...but I'm sure now it was related to everyday stress (financial, family, etc). Now I've realized that I think I've been depressed the whole time. I asked my family Dr.
139792 tn?1498589250 The patients were surveyed shortly after admission for treatment and eight weeks later, using the Beck Depression Inventory, the Beck Hopelessness Scale, and the Religious Well-Being Scale -- all standard instruments in the social sciences for assessing intensity, severity and depth of disease and feelings of hopelessness and spiritual satisfaction. Response to medication, defined as a 50-percent reduction in symptoms, can vary in psychiatric patients. Some may not respond at all.
Avatar n tn initiation and adjustment of psychiatric medications; monthly Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and SF-36 Quality of Life scores, and self-reported depression (D), anxiety (A), and irritability (I). Methods: 40 patients were randomized to treatment with ribavirin and either PI2a or PI2b at standard dosing. Selfreported D, A, and I scored on a 0-10 scale were recorded weekly. The BDI and SF-36 were administered every 4 weeks.
Avatar m tn The following are the most commonly used scales in the setting of hepatitis C. Self-Report Scales * Beck Depression Inventory * CES-D (click here to download a copy of the CES-D screening tool for use in your practice) * Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale * Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale Clinician Rating Scales * Hamilton Depression Scale * Montgomery-Åsberg Depression Scale Each scale can be used to identify symptoms before initiating therapy.
Avatar m tn Granted he was doing the mini Beck mental inventory at each visit since I was not on ADs, but once you are into 5-6 months of tx and pretty much stable, they did not need to see my face every four wks. That was a good chunk of money for a yr and a half, plus, being a research hospital, they get gifts from the drug companies also.
Avatar f tn Peginterferon-induced depression is reversible NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Depression related to peginterferon therapy for chronic hepatitis C increases with duration of use, but reverses following treatment cessation, according to members of the Hepatitis C Antiviral Long-term Treatment against Cirrhosis trial. After 48 weeks of therapy, 42 percent of the patients developed depression.