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Avatar f tn I took forever to figure out how, but the hula instructors on both tutorials said that hula burns about 600 calories per hour, which is a lot and it also builds up your ab muscle. Good luck.
610738 tn?1263111556 I do Hula hooping as one of my main exercises, it is said to burn off around 400cal every 30mins. And it works too :) Every time i jump on the scales the morning after hooping i have normally lost about 400grams. Can this be added as one of the exercises that can be tracked.
Avatar f tn Do belly dancing or something fun ya know?
429700 tn?1308007823 I was finally able to look at the MRI myself, and I'm a bit unsettled by what I saw. I posted earlier and the report said that that there were "several additional FLAIR and T2 hyperintensities in the periventricular and subcortical white matter". I pulled up the 5 mm slices and on the 1.5T machine and looked at the T2 and FLAIR sequences, I saw many lesions--many. I'd say about 25 on about three slides. I have no idea how many there are all together.
Avatar f tn I believe we spent 3-5minutes on each exercise. But it may depend on the weight of the hula hoop. Ours was the workout kind which is a little heavier than the standard ones and it is made of a different material.
5615074 tn?1378316840 Moving your hips in the circular manner is great for relieving pressure and prepping for birth. Most find relief doing it on an exercise ball but hula away. If you feel pain or get winded you should stop.. def. Stay hydrated and dont overwork yourself. Its been said if youre gonna "work out" during pregnancy you should be able to talk while doing so and not be winded. Have fun and be careful!
6965936 tn?1394227011 I'm 28 weeks and I am a hula hoop fitness instructor. I actually just taught a class last night. It's great exercise especially for your hips and pelvis area. Idk if I can answer your question but I'm happy to see doctors recommending hula hooping while pregnant!
Avatar f tn It also has nothing to do with the rocking motion but position your body is in. A figure 8 motion of your hips is a better motion. Bouncing also does nothing so ignore those suggestions. Keep in mind, it does nothing until you are in the inactive phase of labor or further progressed.
1168317 tn?1330262837 If that were true, each time we have a virus and it breached the BBB , then we would have the same number of o-bands - the ones on the outside of the BBB and the ones on the inside of the BBB. What they look for inj the spinal fluid from the LP is o-bands that are unique, meaning they are only found in the CSF and not in both locations. I know this is a simple explanation, and I hope it helps to clear this confusion.
Avatar n tn Seated abduction is done in two ways with an abduction machine or with a resistance loop. To use the machine, sit on the seat, rest your outer thighs against the padded levers and push against them until your legs are in a "V" shape. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat. A resistance loop is a large, flat rubber band that slides over your legs. With the resistance loop, sit in a chair and slide the loop up to your thighs and flatten it.
Avatar f tn Strong abdominal muscles without a strong back pose a higher risk of back issues than having weak ab muscles. Every ab workout should include back exercises. Some ab exercises already engage back muscles such as planks or Pilates. Exercises that target the back include the lumbar extension, which involves laying prone on the floor or a ball, and lifting your head and shoulders by using your back muscles. You can have your hands on the floor or ball for support, but don't use them to push.
Avatar m tn i have 2 stents and was wondering if exercising on the new vibration platform exercise machine would cause the stents to move and tear an artery????? i am doing cold laser lipo and using the vibration machine for exercise afterward. (have been to 2 sessions so far). i have ordered one of the machines for use at home. should i be concerned at all? they say these machines are great for any number of treatments, not only weight loss.
Avatar f tn I have not been actively doing any exercise for a bout 6 years. What is the easiest way to get back into an exercise and dieting regiment, Without putting too much stress on the heart and body?
Avatar n tn Hello I have high myopia with both eyes about 10.00 diopter and had LASIK 4 years ago. Vision is pretty good 20/20. Do you think for my case I can go to ski with friends. Cause you know i was told by my doctor i need to avoid strenuous crash with people and hard things like ground. When i ski you know it is unavoidable that i will hit the snow ground or crash with other people. is that acceptable for my eyes. Pls kindly advise. also do i need eye shield?
958098 tn?1246809218 Also minimum workout every week may result in large modifications in the entire health and wellbeing and fitness level. Cardiovascular exercise is usually a marvelous approach to get rid of extra fat and provide you with a healthier heart. People that workout often have numerous bodily advantages from all those training that they are likely to have less incidents of a lot of chronic ailments too.
Avatar f tn I agree that brain exercise is good, but I also believe in Vitamins and supplements. 1) It has been proven according to recent studies that Vit B complex of same mg per Vit. ( I Take B complex 100 mg ) will protect from Alzheimer's 2) Magnesium L Threonate was discovered by MIT to be the only Mg that will cross the blood brain barrier- it helps for long term memory 3) Huperzine - Helps in short term memory and faster recall. These combo of supplements finally helped me get my memory back.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone. I need some suggestion on an affordable health insurance that doesn't look at pre existing conditions. I've had svt for 20 yrs now and would like to get an ablation. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thank u.
Avatar m tn I can only us an ab machine for maybe a few light sets then my abs feel like they start to tense and I can tell it's about to pop out. After some moving around I can get it back in but I want to know is there any way I can do abdominal workouts without this happening.
Avatar f tn If you prefer to run on a treadmill or use an elliptical machine for training, you may feel nauseous when you stop using the machine. This is likely due to the perpetual motion of the treadmill belt. When your body is sustaining a constant motion, such as running, and you attempt to participate in other activities, like watching television or reading magazines, your eyes have trouble focusing. This leads to a sensation akin to feeling sick after being in the car for too long.
Avatar f tn Anybody know where I can find a margaritta machine and a karaoke machine and a candle-lit jacuzzi? Oh, and some FRIENDS?????????????????????? It's 8:07, do you know where the party is????!!!!
Avatar n tn He does it anytime he is in a comfortable chair or couch, and he also does it in his high chair, causing it to move all over the kitchen at times. Everything else about him is normal, but this is just odd to me. It's like a comfort thing to him. He really does it alot when he's watching tv too. please help.
Avatar m tn In this position you can still pull your bellybutton in and perform a Kegel squeeze to work those deeper ab muscles. Remember to go slow and use full range of motion, allowing your chest to gently touch the floor. By pulling your elbows closer to your sides, you can place more focus on your chest muscles. Once you can comfortably perform about a dozen push-ups this way, advance to the regular push-up technique, keeping your legs straight and balancing on your toes.
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