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Avatar n tn Test with Baylor medicals at baylor college of medicine. You can treat any eye problems whenever you can. ITs best if you can get her seen asap. Id also reccomend a genetic councelor, since you are still learning about the disease. I have lived with IP all my life, and I have one child affect with it and one that is not. I have lost several babies due to IP so if you need anything give me a shout. Ive been there and done that..
19925620 tn?1486703093 com/medical-devices-global-directory/primary-care/pediatrics/pediatric-hearing-aids/phonak-sky-v-ric What do you think about these? They are good? do you know? :) Thanks for your time and answers.
Avatar f tn She felt like there was a black spot on his eye so she sent us to a pediatric opthomologist. He dismissed her findings and gave a new prescription for eye glasses. My son was having difficulty with the glasses and couldn't be seen by this opthomologist for another 2 months so I sought the opinion of another doctor. He felt there was a problem with my son's retina. At this time my son's VA was 20/60 (Dec 2011).
Avatar n tn I am 33 and would like to explore the option of having children. I live in Dallas, which isn't far from Baylor in Houston. Who should I contact about genetic testing? My IP was a result of spontaneous mutation.
Avatar m tn After serving in the United States Marine Corps. for 3 1/2 years and working on CH-53E helicopters the whole time I have severe Tinnitus and extreme difficulty in hearing most of the time. (The V.A. will not help me with hearing issues.) My family including my wife have noticed and say that I need to get it looked at.
560334 tn?1216131145 // The nearest one to you in Texas is probably the one in Birmingham. I would try to get a conference going between her doctors there and one of these centers. That is my main concern. These are places where the experts in pediatric MS have gathered to pool their information. Pediatric MS is so unusual that I would want specialists in that area. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I'll be at Baylor. My form said to turn it in before 4 months. It's whatever.
Avatar m tn I have some information about Testosterone measurement. I am 75, and Endocrinologists at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, set-up a trial for Testosterone measurement for elderly guys like me. I was asked to give a small amount of blood so my Testosterone level could be measured. I was later told that I did not qualify for the trial because my Testosterone level was too high for the trial. For comparison, my Testosterone measures 590 ng/dL(nanograms per deciliters).
Avatar f tn I checked out Hermann in Houston, and found no adult ophthalmology. Does Baylor/Houston have a good reputation? How about Scott and White Institute in Waco, Texas? The web site for the last one is down. My insurance requires no referral. Is there any advantage to having a referral from a physician?
686681 tn?1227305438 t know if its your pain medication speaking for you or thoughts have been twisted by pain for you misconstrued my response. I asked if you tried Baylor, as in Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, TX. Your bio states Arlington, TX so this would be the nearest teaching hospital in your area. Teaching hospitals are where the experts teach and practice medicine including leading specialist in spinal therapy and pain management.
Avatar n tn Also, there is a research doctor at Baylor in Texas who has a current WPW research study ongoing. You can search and find her on the Baylor website if you are interested.
Avatar n tn I have 2 kids--a son (Nate) who is 2 1/2 and my daughter rachael who is almost 8 months old now. she was diagnosed @ 7 weeks old by a pediatric dermatologist. She has had her eyes checked once so far and we are going to see the dermatologist again next week, plus to the genetic counsellor again too. They took her blood in October to send to Baylor to confirm her IP which we just got back this week. They also took my blood to see if I am a carrier.
Avatar m tn I left a contact number and name on a previous thread not to far back.. also someone here mentioned that baylor in dallas has a good program. I'll see if I cant find it and repost.
Avatar f tn I'm a 60 yr old female and had Restor lenses placed in both eyes in Dec 2012 after cataract removal. Vision was perfect for several weeks and then became blurry. Was diagnosed with PCO so had YAG laser procedures in both eyes. Vision has not been restored as good as it was right after the implants. I see worse now than I did before cataract surgery. I have lost distance, intermediate and close vision.
Avatar f tn I'm 29 weeks and having a beautiful baby boy :) his name will be Baylor Olson. We need help choosing a nickname that "flows" together :) any ideas?
148588 tn?1465778809 Let's face it. Pretend military service is the best any candidate of either party has to offer. Personally, I'd like to see *any* type of national service - military, americorps, peace corps - be a prerequisite to being Commander in Chief. " ..... Mr.
Avatar n tn She has seen 3 different GI doctors and specialists and had CT scans,colonoscopy,barium swallows,gastronoscopy with all of these doctors.Her recent visit at the Baylor College in Houston was a test she had to test the outside of intestines it came back normal just like all of her other tests.All of her bloodwork is normal too.She had a colonoscopy with a clinic back in June said in the bloodwork that her CRP level was elevated and said it is an infection but didn't know what kind or where.
Avatar m tn Farbod Nasseri at the Department of Radiology, Baylor College of Medicine, One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030 (F.N.); and the Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Division of Diagnostic Imaging, University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Tex. Address correspondence to F.N. (e-mail: ***@**** ).
Avatar f tn Quels sont les bienfaits de la vitamine..
Avatar n tn Check with your local dental society in regards to any services that may be available to your son in regards to his missing teeth. They may be able to refer you to further resources that are either public or private. The usual process I would imagine is to maintain the teeth that he has to continue to have a cosmetic smile and something functional.
Avatar m tn I was sick for 5 months before being diagnosed. As a Marine Corps grunt it was no easy task to just keep going. But I did it. Everyday I carried a 80-100lb. combat load. I dragged myself to post. Beat my head against walls to stay awake on post. Went days without food. Still I did it without insulin or even the knowledge that I needed it. Now the Corps wants to discard me like I'm useless to them now. I am not and I will move heaven and earth to prove it.