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Avatar n tn I believe I might have encountered a rabid animal recently. A bat was in my bathroom and flew into a cabinet after I opened the shower. I do not think it bit me, but I can’t tell if it struck me or not. I didn’t have any visible wounds or reddened areas. However, I do not know long it was in the shower, and I fear it either might be injured me in a non-visible way or gotten saliva on items inside which could have contaminated open sores.
Avatar f tn I set two alarms on my phone one in the morning and one at night so if i miss one ill remember by the other
Avatar m tn one day i was laying down and i got up to use the bathroom then i felt this weird feeling on my bottom lip and wen i looked into the mirror my lip was swelled up a little bit and its red and it look like it have littlebumps i was perfectly fine before it happen i'm starting to get scared cuz i hope its not herpes/cold sore but before it happened i remember i took a cup from the cabinet and i didn't wash it properly n i drank out of it sigh.
Avatar f tn ve always stored my thyroid med in the bathroom medicine cabinet and have never had any problems. Make sure the bottle is closed tightly all the time. If you feel more comfortable, store it in another location, out the reach of children.
Avatar n tn While helping my husband carry in a TV cabinet, the cabinet was pressing on my throat and I felt like I was choking. We put the cabinet down and changed how we were carrying it (heavy). Once we got it into the house, I had to put it down immediately, as I felt suddenly "out of sorts", etc. I felt nauseous, weak, lightheaded, and my husband said I was as pale as a ghost. I got up off the couch and went and sat on the bathroom floor since I was nauseated.
Avatar f tn I get up in the morning and walk into the bathroom, cutting on light. Looking in the mirror, I notice my pupils are enlarged, and rather slow to shrink down in size upon exposure to the light. Is this a side effct of the medicine.
Avatar m tn We stopped talking after awhile and until recently she invited to her place with some friends, while using her bathroom I saw she had a priscription bottle for famciclovir in her medicine cabinet. I looked it up on my phone and saw that this is medication for genital herpes. I am now freaking out because i performed oral and had unprotected sex. I'm also scared of HIV since she lied when I asked her if she had anything. I have felt some periodic burning in my groin and the tip of my penis.
Avatar m tn I scratched my gum until it was bleeding in a bathroom.Then I went to see at a mirror in my bathrrom and saw blood in mouth and strain of blood in my chin. At this point I saw multiple drops of blood around sink and knob.(It should be my own blood) BUT what if it is not my own blood ?If it is someone else's blood and I touched it first and scratched my gum unti it bled considerable amouth of blood after that? I have read from some souce that HIV can't be in environmental suface.
Avatar f tn Cabinet locks. Baby gates. No wires or small objects on the floor. When they get older and start pulling themselves up on things you want to make sure you secure any tall furniture so it won't fall. Corner bumpers for the table.
Avatar f tn Lol. Ok thanks its been sitting n the cabinet calling my name, but I wasn't sure if I could take it.
Avatar f tn Why do my toothbrush bristles keep turning orange. I store it in the medicine cabinet every night. Every morning I see the same orange residue on my toothbrush. What is happening?
1420263 tn?1282352796 after the final medication, the morning after, i used the bathroom and it burned a little, but that was the last of the burning. i was able to finally use the bathroom again without any burning, and there was no clumpy, smelly discharge. i'm also supposed to be ovulating soon, so i do see discharge that looks very normal and very healthy. but, here's the issue. i've gone to the bathroom three times today - first two times were perfectly okay. third time, it burned.
Avatar f tn The ticking clock noise goes with the rhythm of my heart beat. But when I stand straight up it stops. When I lean over my bathroom sink to get closer to my mirror while I am doing my makeup this ticking noise occurs. I have notice it happens when I lean forward. I have no mechanical heart or valve, none of that. I have mitro value prolapse, he said that it is a common thing and not to worry about it, could this be a sign of that worsening?
1171817 tn?1281632180 Awwwweeee !! Thanks I love reading your post too. God is really at work thu the wonderful peole here at MH. I praise Him for that. Great question about the medicine cabinet!! It's probably the pharmacuetacal companies. Notice how every drug that is addictive costs so much? Their mark up on dope is about 1500% or more! Stuff that is not addicting is reduced greatly.
Avatar m tn I also had a flare up of pain in my back, I went to the medicine cabinet for the first time in a very long time and got some Tylenol. It actually took the pain away. I knew I had this thing whipped then. God Bless and keep up the good work(s).
Avatar n tn Side effects....overdose?
715068 tn?1392933532 I'm sure this question has been asked & I can search for the answer somewhere but I'm too frazzled/excited. After reading Adgals post today (CONGRATS!!!!!), I decided to go ahead & test. I have 2 $store tests in my bathroom. I tested, looked at it & it appeared -. I put it up in my medicine cabinet & layed back down. I have been really tired & in pain from some dental work I had done yesterday.
19101370 tn?1472313558 He also will not clean his room no matter how much I try I eventually get too frustrated and end up doing it myself and by clean room I mean just pick up his toys anyway today I was extremely disturbed to hear my son whispering in the bathroom and opened the door to find him in the cabinet pooping he immediately jumped out blaming his sister. By the way there was like 5 or 6 piles of poop so this was not the first time. I didn't get on to him because I was more concerned.
Avatar f tn Long story short, I thought that I had gotten HIV from enviromental surfaces (blood in public bathroom) years ago and I thought I was having symptoms of advanced HIV. I went and got tested in an HIV counselling cabinet (or whatever it's called). The test came back negative.
Avatar n tn I walked to my medicine cabinet and took two Advil PM hoping it would at least help me sleep. When I was walking back I felt as if I were going to vomit so I rushed to the bathroom only to find that I wasn't going to vomit. I went back to bed, and finally fell asleep after about an hour because the pain was so bad. Now today I've had terrible migranes, back pains, shaky uncontrollable hands, numbness in my legs, the occasional dizzy spell, and nausea.
Avatar f tn Ever look at yourself in the mirror and think who is this person staring back at me?? What do you see?? First I see a brown haired brown eyed 42 year old that still can hold her own.....I'm sexy and I know it.......but I didn't always feel sexy. I used to feel dirty. I felt like a monster at times. I felt like killing myself at times. I felt like crawling in a hole at times........BUT today I feel sexy....and I know it. I know how hard it is to put down pills.
Avatar n tn Over the last 4 years, he has had periods of time when goes to the bathroom without incident, but at other times he holds in his poopy, avoids going to the potty and smears his poopy on the bathroom walls/mirror. At one point he was taking Miralax because he was constipated from the withholding. He is no longer on the medicine and doesn't seem constipated. He was pottying just fine for a good while but recently started holding it in again and smeared his poopy in the bathroom.