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Avatar n tn Treatment for this eye condition has been ongoing for months. Drops a little helpful but no definate name has been given for this problem. The best to be hoped for is to have the lower lashes removed by laser.
Avatar m tn what is latisse used for? has any one heard of it? i know its for eyes but what does it do?
1148619 tn?1332010984 Although my hair started breaking off a few months ago, no longer have to shave legs but once a week and no hair under arms anymore, my eyelashes have grown longer and they are curling, some of the lashes curling in which is becoming very irritating I am feeling all day like there are things in my eyes and they brush on my glasses. I am finding the SE rather funny, all the years I have been trying to make my lashes longer with makeup and its TX that has done this for me!!
Avatar n tn How old is your baby? Newborns tend to have clogged tear drainage ducts which can cause a discharge which resembles pus. Try holding a warm wet washcloth over your baby's eyes for a few minutes, then gently wipe the lids and lashes with the cloth. This can help. If s/he seems to be bothered by them, itches at them, or if they are red you might want to visit an eye doctor to see if s/he has an infection.
Avatar n tn hi - i've had dry eyes for one year, the initial symptoms were just dry eyes, this increased to mucins, then itching, redness, tearing. i've been to so many consultant opthalmologists. i'm now 29, female, nothing is helping. my current diagnosis is ocular allergies or rosacea. i have no skin symptoms, but have noticed a red nose. anyway, all of the doctors say there are no signs of blepharitis. I am on a tetracycline antibiotic for acne - for several years.
Avatar n tn This is what I have found. If any type of oil gets on the lashes it will cause mine to fall out. Also, if you use any eye cream at night, it will bleed up to the lashline and cause the lashes to fall out. I have had this problem on and off for several years and each time I find it is usually caused from an allergy or oil. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I have had this problem too,i used pure honey on my eyelashes ,you can used a very little amount of honey on your finger and appy it on your lower lashes and upper lashes,usually tears comes out from your eyes but when you are use to it then its ok. honeny drops in your eyes its ok its good for you,But be Sure HONEY should be PURE,if its not pure then don't apply on your eyes.for thirod gland i have heard countinues use of coconut water is the cure of thirod gland.
212161 tn?1599427282 i have a 17 week shih tzu her eyes run all the time, my last shih tzu his eyes did not run, what causes it and how do i stop it any ideals , thank you .
645800 tn?1466860955 With all of my health problems it is really nice to find something to be glad about. When I last saw my opthomoolgis a few days ago she told me my eye pressure was very high. Not quite to the point of being Glaucoma, bet getting close. She decided to put me on some eye drops to control the pressure anyway to head off future problems with my eyes. She also told me that the medication can change the color of your eyes. I thought to myself "Yeah right".
Avatar n tn If there's nothing medically wrong (and you should find out first), you could try one of the eyelash growers. They may also help curl your lashes. Note: These may be made with prostaglandin, or they may be made with a prostaglandin "analogue", or no prostaglandin. I looked up "prostaglandin analogue" and got a list with about a million chemicals.
Avatar n tn I love a woman with a "full bush" if you will. Never could really get into the whole shaved bald thing...dunno why, I just like hairy better.
Avatar n tn Then it can be conjunctivitis (bacterial, viral or fungal) It can also be due to Allergies, including seasonal allergies or hay fever or due to Chemical irritants (such as chlorine in a swimming pool or makeup) You should a apply cool compresses to soothe itching, apply warm soaks to soften crusts on the eyelids and lashes, then gently wipe the eyes with a soft gauze pad. Taking antihistamine eye drops and refrigerated artificial tears also help.
Avatar n tn It has come back again. I was told to close eyes, wash the top and bottom lashes to the lid connection with baby shampoo and use a Q-tip and warm water and wipe the inner lid edge from the bottom of lashes to where it touches the eye ball. The lashes get washed to clean the follicle at the skin & the inner lid that gets oil on it naturally you wipe clean with the warm water to keep it from building up. I wash told to wash the lash area 4 times a day.
Avatar m tn Years ago a friend moved out of my city and I took over care of his two red tick hound puppies. Remember they were only couple or three months old. The male very soon developed eye problems and it turned out he had a condition (don't remember the medical term) where his eyelid did not develop correctly, and for lack of better words, was turned "inside out" and the lashes were irritating his eyes. A simple surgical procedure and he was fine.
Avatar f tn The bottom lid however has one long black lash hanging on for dear life. Again thank you for the advise.
Avatar m tn I have been having this issue with my eyes since January. First my eyes got swollen and I have been having discharge coming out of my eyes. It happens all day every single day. I have been to my doctor who sent me to an eye specialist. I get the same answer bacterial conjunctivitis. I even went and got an std check because online it said an std could be causing it. Everything came back fine(which is a good thing by the way) Inside my bottom eye lid would be a string of white mucus.
Avatar f tn Not sure what you mean by a giving a kid 'few lashes,' but yeah, eyes are not to monkey around with. I'd take the kid to a doc.
488264 tn?1226520307 Since using the drops there is this superglue like residue on my eyelashes, which is uncomfortable and makes my eyes stick when I blink. I try to ease it off, and my eyelashes have become now so brittle they just come away with it. So I now have hardly any eyelashes left! Today there was less of this guk on my eyes, but then there is less of it to cling to, as I have so few lashes. Two more weeks or this to go. I fear within a few days I will lose the rest of my lashes at this rate.
Avatar m tn Posting here again, out of curiosity/ making sure it's okay. I've got two questions.
Avatar n tn Try stopping current contact lens if you have them, try an oral antihistamine like Zyrtec, Claritin, or Clarinex, try an allergy drop like Patenol, Pataday, or Elestat, find out if you have allergies by seeing an allergist, then control any allergens that you are exposed to, see an ophthalmologist to be evaluated for possible oculare allergies, and also to be checked out for dry eyes. Good Luck.
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