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Avatar n tn Would not a blood bank use the best methods around; and is not the anti-body test that a blood bank perform be just as good as one I would get on my own if not better?
Avatar m tn I think most likely the test from the Blood bank would show HBcAb positive. If your HBsAg is still negative, it would just mean that you had a previous HBV infection and had recovered. Best to wait for the letter from the Blood bank.
Avatar f tn We banked the cord blood for my first child about 5 years ago. It was an expensive process, about $2500 to bank it, but the company we used was very helpful. They let us make monthly payments after the baby was born to cover the expense. Now that the initial storage fees are covered, it only costs $120 a year for the service.
Avatar f tn SMH...
539750 tn?1226521677 I went to Starbucks Saturday on the way to get my nephew a b-day gift and to go to his b-day party. My card declined, and my bank is a block away so I went to the ATM to see what was up, and it said not authorized. So I went inside and the woman asked me if used my card at a Lowes for over $2100 in a town over 200 miles no! Plus additional charges I found out about later. So my entire savings, checking is gone and they assessed $900 in overdraft fees. I am so upset.
1482495 tn?1289757410 Actually the reason of my stress is I gave a blood donation at blood bank after two years of my exposure 1 week later i received a mysterious call from the blood bank unfortunately i couldnt figure it out why they called me because my mobile batteries went dead. I was afraid to to know my status at that time that is why i didnt call them Today i call the blood bank truing to figure ot out what was in the report , They assured me tommorow they will look into their data to know my result.
Avatar f tn Thank you ladies very much! We did take it to the bank it was written on and they handed us 3 grand it was such a relief to put that money in our savings account we find out what we're having next Wednesday so my husband said he'll give me a nice chunk to go shopping with after we find out the sex of the baby i tried to tell him there were plenty of stuff i could get now that's not clothes but he won't budge:( I'm just too anxious to shop lol!
Avatar f tn I was very interested in it and still haven't decided yet. It is expensive but that's not really a problem for us at the moment. My doc said that 50% of obgyns do it for their children. Not sure where that leaves me but I thought it was an interesting statistic. Honestly, I probably won't do it, mostly bc I haven't decided yet and km already 36 weeks. I wouldn't want to pay all of that money to order the kit then go into labor before it arrives.
Avatar n tn PJ - I don't know the individual test, but I suspect you're misinterpreting it. It's not that you scored .06. It's that the test has a sensitivity down to .06. All tests only have a certain sensitivity and under that they can't detect anything. That statement is about the sensitivity of the text. But you can still take the finding to the bank. You are undetectable for HCV.
Avatar f tn After all of this I decide to go to a Dr specializing in LIver Disease. He orders over 30 blood test and when I call to get the results his nurse tells me IGM is still positive but dr thinks everything is ok.
606638 tn?1299565361 does the blood bank call you if you have an STD , or do they keep it a secret?
Avatar f tn I am 25 weeks pregnant and my husband wants us to buy a house which sounds awesome but he works seven days a week so that leaves me with all the responsibility while taking care of my other two kids. Is that taking to much on or should i be grateful?
Avatar m tn That doctor is an idiot.
1640442 tn?1302449164 42 with two bands igm p41 present,igm p23 presentlyme igm wb positive- next va heath care miscellaneouse test done at legacy vista blood bank test came back lyme igm was 1.24 on 11-30-10 . Another test done at specialty lab inc. done on 01-26-11 frozen serum postive on igm neg on igg . on 2-24-11 pcr with blood at legacy vista blood bank came back neg.
518031 tn?1295575374 i am sure where u all saw where this bank collasped last night .there stock price went from close to 40 dllaors a share to ZERO last night... they had arun on the bank and ppl withdrew over 16 billion dollars in cash out... that is what caused the collapse.. they were worried about their money which they should have.. when the stock tanked they got there cash.. well what really pisses me off was the CEO of the bank just took over 17 days ago..
Avatar f tn My brother, who is an alcoholic, went to give plasma the other day. He has given plasma before, recently. They told him he cannot give anymore because he came up "false positive" for Hepatitus C!! He has never had a blood transfusion, he has never injected hisself with drugs. He is not married but he does not have casual sex. Is this something to worry about now? He will be seeing a doctor for "real" lab work Monday morning.
Avatar f tn Tell him to call and talk to his bank. My mothers debit card and credit card was stolen and the bank and the credit card company returned her money. It's worth a shot. Hit some yard sales or thrift stores to find some more couches. Most of the time good furniture can be found for very low prices. Remember, think positive. At least you have your boyfriend and your baby to comfort you. :) hope you get to feeling better.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the forum. Yes you can get Hepatitis C from your birth mother. But it's only a 5 percent possibility. You say you had a test 2 years ago and you were told you didn't have any signs of Hepatitis C. Sounds like many years ago you were told by a blood bank you tested positive for Hepatitis C. What you need to know is if you have a viral load. If you don't have a viral load... then you don't have Hepatitis C and only test positive for Hepatitis C antibodies.
Avatar n tn You don't use the blood bank for HIV testing. Yes you have to test.
Avatar f tn I just got my results for 9.5 weeks, and they came back negative. So that was a 5.5 week negative, and a 9.5 week negative. I'm actually ready to take that to the bank considering everyone is telling me that my one time encounter was low risk. I still will do a 12 week conclusive, but I think I am finally realizing that me being so sick still is probably not from HIV.
Avatar f tn t been sexually active for about a year my results are pretty accurate. What is going on here? Which test is most accurate? The blood bank said their tests are sometimes overly sensitive & can produce false positives.
Avatar f tn t help you get the money back in your account I would threaten to close out the bank accountand bank with someone else because in the end the bank will want your money so they will help you. Make threats most of the time it works you gotta play them because every business wants to make the consumer happy.
Avatar m tn com/news-releases/news-release-details/arrowhead-pharmaceuticals-presents-arc-520-clinical-data 2) other side on March 14, 2018 ---Spring Bank Announces an impressive results on thier Combined Inarigivir 25 mg and 50 mg 12 and 24 Week clicnical trails.
Avatar n tn They used a 3rd generation antibody test and the Procleix Hiv 1 NAT test. Are these negative results conclusive after 101 days. I know the window is three and some say six months, but wouldn't one have a positive nat test after three months even if they had not produced antibodies?