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Avatar n tn Can the MRSA infection be a slowly but persistant infection or is it always an aggresive infection, how long could it cause problems but go undetected as MRSA and be put down to other ailments. can someone suffer for months wuth this recieving no treatment or would things have got much worse by now.
Avatar n tn With all my allergies to antibiotics, would they be able to treat me? I have bactroban and a slightly stronger cortisone cream...can I mix them and put them on it? SOrry for the crazy questions, but it's hard not to get a little freaked when I see that people are dying from this... Thanks for your thoughts.
Avatar f tn They took a culture (last Wed) and tried to drain it a bit (very painful). The doc then prescribed her Septra (oral med. know to treat MRSA - sulfer based, also used for UTI's) and bactroban (topical cream). Her feeling was to treat it as if it were MRSA, just in case. She also told me to give her a clorox soak. She said clorox (mixed with water , about a sinkful to one capful of clorox)will help bring the pus out.
Avatar f tn I am going back to my dermatologist, but I am going to be taking the next step to see an infectious disease doctor to see what progress I have made, to find out where I stand at this point and most importantly what the future holds for me and my skin. Please let me know if you also have MRSA and can relate to my story.
Avatar m tn I presented with only one sore at my cheekbone and was given clindamycin orally for 14 days and Bactroban ointment for topical use. The sore was believed to be an early indication of MRSA. I quickly developed cellulitis and swelling near, but not touching, the apparent abscess, as well as blisters in my nose. I used the mupiricin.(Bactroban) to keep the nasal blisters moist. Now diagnosed with post-herpetic neuralgia, but I still have blisters in my nose treating with Bactroban.
Avatar m tn I'm not sure I would treat this on your own. But if you are going to try I would use a triple antibiotic it is more broad spectrum than Bactroban. If you do use a steroid, do not cover it (it will cause severe skin problems) however covering antibiotics is not harmful. It is good to look to the reason for the repeated staph infections. Staph aureus is the main cause of boils.
216703 tn?1277682777 To get rid of staph colonization, it can help to treat ALL family members with mupirocin (Bactroban) nasal gel twice a day for at least 5 days. I would not share towels, pillows, etc., until you complete your course of treatment. I would also wash hands frequently and try not to touch your face or nose other then for washing, treatment, or blowing. Staph/MRSA can get into tiny cuts from shaving or scatching and cause further skin infections pretty easily.
Avatar f tn If you do have MRSA you may want to ask about those antibiotics and the article ( rifampicin or lineĀ­zolid) But they do have side effects you may need to look into. 5. Alternative healing. Mostly, they use leaches to treat MRSA in diabetic patients. Are you diabetic? This is not a joke. Also honey is a natural antibiotic. See link below the other link. http://www.medscape.
441951 tn?1275766588 I thought all doctors knew how to treat MRSA. I'm not a doctor but maybe I can tell you a few things that will help you.... Ask to see a copy of the culture your doctor did (a copy you can read yourself). He must have done one since he knows it's MRSA, otherwise he wouldn't know that. The results will have two parts. The first part will say what the bug is. The second part will tell you what antibiotics the bug is sensitive to.
Avatar m tn So to be clear you have had your nose tested for the bacteria to check for Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA (resistant Staph)? Have they said you have MRSA as opposed to regular not resistant staph? It sounds like a resistant staph to me. Staph aureus cause boils, furuncles, and folliculitis and other problems. Do you see any scabs or sores on your skin that have a hair growing out of them? So I wonder if you have folliculitis, which is infection of the hair follicle?
Avatar f tn Hi Secret, First I think somebody needs to know how to shave, if you shave upwards then this is what you get, by doing this the tips of the hairs get court under the skin and away you go to sores,now next time you shave you only shave downwards, the same way your hairs grow.
Avatar n tn Some organisms cause a pretty consistent set of symptoms and appearances that your primary care physician will be able to recognize but which you may not. This may give him/her a better idea about which antibiotic to use to treat your infection. Thus, it is important that you see your physician face-to-face; don't ask him/her for antibiotics over the phone or by email.
Avatar m tn I took care of a relative (hospice care) and when she was discharged to my home the nursing home failed to tell me that she had mrsa. Now bear with me here, I have 3 cats and cats exposed to mrsa can become carriers (the mrsa resides in their nasal passages). About a month ago I had the flu really bad, my kitty sleeps with me and I suffer from auto-immune issues. I just got prescribed murpiricin today. Hopefully this will clear it up.
Avatar n tn she was shocked to find out that in just 2 lousy days it went from nothing to life threatening. Well the abscess is a staph infection turned out to be the MRSA form of staph. They did emergency surgery and when the surgeon discovered how deep it was (because it took over the entire lip) Its OPEN and packed with gauze if you end up with this ITS NO JOKE and its EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL ....
Avatar n tn It really hurt bad two days ago and felt like my nose was broken, sun burned and overall painful to touch. MRSA worries me, it has to be something that is spreading like a virus. Mine is more sore on the tip.
Avatar n tn Many doctors do not realize it but still recommend the sailing water to treat the dry nasal. It is not always to relieve the dry nasal but may cause the nose bleeding worse.
Avatar n tn I have tried antibiotics, cortisone shots, and various other drugs to help with this disorder. The doctors have taken swabs to see if is an MRSA but to no avail. My first outbreak frightened me, I thought perhaps it was a form of skin cancer. I had surgery done on the first lesion on my chin, but since that time I have just had to sit it out and wait. I have become very creative in trying out different cosmetics to camoflage the areas and or use prothetic tape...etc. to hide the ulcers.
Avatar n tn Bleach baths/soaks will irradicate Staph bacteria which is a major culprit. (This is the same bleach solution for MRSA prevention if you want to google it) Commit to the diet change alone will give you results! This is an ongoing battle that requires lifestyle changes ladies. TAKE CONTROL! AND GOOD LUCK!!
Avatar n tn I know our first thought is to just pop it - but we are just putting ourselves in unnecessary pain. I basically treat it like a pimple. Hot water to bring it to a head and then once it pops alcohol or my mary kay toner on a cotton ball.
431531 tn?1254101806 It's most likely a staph infection and can be MRSA. MRSA is nothing to play around with, especially in the nose region. It could spread to the brain, (there is not much protection in that region, just a thin layer of membrane seperating your nose from your brain) then it's really not good. The best thing to do is to go see a Dr. and get on a strong antibiotic. Bactrum is what is currently being prescribed to fight MRSA. You want to make sure that you get on the antibiotic ASAP.
288415 tn?1231634102 My room mate and I quit smoking. we starting getting the same symptoms and blamed on physical change due to quitting smoking. we are now both losing sleep.
Avatar n tn He has no fever but he does say it itches him and when it pops he says it burns its only on the legs never have seen them anyway else on his body and they are smell to nickel size clear blisters and clear liquid they tired Bactroban and mupirocin they told me to put it in the nose for 5 days two times and on his legs did that and they,re still coming.
Avatar n tn So a friend of mine had the same thing a couple months ago. She was really worried and went to the doctor. Its called HPV-Human papaloma virus. Her doctor said that about 70% of people in Maine have it, 90 in CAlifornia. I'm not saying this is what it is, but i do recomend going to the doctor about it.
Avatar f tn I do not know if stomach ulcers can cause this but I have noticed both flaring up simultaneously. I would like to find out what type acne this is and how to prevent/treat it. Could you please keep me updated on your progress. Thanks and I hope you are doing better.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your response! I decided to visit the Dr. yesterday to have her check it out, and she said it was a Sebaceous Cyst that had ruptured under the skin. It sounds a lot worse than it really is, when it ruptures it just speads out and flattens so that it's not a huge bulging bump like it was before it ruptured. It can be caused by an ingrown hair, a clogged gland, or bacteria that gets into the skin after shaving with a razor.
Avatar n tn These welts tend to start suddenly and resolve quickly. You can take antihistamines Cetrizine to treat this condition. Also application of calamine lotion can soothe the affected areas and relieve the itching. Avoid hot showers which can irritate the skin, instead cold compresses applied to the bumps will help. ref:http://www.myonlinewellness.