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Avatar n tn Hi, Diaper rash is a term that covers a broad variety of skin conditions that occur on the same area of the body. Friction of skin against itself can cause a rash in the baby's skin folds, called intertrigo. This rash appears as reddened areas that may ooze and is often uncomfortable when the diaper is wet. Intertrigo can also be found on other areas of the body where there are deep skin folds that tend to trap moisture.Keep area well aerated and dry and apply zinc-oxide based cream.
Avatar f tn It looks like tiny red bumps all over, with patches of raised red area, I've tried perscription anti-itch cream, baby power, diaper rash cream, and bactroban cream, nothing seems to help??
Avatar n tn I also put on some prescription steroid cream my daughter was given for diaper rash but it didn't seem to phase it. I'm looking for help now because when I looked at it tonight I could see it possibly starting to spread with red spots starting that are completly separate from the main rash. I'm going to try some Hydrocortisone OTC but I'm not expecting much since the prescription stuff didn't work. Any suggestions??? Your help would be much appreciated.
202436 tn?1326477933 A couple weeks ago she had a GI virus-bad diarrhea/diaper rash, but that's pretty much gone I think. I forgot to check them when I got her dressed so I'll have to look at them when I change her diaper.
Avatar f tn I'd also stop using bactroban too and just use something simple like a diaper rash cream, zinc oxide or aquaphor ointment. you will need to follow up on this with providers to get a better idea of what is going on. unless you get some herpes test results you need help with, really nothing further I can help you with at this point.
Avatar n tn After dealing with this stuff for two years and trying everything I heard of, researching online for hours at a time, I finally found something that clears them up for good! A&D diaper rash ointment. I know that may sound nuts, but it's the only thing that worked for good for me! Antibiotics never worked for me, just made me sick in different ways, AND had sores in my nose. It's not as crazy as sticking bleach up there, which I also tried! Hope this helps someone.
Avatar n tn I discovered that Desitin baby cream used to protect the skin from diaper rash actually works well. Apply with a Qtip several times a day and wait. It will dry up and the cracks at the tip of your nostril will start to heal and the burning pain will subside in just a day or less. I think that it works because it protects the nose from the burning discharge and the zinc aides the healing process. Works for me and words can't describe how grateful I am that I found it.
Avatar n tn I am 14 years old, I have had this crust on my lips and around my mouth for 5 days now but not only do I have the yellow crust, I have these red pimple-look-a-like's covering my face in some sort of rash, on the 3rd day my eyes became blood shot and sore, on the 4th day the rash came down onto my neck and now today I have gotton a runny nose. On the 3rd day a doctor came to my house and gave me cream and tablets unfortunatly I don't know what they're called.
Avatar n tn hi, i have a smelly stinky belly button plus a rash on top of it, since i had a tubal ligation done the end of october this year. i was told to keep it clean, dry it with a hair dryer and put some ointment on the rash. i never had problems before until after the surgery. either the cut in the belly opened up again after scratching it or it didn't heal well, i am a big girl and that doesn't help matters either. i am sure it will heal one day all the way, but YES it is not very pleasant.
Avatar n tn i have been going to the dodtor for two years with this now but he keeps on tellin me i do not have scabis and gives me creams and lotions but t never seems to go away. i get red rash arund the eyes . he told me t will go away do not worry but it comes back every month . i have blisters on my chest he did nothing i have itchy neck he says its also nothing my neck has spots on but look lke blisters .
Avatar f tn You need antibiotic like clyndamycin erythromycin neospoirn or Bactroban to keep it uninfected so it will heal. And putting make up on it is an unfortunate no-no. So for me,now I think I have face eczema that gets a staph infection. And then I wind up with a stubborn lesion with plugs. Always in the same place my lower jaw right or left of my chin. But one of the earlier posters was correct. It's the "inflamed" sebaceous glands.
288415 tn?1231634102 It was like I was allergic to my own ear wax. Then I went to a different doctor because I had a bad rash on my chest that also itched and wouldn't do away. I told her about my ears. She suggested using the cortizone treatment in the ears too. It did offer temporary relief. Now I can't hear properly out of one side... funny thing though... that ear no longer itches... but it does ring constantly and I feel like I'm under water. The other ear is still driving me nuts from itching.
Avatar n tn I'm sooo glad I'm not alone..I too have seen several doctors and had blood work done...but nobody knows what it is. My blood work shows signs of herpes 1, which everyone has from cold sores etc...I just went to the doctor again last week to discuss my blood work and to discuss the discomfort I have after sex. He said to show up immediately to the office when I notice the lesions so he can get a sample of it and run tests...but it's diffinitely hard because of my work schedule.
Avatar n tn had only had 2 boyfriends in my life and 2 years ago got a very weird itchy rash down below.........doctors had no clue what it was.........possible diagnosis were extreme dry skin, excema, psoroasis and because of my sexual history of only 2 monogamous partners they though "no way it could be an std" well thank god one of my nurse practitioners said a rash should not last almost 2 years, itching on and off...........
Avatar n tn / I went to the doctor about a dry rash that cracked my skin recently and got told it was dermititis, i was given an aqeuous cream to use, 5 tubes in a week, intensively, it helped and i've still got some tubes, does anyone think using this might help?
Avatar n tn In addition to the compresses, she recommened cleansing with an antibacterial soap and prescribed Bactroban. It is a cream I put in each nostril for five days once a month. I will be very interested to see if this provides any relief. Neosporin with pain relief helps quite a bit. I too had endometriosis prior to my hysterectomy and ovarian cysts, but I have no idea if there is a correlation.