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Avatar n tn I'm in extreme discomfort at this stage. Went to a walk in clinic on day 2 of this and was persrcibed bactroban cream. This has decreased the discomfort on the foreskin..but urinatiom remains very painful. Also have been concerned about urethra opening. A few day into by current outbreak, the urethra openning healed together/over. Wasn't aware till I went to urinate and nothing came out. After a few seconds, the build up of pressure forced it's way out, but of course the area bleed a bit.
Avatar m tn As i know that Herpes virus would be dormant for a while may be even for an year, so I again went for IgG bloodtests this week for HSVI and HSVII and the results came out negative today but i still suspect whether the blood tests are accurate or not. Coming to my questions. I should have the antibodies developed in my blood for HSVI and HSVII, if i have the Herpes in my body as its been long time since i had unprotective oral sex? Is my understanding correct?
Avatar n tn He used hydrogen peroxide to wipe away the yellowish,white, film that was on the top,( actually made it bleed, and now it's even more sore) then applied bacitracin and a bandaid. I don't have a temp ( it was 99.9 orally), no chills, not achey, and it hasn't spread. No line of reddness, and the area on reddness it pretty much confined to the perimeter of the cut, not much more. Does this sound like it's a concern? DO you think it's on it's way to becoming cellulitis again?
Avatar f tn On the hangnail, you might try an antibiotic ointment like Bacitracin or Bactroban and then cover it with a bandaid. It might help to soak it in salt water once or twice a day, dry it, put Bacitracin on it, and cover it in between. Same thing for the splits and cracks (fissures) on your fingers, if that's logistically possible. If not, you might try putting the ointment on and then putting clean cotton gloves on, especially at bed time, to keep the ointment on the fingers.
Avatar f tn Said to use Bacitracin for 1 year. 2nd said I am very dry, nose very dry and use saline spray and gel and get allergy testing. Allergic to molds, grass, trees and doing allergy shots for 4 months.. Getting worse - cold weather?? All this happened since a year ago. 3rd said he thinks I have Wegener's Granulomatosis and removed a scab to look at the skin and sent me for blood work and said I will need a biopsy.
Avatar f tn (I am allergic to all antibiotics but 2 and most other drugs-happens over time) 2nd ENT said Bacitracin irritates and easy to get allergic to it. Already allergic to Neosporin. She said my nose is extremely dry, thus the scabs/crusting and rawness. Even feels sore down the back of my nose into the throat area now. Said to use saline spray and lots of saline gel and drink a lot of water as I am dry all over.
Avatar f tn I get boils "down there" and use prescribed Bactroban Cream on them after applying a warm compress. They never get red (I catch them early) and usually go away one to two weeks of medicating. I currently have a boil that this med is not helping. I usually get the boils in the same places once or twice a year, but this is a new one and it's in a very inconvenient spot. My question/concern is...
Avatar m tn ive tried bactroban and bacitracin..i once had a redness on the side of the shaft and I asked the doctor to please give me some sort of test and he finally agreed and offered a viral culture on which he rubbed on the red part and it came bak negative...i dont kno what to do anymore i mean all the doctors say is that its not herpes but can only diagnose it as friction...i dont wanna b mislead and find out by infecting someone...what do u think?
Avatar n tn -Scaly rough patches on the skin due to over growth of bacteria and fungal infections. -Itchy and swollen red bumps or patches all over the body. You could try anti-histamines because if it is an allergic rash it will subside. You can apply Calamine lotion on it. Your husband can try anti-itch lotions on the rash. If it remains unresponsive then it might require antifungal creams/ointments applied on the affected areas for 7-10 days. ref: http://www.allergyasthmazone.
Avatar f tn This is 15 years later and now its back, I have chapped skin under my nose and all around my mouth and lips and also under my eye, it almost looks like I have a black eye because of the redness and swelling. It is now on my hands and fingers. My symptoms are, itchiness, chapping, red and inflamed, cracked.
Avatar n tn I approached to a doctor he prescribe me some antibiodic caps and Bactroban (Cream) , Thank God, Now i cured. but still my new skin is very thin and sensitive. Please advice me which soap i have to used and what precaution to be taken after intercourse (should be rinse with any antibacterial liquid). Also, please suggests me any cream to thicken my skin its very thin i am afraid during intercouse it may rub and damage. I'd appreciate you....please advice me.
Avatar n tn oral antibiotics or topical ones like Bactroban (mupirocin. Non-Rx creams like bacitracin or neosporin are less effective. Herpes goes away by itself, though it may return in the same place (as cold sores of the lip do.) Doctors can't diagnose it with certainty after it goes away, however. I therefore recommend that you see a doctor right away, so you can treat what needs to be treated, or at least find out what it is and know whether it will ever return or not.
Avatar n tn I've read other posts where you've suggested hibiclens and bacitracin to kill the bacteria since its OTC - would you suggest it here as well? What about PhisHex and Bactroban - are they OTC?
Avatar n tn I am listing the follow creams that have been given to me and none so far have cleared it up. Betamethasone, Mupirocin or Bactroban, Naftin, Fluocinonide, Cloderm. Any idea what I might suggest to the doctor for him to test for? I have not been sexually active for sometime before this showed up and have not been since it showed up except once and that is when I noticed how sensative it had become.
Avatar n tn Picking or other pimples would be means of other openings and movement of the bacteria from one area to the next. Good face and hand and nail washing evey day will help keep staph bacteria levels low. Staph tends to colonize in the nose, you can get a nasal swab test at Dr.s office to see if you are "colonized" with staph. But most people have it on them in normal amounts as it is a fact of life that that bacteria lives as we do.
Avatar f tn Five days later cultured again and it came back negative. Said I should use Bacitracin for a year as Bactroban burned and dismissed me.(I am allergic to all antibiotics but two and most other drugs-happens over time) 2nd ENT said Bacitracin irritates and easy to get allergic to it. Already allergic to Neosporin. She said my nose is extremely dry causing the scabs, crusting and rawness. Even feels sore down the back of my nose into the throat area now.
Avatar n tn bacitracin, Bactroban, Vaseline, or Collagenase. There is not evidence that one treatment is better than another, but what most agree that keeping the tissue moist with one of these topical medications is the key. One should keep one’s beard shaved, and use an antimicrobial soap like Dial or a mild soap like Ivory. Sometime the outer layer of the eyes (cornea) can get scratched or a condition known as a corneal abrasion.
314554 tn?1337457719 GP easily removed lesions and prescribed Bactroban and 2 oral antibiotics. 1 was Flucloxacillin.Lesions on face/neck healed rapidly. Used Baycuten-Nos scars w/topical heparin (MPS)/Retin-A on face/neck.8 wks lapse & still 2 quarter size crusts on sternum. Lesions flatter & the new crust is ugly-looks untreated-skin around lesions flatter & raised. Crusts not easy to remove=painful and impossible. Soaking crusts, moist compress, white vinegar & hydrogen peroxide not work.
Avatar n tn With all my allergies to antibiotics, would they be able to treat me? I have bactroban and a slightly stronger cortisone cream...can I mix them and put them on it? SOrry for the crazy questions, but it's hard not to get a little freaked when I see that people are dying from this... Thanks for your thoughts.
Avatar n tn This is a weak spot and on continued removal and regrowth may become a chronic lesion. I would recommend you to keep the area as it is and not to try and remove the scab again and again as it would turn the lesion into a chronic lesion. This may be harmful for your skin and cause you much more discomfort. Instead leave the skin as it is and try and make sure that the area is unshaved and protected. Hope this helped, let me know if you need any more help.
Avatar n tn after 48 hours on the drug, as well as regular washings with hibiclens, and numerous direct applications of hydrogen peroxide and duac topical gel, i thought i had it under control as swelling had been reduced and there was no discharge. also at the 48-hour point, i had 'sexual relations.' i took care to ensure that the infected area of my cheek did not come into contact with any skin. however, momentary, incidental contact probably did occur.
Avatar n tn Retract the foreskin daily and soak in warm water to clean penis and foreskin. Apply bacitracin (not Neosporin) for pediatric patients if bacterial infection is suspected. Apply topical clotrimazole for adult men with probable candidal balanitis. Let us know if you need any other information and consult a skin specialist if the lesion is persistent. Regards.
Avatar n tn I also prescribe cleaning with PhisoHex and applying Bactroban cream to the nostrils nightly to limit staph colonization in the area. 5. Yes. 6. PhisoHex (by prescription.) 7. Dove, Neutrogena. Your urologist sounds correct. It may come off and on for some time. If you haven't seen a dermatologist, that might be a good idea. Best. Dr.
Avatar f tn I went to a dermatologist once and he perscribed this ointment and it went away. This is 15 years later and now its back, I have chapped skin under my nose and all around my mouth and lips and also under my eye, it almost looks like I have a black eye because of the redness and swelling. It is now on my hands and fingers. My symptoms are, itchiness, chapping, red and inflamed, cracked.
Avatar n tn As the doctor indicated the boil could be related from several causes. I find cotton underwear helpful, bacitracin or neosporin ointment applied to the boil, and frequent showering with either a hibaclens liquid scrub or betadine liquid scrub. Any pharmacist can help you find these solutions. These will help to kill bacteria and prevent reoccurance. Since these solutions dry the skin use an antibacterial soap between scrubs. Dial and Safeguard are good ones.
Avatar n tn Doesn't seem to do any better or worse at healing than Bactroban and is more convenient for now. Any and all advice appreciated. I started taking fish oil as well to help promote healthy skin because I'm willing to try anything. My next hunch is to try salt water by going surfing since I've noticed ocean swimming has benefited my acne in the past.
Avatar n tn Also, I take a Vitamin E capsule and punture it to get the vitamin out and apply it - it seems to really, really help me. And maybe this can help you, I hope so. If you're in doubt about this, ask your doctor and explain what I've told you. All I know is that when I'm going thru this hell that I'm willing to try anything. And I've found my own private regime that seems to get faster and better results.
Avatar n tn One strategy you might try is to shower with an antiseptic cleanser like chlorhexidine and to apply bacitracin ointment daily both to any boils and also into the nostrils. The reason for putting it there is that bacteria often live in the nose but don't cause problems there, just elsewhere. Try the bacitracin nightly for 2-3 months. (Both bacitracin and chlorhexidine are non-prescription--ask your druggist.
Avatar n tn bacitracin and a&d work great...if your nose is running make sure you bow it first and dry the inside of your nostrils the best you can, then put some a&d out bacitracin in your finger and rub it inside your nostril on the affected area, continue this for a few days and you will be amazed, your nose well heal and the pain will be gone...
Avatar n tn I've had an off & on infection (not sure if staph or ?, yet) just inside nostrils, probably from various hair removal methods causing irritation. Local clinic nurse gave me several free samples of Bacitracin Zinc Ointment USP (each sample in a foilpac), manufactured by E. Fougera & Co. (Pharmaceutical company in Melville, NY).