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Avatar f tn Repeat for 3-4 days. Your symptoms indicate a viral or bacterial infection and are consistent with bronchiestasis. If it is viral, no medicine can help, once the virus has replicated. If bacterial, amoxicillin is the antibiotic of choice for bronchiectasis. You may want to consider Breathing Exercises for Bronchiectasis. There's a very informative website for breathing -search under "normal breathing"- which is based on Dr Buteyko's breathing techniques.
Avatar f tn The first thing to do is find out what kind of pneumonia you have. Is it viral or bacterial. If it is viral, the best thing to do is practice proper sanitation, protect yourself from the harsh elements of the environment by using diet and exercise to boost your immune stystem. Do not smoke, if you smoke, quit. If it is viral, it is spread through sneezing and coughing. If it is bacterial, you need to find the source of the bacteria, find out if it is in your home and eliminate it.
Avatar n tn It can often cause sudden and sometimes violent upsets and may be confused with spastic colitis. Gastroenteritis can be produced from viral,bacterial and parasitic infections, contaminated food or water, food poisoning, use of harsh laxatives, change in bacteria that normally live in the intestinal tract, chemical toxins in certain plants, seafood, or contaminated food, and heavy metal poisoning. Take adequate fluids throughout the day.
Avatar n tn My husband and I lost our 4 1/2 month old daughter to RSV complicated by Bacterial Pneumonia. She was born healthy with no problems or complications. She had a cough since the first of October 2002. We took her to the doctor 3 times, Oct. 7th, Oct. 28 and & Dec. 26th. The doctor didn't treat her at all for any of the problems that we had advised him that she had been having. Her last visit was Dec . 26th. She had fever Christmas night and we took her the very next day.
Avatar n tn My son had pneumonia 5 times and only 2 of the times it was bacterial. Bacterial pneumonia shows differently on an x-ray than viral. I would keep in close touch with the doctor to make sure there aren't any complications and if you haven't had him allergy tested you need to do so.
Avatar f tn This could be due to acute respiratory infection which could be due to viral or bacterial causes. Pneumonia usually presents with fever, increased respiratory rate and sometimes shortness of breath which warrants medical evaluation. Drinking plenty of fluids, rest and antitussive medications may help provide relief especially if it is viral in nature. If it persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn It sounds as though a microbiologist has done his work and established that the infection is bacterial and not viral, so the appropriate antibiotics can be administered. The first few days are critical, if breathing is not sufficiently getting oxygen into the blood stream, then a ventilator will be used to pressurise the air in the lungs. If the infection is brought under control quickly, which is usually is with the right antibiotics, then there is a very good chance for recovery.
Avatar m tn It could be viral or bacterial. There is alot of bugs going around...One way to tell whether it is pneumonia or bronchitis is to get a chest xray. It also sounds like you could have the flu which is rampant this time of the year. I had the flu a few weeks ago and felt like you doctor gave me Tamiflu (an antiviral) which seemed to help. It might be wise to see your doctor anyhow...if it is bacterial, then you would need antibiotics.
Avatar n tn It is not easy to tell if an infection is viral or bacterial. Many times, they will both give you the symptoms you have described. Acute bacterial infections are more likely to cause a fever. Chronic sinusitis is not. Some viral infections have a fever, others do not. Viral infections are far more common in the winter, usually go away in 3 to 7 days and are mostly an annoyance. Bacterial infections may not get better without antibiotics and make you feel really badly.
Avatar f tn Jenny! Jenny! Jenny! You should be a writer. I would LOVE to see this written in a magazine-or any written material that would reach a broad audience. I think it would be so helpful for many to read this. It's perfect...and I think you are right! Can I talk you into posting this at the top of the forum? As in: POLL: Hypothryoidism and colds or other viral/bacterial infections "My conclusions" And post a link to this thread. Very nicely written, Jenny!
Avatar n tn Do not know if i was given antibiotics for bacterial pneumonia or antivirals for viral pneumonia and respiratory syncytial virus, from what i've read those could include ribavirin, tamiflu, relenza, iv antibiotics, amantadine etc. Took an elisa after 6 months of my possible exposure and it came back negative. 1) Does testing under any type of pneumonia viral/bacterial or RSV can give me a false negative?
Avatar n tn my mom got a pneumonia shot last friday and her arm is not only sore, she can't even lift it at all. what could possibly be the problem. i know you are sore for a couple of days but this really has me worried. he doctor's office is shying away from her calls.
Avatar n tn The infection flares if a person is immunocompromised ie has a weak immune system like in HIV, cancers, on chemotherapy, radiotherapy or prolonged illness. Hence a mild cough can be due to viral and other bacterial and allergic causes will need to be looked into. If you have been in sexual contact with a person of unknown HIV status and feel there is a possibility, then it is best to get complete HIV screening at 1, 3 and 6 months post exposure.
Avatar n tn Pneumonia is defined as an inflammatory condition of the lungs. It does not "get into the blood". The causative agent may be viral, bacterial or chemical. If it is viral some studies suggest several grams of vitamin C a day will be helpful. Otherwise, as allmymarbles suggested, if the etiology is viral treatment is supportive.
Avatar m tn As you have had it for so long, the doctor may even take a sample of your coughed up phlegm to test for any bacterial or viral infection. Make sure you drink plenty of warm drinks, avoid milk products as this encourages the formation of mucus. Keep warm and away from draughts.
Avatar f tn How will I know if I am diagnosed with pneumonia it is viral or bacterial? My concern is that in the past antibiotics for similiar problems have not worked. Also, once I was Xrayed many times while the water on my lungs did not show up. I have also read since that pneumonia does not always show up on a Xray while doctors I have seen deny this. I really would appreciate some advice.
457438 tn?1302072007 Has the dr. said whether it is bacterial or viral?? If it is bacterial then an antibiotic will work. If it is to the doctor about supportive therapies while she heals. If it is bacterial then she might have back and we can talk more.
Avatar n tn If you temperature keeps fluctuating, going up and down, you may have an infection which may be a bacterial or a viral one. It is still worth making an appointment to see your doctor to check you out. If the doctor feels it is a bacterial infection, you will get prescribed with an antibiotic. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Avatar n tn This is most commonly due to an infection. Antibiotics will help a bacterial infection, but will not help a viral infection. Over time your body's natural defenses will clear a viral infection. Pneumonia may begin with a fever. Other symptoms may include chills, headache, a dry cough, a general feeling of discomfort and body aches. It is generally best diagnosed by chest x-ray in addition to a thorough examination.
Avatar m tn It's important to determine if you have pneumonia or swine flu (or both). Pneumonia is a bacterial infection, but swine flu is a virus. Antibiotics are ineffective against a virus. They only work against bacterial infections. By taking an antibiotic when you don't have a bacterial infection you allow antibacterial resistant strains of bacteria to develop. This why Penicillan is no longer an effective antibiotic - it was over-prescribed to people that didn't have a bacterial infection.
Avatar f tn I took it pretty easy.. My Md gave me a Z pack.. saying it was viral and it would take 4-6 weeks or longer .. The original X-ray said.. I likely had Pneumonia bc of the right middle lobe opacity ..It also stated that I had a retrotracial opacity which was seen on the lateral view. My Dr said he spoke with a mother radiologist who said that I had that opacity a couple years ago and there has been no change in size .. etc. Anyway.. My energy is almost back .. but I if I run up the step..
Avatar m tn Stomach pains in children can be from thread worms or from their stomach glands becoming swollen by bacterial or viral infections (mesenteric adenitis). Sometimes they cannot pin point where the pain is and point to the stomach when in fact it can be somewhere else, like a sore throat or a headache. When he passes his stools, observe these to see if there are any white thread like worms present. Another sign is if you see your son scratch his bottom.
Avatar n tn Most pneumonia is infectious, and is most times caused by strep bacteria, so they throw antibiotics at it, and see how the patient responds, there are more aggressive atypical bacterial pneumonia that may require more aggressive treatment, also a persons age, and strength of their immune system is a major factor as well. But there are also viral, fungal, or less commonly parasitic causes of pneumonia. None of which is affected at all by antibiotics, each has it's own unique treatment.
Avatar n tn We had an xray done and they saw cloudy-ness all throughout his lungs, which led them to believe it was a bacterial pneumonia and not aspiration pneumonia. He is on two different antibiotics, zenequin and clavamox and has been for the last week and a half. We've also been inducing a cough 3-4 times a day to assist him in clearing his lungs. We are seeing slight improvement in his cough, which isn't as frequent and not as productive, but he is still very fatigued.
Avatar f tn You can take a clove of garlic a day. Swallow it like a pill, don't chew it. It is an anti viral, anti bacterial, and anti fungal. Vitamin c to boost your immune system. Zinc lozenges to boost your immune system and help any cough. Stay away from sugar which suppresses your immune system. Make sure you take a really good probiotic if you take the z pack.
1609219 tn?1298108535 Is it possible to talk to your doctor and ask about having some secretions cultured to see exactly what type of organism is causing the pneumonia?I know it can be bacterial,viral or fungal and the type can and does affect treatment and reoccurence.for example if it were fungal and they used the antibiotics it might tamper down the symptoms but allow the fungal count to increase and then reoccur.
Avatar f tn A CT scan screening on Feb 13th showed a small area of mild or minor pneumonia in upper right lung. I had not felt well, like coming down with a cold, but didn't get the test results until Feb 20th and didn't feel any worse. Primary gave me an antibiotic immediately and it's been 2 1/2 days on meds. Still no real cough. Had a slight need to cough late yesterday and chest feels funny, but no cough, no fever. I do have some weakness and headache.
Avatar f tn which is some extra sensative skin sensation in my arms. I would get this in my younger days before the hard symptoms of flu or strep throat. Sometimes I would get this and nothing would happen, so I wasnt too worried. Day one: when I woke up my throat felt on fire, it burned/hurt to swallow. My mouth was excessively coated with crud when I woke (way more than usual, as I am a mouth breather). My lymph nodes in my neck were moderately swollen and painful.
182352 tn?1231187010 You can also ask for a nebulizer to do home breathing treatments. Is it viral, or bacterial? Did they give him antibiotics? There are infant cough syrups, but otc they don't give dosing info for such young babies. You'll have to ask his pediatrician. Don't hate yourself for him getting sick. You couldn't have known. It is probably best if you keep him away from other kids for a least 1-2 months after he gets better though.
Avatar n tn It seems that you started with a viral infection. Bacterial infections often piggyback on viral infections. Azithromycin 250 is appropriate, although it should have been for seven to ten days. You should take this medication with grapefruit juice, which will improve it's effectiveness. Absolutely positively no alcohol. It is pointless to look at "pictures' of bacteria. You have bacterial pneumonia. Get 45 minutes of sunlight every day.