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Avatar m tn i have had a rashes thorough out my body. can somebody tell me what it could be. the pictures of my rash can be seen in the following link. would highly appreciate your comments.. regards.
Avatar n tn I have had a strange rash on the back of my head for a long time - probably a couple years. I don't usually cut my hair short enough to notice but the times I have in that past couple years I uncover this rash. It has stayed in the same spot and I believe about same size, may be getting larger. Links to pictures --> Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar m tn When do the rash come in the body during ARS.? Is it specific like in 4 weeks after possible exposure or it can come anytime in 12 weeks. And can somebody be able to tell me how do they look like and its nature. Thanks.
Avatar m tn OK so about early October or late September I developed a random blotchy rash that appeared all over my body almost instantaneously. They are non raised, non itchy, pinpoint etc I have informed countless doctors that lymphoma runs in my family, I have very large growing lymph nodes, my stools have changed, these appear on my arms and legs.
Avatar f tn I would probably favour one of the ezema or lichen planus, but if you upload pictures of the rest of the rash that would give me a better idea. Regardless you will need to use a potent steroid like clobetasol propionate for a couple of weeks and reduce to a less stronger steroid like clobetasone butyrate. Please do upload other pics though, before you start using anything. Regards Dr.
Avatar f tn My 13month old daughter has a rash all over her body, the doctor says that it is a viral infection. She has small raised bumps that are alittle red. The thing that worries me is that it is still spreading, It does not seem to bother her at all, she is alittle cranky at night but she is also teething. We are going back tomorrow to see our doctor because this morning she woke up with a fever. Wondering if any other parents have any experience or even pictures.
Avatar n tn My son is 15 and about one year ago I noticed markings on his lower back. I thought is was from him leaning on the back of our dinning room chair because the marking were red and pressed in, about one inch in width and there was a large red bump on his spine. Over the course of one year he has about 15 marking on his back and they now look like stretch mark slits, one inch in width ranging down the middle to lower back.
Avatar m tn I have had a test done so ill find out for sure soon, but im worried now because theres a sort of rash at the top of my right leg. There little bumps and theres also some on my stomach on the right side as well. Is this a concern? Im not sure exactly how long its been there. I know its said if you get any symptons it happens the first 2-4 weeks, although this is 15 weeks ago is it still possible symptons can show up?
Avatar m tn About a month ago an itchy rash started to resurface on my buttocks near the base of the spine. To be more specific, right at the top of my buttocks fold, in the center of the two. It is very itchy and is irritated easily. Over the course of the past month it has slowly spread down the buttocks along the fold line. It isnt a continuous rash, or extremely clustered rash with blistering lessons as I have seen in multiple herpes examples.
Avatar n tn Basically i have this rash on my penis that is red and raised up a little bit. Its a little bit itchy but not so bad that i feel the need to see the doctor immediately. It also doesnt match the symptoms or pictures i have been able to look up enough for me to think it is herpes. One thing to add is that i have 2 pubic follicles at the base of the penis that have never produced hair that became inflamed around the same time. I am sexually active but always use a condom.
Avatar f tn m wondering if Bio--film collects,stores and creates these masses on the body? Have you come across anyone with Tumors/Lipomas? Is the rash Yeast? I keep hearing yeast and rash?!... But new for me.
Avatar m tn Just wondering, those bumps can be considered a RASH or not? I am not really sure about it, I have seen several pictures of rash and it does not resemble it, but was wondering. I wish I could send a picture so you could see but I do not find a way to do so.
Avatar f tn does anyone know how the hiv rash looks like? is it a distinct type of rash where it is easily identified? do they look like hives?
Avatar f tn So about 8 months ago my son who is 9 broke out in a rash/bumps which started on his butt cheeks, moved to his legs (mostly around ankles) but still had bumps on his theigh too, then He had about 15-20 bumps on his stomach, back, arms and neck. So I took him to the dr and the nurse practitioner diagnosed him with scabies. We treated him with the cream along with putting hydra Cortizone cream and Teatree oil all over his body. Within a week they went away.
Avatar f tn Hi guys, what does this rash look like ? been cured from jock itch a few months back and this came about, and i had protected sex a few weeks ago, does it look like any form of STD ?. heres the link to the pic Thanks.
Avatar f tn t want to start back tx but i do know that with my geno type the dr want to treat the full 48 wks. I go back to dr this wed and I will start back on the meds becouse I really want to heal my liver. I guess my question is what can i do about hair loss and this rash? Also I guess i just needeed to get how i was felling out. Im 3 yrs sober but cannot talk about my hep c with anyone except my sponcer and you guys. Hope you all are doing great.
Avatar m tn I notice these are the only 2 pictures on the internet regarding penile herpes that look anything like this, I am unsure if it is the same person but it is the same doctor who took the pictures. I am going to get it re swabbed when it comes back again but I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts, my main concern would be that I never got this before the sexual encounter a year ago?
Avatar f tn I went back to the doc today and she sent pictures to several other doctors and they all said It is shingles. Just good to know!! Glad it isn't Herpes! I was scared my kids would get it!!