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Avatar n tn You can find this in the app by going to the Pregnancy Diary from the home screen and selecting Back pain from the Symptoms menu. Then click the menu bar in the upper left and select Symptoms Manual to see your symptoms. Hope you feel better soon! http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn i recently had a hip and pelvic x ray due to back pain and i have early bi lateral lipping what does this mean
Avatar f tn Me and my fiance had unprotected sex (purposely trying) on 8/15, 8/16, 8/17 and was suppose to ovulated 8/18(according to the calender not real sure how to tell) but this is our first time trying. It's to early to test but in having horrible lower back pain right about the tailbone. Is this a sign I conceived.
Avatar f tn Is it normal for lower back pain and menstral like cramps.
Avatar n tn In the case of back pain, the anatomical findings would be things like structural problems and changes with the spine, discs, nerves, tissues ect... Clinical presentation refers to typical physical signs or symptoms that are associate with a particular disease, pain, numbness, inability to walk, things like that. So the statement can mean that after look at the damage or disease in this person's back, their symptoms (pain, whatever) is not as severe as it could be or should be.
Avatar m tn I have been having back pain and spasms just above my right hip with pain down the front of my leg. That comes and goes with tingling in my right foot. Now today I have tingling in my left fingers. Went to ER and the xrayed my back and told me I had a compression in #12 disk and had to do a mri. So they did an mri and another doc came in and told me it was an old injury and my back wasnt causing my pain ???????
Avatar f tn I am a 39yo female with a long history of back pain. I recently had an MRI and the results are below. My physician stated that the results appeared "fairly normal" but recommended an Epidural Steriod Injection. Please help me understand what "fairly Normal" may mean. These results do not seem normal to me. MRI LUMBAR SPINE WITHOUT CONTRAST CLINICAL HISTORY: Low back pain, stress incontinence, right leg pain, numbness and tingling with weakness.
Avatar f tn But for the last 6 months I have amazingly horrible back pain, it is a burning and stiff pain. Occasionally, there is a sharp all stop pain which cause me to become incapable of movement. I had back pain for years before the surgery but it wasn't all day everyday. It only lasted for about an hour after I woke up, you know the pain from sleeping... Somedays i use a cane to help with walking.
925522 tn?1243968666 Had 2 ops on my back, i am now getting alot of pain in my right side to the point i can't lay on that side could this be another prolapsed disc as all the syptoms are the same as my left side
Avatar m tn If you live long enough, we all have symptoms like this. I don't think you could have fractured anything doing what you did, so don't know why that was mentioned, but all an X-ray shows is bone health, meaning they're really looking for arthritis. An MRI shows soft tissue damage, not an X-ray. But most likely, this stuff is usually muscular, and time should heal it. The normal advice would be rest, elevate, ice and you know the drill. Massage might help.
Avatar n tn I have mid back pain and so I have a few questions. Where did this come from and how can I prevent this from happening again. What would be the best route to solving this mid back pain problem. How should I be sleeping at night in order to relax my back? Should I be sleeping on my back or my front side? How long does it take for my back to be normal? I'm overweight and the night before the pain, I decided to do some pull ups. So, I'm guessing that was the cause of the pain.
Avatar f tn So since about 3pm yesterday I have had pretty severe back pain in my mid and lower back. I had a few cramps but the went away, baby seems to be still active but a lot less than usual. Bowel movements are very weird to one minute I cant go the next I cant stop. sorry if tmi haha. im 34 weeks and baby is measuring 2weeks over. Is this normal?
Avatar m tn The back pain seems to radiate to my sides,to the ribs.Its not really pain in the ribs...more like a cramping.I have poor posture,slouching very badly at the computer desk.I dont know if I have a disc herniation causing these problems...muscles ,ligaments etc...any help would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Does any body know if I am two Months pregnant I am having back pain its naturally or abnormal symptoms
Avatar f tn my back pain hes been horrible. Sometimes i cant even walk. So i guess its normal sin some people but i think its my sictica nerve as the pain travels down my leg and makes my right leg give out.
Avatar f tn I am around 8 weeks and I just got hit with severe nausea and back pain . I've actually started throwing up and I have this sharp constant pain in my back as if I'm about to start my period . I thought I threw something out of whack by harshly throwing up but now I'm seeing that this could mean a miscarriage !!!!!!
Avatar m tn I had Ll-5 S-1 descectomy 2 years ago this month. For the last year I have had episodes of severe pain in my right buttock with foot and leg numbness occuring about once a week. For the past 6 months it occurs every morning. My surgeon tells me it is caused by weak back muscles. I've been through a physical therapy program 3 times, My back pain does subside some but doesn't totally go away. I perform back excerses twice a week with little or no improvement.
Avatar f tn Hi, Just recently i feel my back pain, it's like my viens at my back center is stiff and when i'm stretching i can feel the pain.Now i'm doing stretching exercise and with hot compress in the morning and evening. Pls. help any advise.
Avatar f tn I'd tell your Dr. Make sure you don't have a kidney issue. Back pain is usually normal, especially without other symptoms. I was having terrible pelvic pain to where I couldn't walk; my Dr referred me to a chiropractor. I was simply out off alignment. Fixed it in two visits, it was amazing! Not saying you have to do that, but it happens. Hot showers saved me the most!
Avatar m tn Hi, i am 42 years old male. I have been experiencing back pain for the last few years. I have done MRI and few x-rays which showed narrowing of the disk space. But I have not really been treated for these problems (I have seen few doctors and they just gave me pain killer medicine and life style changes). What is the real treatment? Should I ask for the steroid injection? My doctor also has told me that I have arthritis symptoms. Please advise.
Avatar f tn i miscarried in july and am now 6w6d and am scred to death to miscarry again so idk if im just scaring myself or if somethings really happening, ive been having a back ache for 2days not really painful just like i slept on it wrong but i read back pain can mean miscarriage, any advice? im so scared what do you think is going on?