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Avatar m tn I am 22 years old 210 lbs, 5' 7" overweight. I exercise rarely (yes I know I need to lose wieght) and don't eat healthily. I have been having pain in my lower back, just above my hips (it also migrates to my hips, lower legs, and mid back). When I was in the 8th grade, I thought it would be fun to jump from 12 feet. When I landed I felt a ripping feeling in that area of my back. I thought I had ripped my pants till I tried to stand.
Avatar n tn I have neck and back pain specially right side i done my mri report and it conclusion says There is loss of cervial lordosis. C3/4, C4/5 and C5/6 levels-diffuse bulges,indenting the thecal sac without significant nerve root compression or canal stenosis.
Avatar n tn The two troublesome discs in my low back have only gotten worse and for me surgery is a catch 22 as they can remove the discs in my low back but I will still have pain from the extensive nerve damage in my thoracic spine. So I have chosen against surgery until all methods for pain relief are exhausted and I have no choice. So no 2nd baby for me. But if you only have pain issues from your lower back, it is likely surgery could fix the problem so that you will be able to endure the pregnancy.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am a 56 years old male with a mild back pain which spreads to my right leg.As a former pro soccer player I had experienced many sports injuries which includes lower back injuries as well.I was wondering if someone can help me understand the severity of my Lumbosacral spine MRI's. The lumbar spine shows a smooth lordotic curve with a normal promontory angle.Degenerative changes and dehydrated disks are seen.
Avatar f tn I have severe back pain , my family doctor prescribe me hydromorphone 4 mg after 2 months she gave me dilaudid hydromorphone , 4 mg twice a day but pain dosent goes but it increases, doctor told me my spine had fractured and I am using braces for that , but my pain is increasing day by day ,now my doctor gave my back pain Tylenol tablet (but they are for muscular pain and I have pain in my bone ,spine) should I increase morphine doses?will medically marijwana work ?
Avatar f tn I bent down to pick something up, I got a very loud pop in my lower spine , lost the use of both legs for two days and since then ( three weeks later) have have a severe burning pain in my lower back and right hip , I have trouble walking and driving my car due to the lower back pain, what is causing all of this and what can I do to get rid of the pain? I also have some bone spurs caused from an injury years ago.
Avatar n tn I've had bad lower left back pain starting 3 weeks ago. I feel you! I'm not sure if it's the pregnancy or my eds but man it *****!
390514 tn?1231194430 I am 19 years old and recently I started going to the Chiropractor after months of back pain. I found out that my back is more messed up than what I had thought! The bottom of my back curves in too much, the top of my back is too flat and my neck is too far forward. The Chiropractor told me that I am Stage 2 in spinal degeneration (I am pretty sure that is what it is). Once you get to Stage 4 he told me that the majority of people can't be helped.
Avatar m tn if that makes any sense, Now Keep In mind I was seen by a chiro a few months back that said my spine was out of alignment pretty badly in lower mid and upper back, and I do suffer from lower and mid back pain along my spine on a reg basis it tends to worsen with movements, yawning, and seems to be mainly be mid back around both shoulder blades and spine area, I dont have a cough, a fever I dont feel bad other than my Gerd/acid reflux which causes upper abdomen pain.
Avatar f tn Low back pain, stress incontinence, right leg pain, numbness and tingling with weakness. TECHNIQUE: Images of the lumbar spine obtained using non-contrast sagittal T1, sagittal T2, sagittal STIR, axial T1 and axial T2 weighted sequences. FINDINGS: Alignment is normal. Lumbar vertebral bodies are normal in height. Conus medullaris is at L1. Visualized paraspinal soft tissues are normal. Between T12 and L3, there is no disc herniation or stenosis. At L3-4, no disc herniation or stenosis.
Avatar n tn I could possibly have spinal stenosis in the lumbar spine, because I have it in my t-spine and c-spine. I am having decompression in a couple weeks, and so hoping that it fixes it. If I walk or anything more than 10 min or so, my lower back stiffens up and I have a severe dull ache, as in my arms and hands. All these problems started with minor trauma. Thanks!!
Avatar m tn The back pain seems to radiate to my sides,to the ribs.Its not really pain in the ribs...more like a cramping.I have poor posture,slouching very badly at the computer desk.I dont know if I have a disc herniation causing these problems...muscles ,ligaments etc...any help would be appreciated.
925522 tn?1243968666 Had 2 ops on my back, i am now getting alot of pain in my right side to the point i can't lay on that side could this be another prolapsed disc as all the syptoms are the same as my left side
Avatar f tn Is anyone else experiencing back pain that shoots down their legs? Mostly occurs after I get up from laying down. Any tips?
Avatar n tn Yes, Gerd and LPR can cause severe, sudden back pain between the shoulder blades.
Avatar f tn However, my pain management doctor and I do not think that is what is causing this pain in my middle back. It feels like my spine is getting squeezed very tight and there is a lot of pressure in that area. It starts at just below my bra strap and goes down about 2 or 3 vertebrae. Also, sometimes when I take a deep breath my back will either click or pop in that area. It doesn't cause an excruciating amount of pain when this happens but it is still a little painful and feels very gross.
Avatar f tn I have done everything to relieve my back pain but nothing is working, what else caniI do to relieve the pain.
Avatar f tn I have had surgery on my upper spine when I was six to correct a birth defect that was causing the fluid that flows around my brain and spine to enter my spine thru a hole which caused swelling of the spine to the point that I loss motion of my left causing foot drop. I recovered from the surgery 100% but they had to put in a shunt to driect the fluid so this would not happen again. I'm 34 now and I have had bad back pain for the last 2 years.
Avatar m tn scorpio, i'm not a doctor but i have back pain between my shoulder blades - i have a lot of other pain, too but the pain in that area is the worst for me. mine is caused by degenerative disc disease, severe arthritis, and spinal stenosis. I have problems at c2, c3/4, and c5/6. surgery is not an option for me because i have so much going on. sounds like you might have a problem with one or more of your disc, too.
Avatar n tn t say for sure, obviously, but a few years ago my daughter was cheerleading and felt and heard a pop in her hip and began having pain and progressive difficulty functioning after that. She had both back and hip pain that referred down her leg. An MRI revealed a herniated disc in her back, and then she went through physical therapy and chiropractics. They only provided very temporary relief. A surgeon wanted her to have surgery, but I did not want that for her.
Avatar f tn I also have nerve damage and a bulging disc in the thoracic spine as well along with mild scoliosis in both the lumbar and thoracic spine. And I also deal with severe myofascial pain syndrome (muscular pain). I have been dealing with all of the issues above minus the lumbar spine issues for over 12 years. The lumbar spine issues have popped up over the last 5-6 years or so.