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Avatar m tn Is back pain from walking or running everyday normal and if not how can i stop the pain because sometimes when i walk Ok r run my lower and upper back starts to hurt
Avatar f tn A few factors cause you to have lower back pain, including skeletal malformation, core strength and footwear. The back pain sometimes signifies a serious problem, and you should see your doctor if it's severe. You place incredible amounts of strain on your lower back by the constant jarring of your feet against the ground. Also if you have flat feet or any other skeletal malformation can be the cause.
Avatar f tn ve been playing on my schools freshman football team and the other day while sprinting I got a sharp ache in my lower back right next to my right hip and above the tailbone, (near the ilium?) the pain gets worse with running. Ive tried to find a diagnosis and I haven't found any similar injuries with running being the cause. Any help is appreciated.
424634 tn?1277857528 BP spikes and chest pain are not to be ignored. Please be careful. And when will you find out the final diagnosis?
Avatar f tn In having sharp back pain in my lower back and its running down my legs. Is this normal?!
Avatar f tn I'm not an MD but I would think the pounding from running wouldn't be good for your back I have back problems and can't run anymore
Avatar f tn I too am on my 3rd and my back pain is pretty severe. I even having pretty severe joint pain. My job is pretty physical at times plus in have my 2 other little ones running around, so I feel,like I hurt all the time.
Avatar f tn ve been having really bad lower back pain and it seems to get worse by the week.. any suggestions for me?... oh and massaging doest help much.
Avatar f tn I am 21 and i am not the fittest person ever, but i am not awful, i have recently started running again (as the weather is nicer) and i have found that after a shorter and shorter length i time i start to get a stabbing pain in the right side abdomen area, once i stop running then the pain stops but as soon as i start again it comes back. I am easing myself back into running quite slowing i don't run too fast but the pain is really starting to get annoying.
Avatar f tn (female- late 20s) At first I decided to take it easy and run less, but after a few weeks I wanted to get back into running more frequently. I was able to push through some of the pain with hydration, stretching and breathing techniques. However, it's been 9 months of this and I don't see much improvement. I've visited the doctor and she said it was likely just intercostal muscle cramps. I've been doing physical therapy, but the ache has persisted.
Avatar f tn Ever since I have been back from iraq I have had lower back pain from running. I can only run for 1/4mile before I get intence pain to where it hurts even to walk. I have done the strengths, got messages, and use those little pulse mechines and nothing has been working so far. My question is there a better way yo fix my back?
Avatar m tn Well, this would be a difficult question to answer without knowing the spinal level of the DDD and how mild/ moderate it is. Typically activities are preferred to strengthen the back muscles, unless it is uncomfortable for the patient; however a few activities like twisting the spine or jumping may put strain on it. I would suggest consulting your treating doctor about the level of activity that you could possibly indulge in, before making a start. Hope this is useful. Take care!
Avatar f tn I find that a warm bath helps take the back pain away for a little while
Avatar n tn i have had back pain for about a week now, after having a massage for half hour, i have been having massages for years. i had been home for a couple of hours when i got this bad pain accross my back and down into my side. I have been to th edoc today she said she thought it was muscular. in my job i do a lot of lifting and running from ward to ward, hospital work, and heavy meal trays.
Avatar n tn I have had back pain for a long time now, Tramadol is one of the few things that have worked. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but a pharmacy gave me my prescription (on May 28) and I have a bare minimum 30 days until I can get a refill. Is July 26 that day? This sounds ridiculous, but if I count May 28 as one day and I count July 26 as one day, that equals 30 days total.
Avatar f tn Off and on over the years I have dealt with varying degrees of back pain at times, all of which go away at one point or another. What I have been experiencing since last Thursday is different than usual. It mainly started across the very low back area- mainly in the coccyx and low lumbar areas. The pain could almost be described as my nerves felt like they are on fire.
Avatar f tn Especially a Burning/ cold/ pain going down UNDER my arms. Besides the obvious lower part of my back My neck especially a spot on the left of my neck that hurts/ has a strong ***** and a place in the middle/lower part of my back that zaps me with pain if I lean my torso out or in and at times it's hard to breathe. My hands have spazzed out on me, it starts with my thumb and my whole hand gets numbish & tingly and my hand jerks in like I've stuck my finger in a light socket.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have developed a subtle upper back pain that is on the right hand side below the shoulder blades (6-8"). It is more noticeable when I lie down flat or have my back against a stiff or hard surface. It feels like I'm laying on a golfball or hardball. It doesn't appear to be related to respiratory function, although I have a dry cough after a recent cold. I am concerned it might be a growth, tumor or signs of problems w/ my pancreas.
Avatar n tn My 4 year old son has sudden severe back pain in the vertebrae that lasts only seconds. He described it as if cockroaches rae running all over his back and hurt him. He also has 38 degrees temperature. This occured 6 months ago but less severly then stopped and reoccurred now.
Avatar f tn Thanks! I work at a day care so in normally used to everything but I can't shake it! Hopefully soon it goes away.
Avatar f tn Thanks alot it was a little intense then it stopped once I got in bed 2 relax
3190984 tn?1344941837 d like to know what others are doing to manage their back pain? I still have nearly constant back pain, definitely worse at some times to the point of temporarily "re-paralyzing" my right leg. My back easily gets "stuck" after just a few minutes of being in one position.
Avatar f tn Tomorrow I'm going for another physical therapy appointment for the hand and seeing my Ob/gyn for a followup. Fortunately they are both located in the same area of the hospital. I had the same hand therapist a few years ago for a work related injury, so I'm in good hands. The hand is improving. The surgical site is continuing to heal and I'm starting to get back out and about more. It's a little sore which is to be expected.