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Avatar f tn Hi, theres no pain, it just feels like it gets tight right there by my left shoulder blade in my back. I have been sitting at the computer a lot. I have been smoking for about 15 years and am 28 years old. Just wondering if the tightening is a symptom and do you think if I quit smoking soon I will be ok? Thanks.
Avatar f tn My trigger, mainly is anger, I thought, until I relapsed AGAIN after April and finally realized my other trigger is my chronic pain. Smoking was helping me cope with it. Smoking also Increases my pain so 38days ago, I was done with smoking for good and I feel very secure in saying that. I don't miss it a bit! I think of it this way. My pain will never go away and anger and stress will always be a part of my life...I have no control over those as they are human emotions...
Avatar m tn Best of luck with quitting smoking! Each time I used some medication to quit, but the last time I did it cold turkey, same as this time and I find it easier. Thanks for your feedback!
Avatar f tn Hello In past i am very heavy smoker now i quitting smoking. After quitting i feel pain on my left side on chest. Any one tell me what is this.
Avatar f tn Since cig prices have jumped out of this world...are you cutting back...quitting?
Avatar f tn Literally as soon as I got the test result back saying positive I threw them in the bin. I did this when I was 6 weeks pregnant I'm not 38 weeks pregnant. It's what ever is best for you but I would say to you to try your best to not smoke.
Avatar f tn I was smoking a pack plus when I found out back in February. My doctor was the one who told me to cut back and not quit cold turkey. That withdrawal are worse for the baby than to cut back slowly. However it was harder than it seemed and I still smoke.
Avatar f tn Hopefully when they go back we can cut back down we will see because they start school back tomorrow. Good luck to you because the stress of trying to quit makes you want to smoke more.
Avatar f tn I'm five weeks and working on quitting smoking but I haven't quiet hit that market is it going to leave long term effects I be at 0 cigarettes a day by next Sunday.
Avatar f tn So I'm having trouble quitting, it's like knowing that I have to makes me want to smoke even more. I don't really have the cravings, and most the time don't finish them and I've definitely cut back but I keep smoking out of habit. I tried cutting back as much as I could, but it's not enough I'm thinking I'll try cold turkey. I really really want to quit, but everyone I know smokes and it's allowed inside where I live.
Avatar f tn My doctor told me too that just quitting all together could be more harmful to the baby than the actual smoking because of the stress and nicotine withdrawals that quitting can cause. I have cut my smoking down to only about 2 a day and my doctor is very pleased about that since I was smoking about a pack a day when I found out I was pregnant. I was using an ecig at first to try to quit, but my doctor said that those can actually be a lot more harmful.
Avatar f tn It can cause a miscarriage. As the previous person said. I cut back a lot but have continued smoking this whole pregnancy. I'm 37 weeks now. And my baby girl is healthy and a big baby! After smoking for 1 year, I quit as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my first at 6 weeks. She was born healthy at 39 weeks 6 days. It's been harder with this one cause I've been smoking a lot longer. It's all up to you what you want to do. It's your body & your baby.
394931 tn?1208115595 i am trying my hardest i work in a call center doing tech support and that is a job that really tests my strength when it somes to quitting smoking, i have a craving now which is why i am writing hopefully to pass it
Avatar f tn if its causing too much stress on you and the baby then just slowly cut back, try smoking your cigs in halves. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I quit smoking June 2012 after smoking for many years. Congrats on your decision to quit. I wouldn't necessarily call smoking a "crutch" since you were doing it while using. I would face it independently from your opioid use. Having said that...maybe waiting a tad bit longer to where you have some more clean time under your belt so its easier to handle. Just an idea...I waited until I had been clean for 2 years 4 months before I quit smoking. You dont want to overwhelm yourself....
Avatar n tn I am a newly graduated nurse however, and during maternity class we were taught if a mother was really struggling with quitting smoking, to wean herself off slowly. I would talk to you r doctor about it. They are not there to judge you, only to help. Smoking can be harmful to your baby, but you understand that, or you wouldn't be making an effort to quit. If I were you, try smoking the least amount as possible and try to wean off completely. Good Luck!
Avatar m tn Your theory is my theory - just the act of continuing to inhale something made me crave cigarettes like crazy which is why I quit the weed back in January with the hopes it would make quitting smoking much easier. It did! I quit c/t on Apr28th and haven't taken a single puff. I wish I could say I haven't smoked any weed at all in 7mos, but I can't. Have smoked a couple times after I hit the 6mo mark and as predicted, felt cravings for cigs that weren't there before.
Avatar f tn Ok, recently found out I was 6w4days. I'm a normal smoker.. my doctor told me not to quit right away because the baby is already addicted to it and that I can wien myself off or cut way back. I've never heard of the fetus or anything of that sort being addicted to nicotine this early.. is my doctor a quack or is he really right?
Avatar m tn I dont know if is the lung or the heart hurt after quitting smoking. Im on my 15 weeks now. I still have chest pain on and off also arm pain and nausea sometimes. someone told me that it will get better after 6 months ~ 1 year.
Avatar f tn I have been told many things about smoking during pregnancy. I am currently nine weeks pregnant and I'm having a problem with just quitting smoking. I've been told that since I've smoked for almost ten years that if I just up and quit I run a high risk of loosing my baby. I've been told to cut back and I've got to where I only smoke about 5 to 8 a day and before I got pregnant I smoked a pack a day.