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Avatar n tn C4 C5 is the fourth and fifth of seven cervical vertebrae in the neck, located in the back of neck. Cheers and take care.
Avatar n tn I have pain in the left arm and hand and the right arm to the elbow , left side of the neck. Also pain on the middle of my back between the shoulder blades. I do have " sever" nerve compression in the lower back, "some scoliosis". What to do? Sounds like the Cervical spine is a minor deal...the lower spine does seem to need attention. I'm just trying to find out what needs to be done.
Avatar f tn s. Sounds like some inflamation that is causing nerve issues. Depending on the nerve or nerve that is pinched is where you will experience the pain. Your sounds like C4-7 area. But I am not a doctor. I would suggest following up and explaining your symptoms and what helps or aggrevates them.
Avatar n tn I have neck and back pain specially right side i done my mri report and it conclusion says There is loss of cervial lordosis. C3/4, C4/5 and C5/6 levels-diffuse bulges,indenting the thecal sac without significant nerve root compression or canal stenosis.
212161 tn?1599427282 well I will be going back to spine dr see why I having so much pain in neck/back/chest/shoulders and see if I can do something besides surgery lol. I do not want to take rods out that's to scarey and a long surgery and recovery.
Avatar n tn Hello, sorry to hear about your back pain. I had upper back pain that ended up radiating down my arm and back and forth. I thought everyone would think I had gone crazy stating that the pain traveled. Also I had burning sensations and tingling. Turned out to be a pinched nerve in my neck C6&C7. When this happens there are tiny nerves that go down your back and down your arms. depending on which nerver produces the different locations of pain.
Avatar m tn Now I have other problems going on that are most likely from my neck. I'm wonder if the electrical burning sensation I'm feeling at the back of my eye can be caused from neck problems, such nerves getting compressed. I don't know if this would be the right place but I'm asking about my eye right. Thank you to anyone who can help me.
Avatar n tn I have 9/10 back pain in Aug 2009 then same pain in Dec 2009. Now I have 6/10 back pain. Some time I don't have any pain. Some time I have feeling head lice or aunt crawling in my head. I am going for Physiotherapist on Wednesday. My family doctor said that I am not ready for the operation. Do I have to see a neurologist ? Please advice me. My neurologist examine me before the MRI RESULT came.
Avatar m tn been dealing with back pain for five yrs now.. im still having bouts of back pain which i simply managed thru back stretching exercise and during the flare ups anti inflamatorries drug. my pain is from neck down to lumbar , buttocks and sometimes leg..but more felt on the right side,, lately, i have lightheaded feelings, headpain back of my skulll connecte to my neck, i sometimes having problem with balance, blurry eyes and very sensetive to light,and sometimes dizzy feeling..
Avatar n tn In the back of my neck where the top of my neck meets the back of my head, I have a lingering pain. I also feel pain in he top of my pac and around my shoulderblades. I get tingling pains in my fingers and tensing feelings in my arms. I also feel pain in my forearms of tingling and tightening. The final place there is pain I worry about is above my ears on each side. The tingling pains in my hands are mostly at the tips or index finger. I can also feel it in my legs. What could this be?
Avatar f tn I try heat, ice, rubs, you name it and nothing helps. I believe it is some kind of nerve pain as it is somewhat like shingle pain but no rash. Can you give me some advice or help, Please.
Avatar m tn I have lower back arthritis and also in my neck and hip bursitis caused by lower back. I have been seeing a pain dr for 5 years and I had an ablation done which burns the nerve. Its been working for 5 years. I also have them in my neck. For my hip the pain dr does epidurals which work but for only a couple of months.
Avatar f tn Especially a Burning/ cold/ pain going down UNDER my arms. Besides the obvious lower part of my back My neck especially a spot on the left of my neck that hurts/ has a strong ***** and a place in the middle/lower part of my back that zaps me with pain if I lean my torso out or in and at times it's hard to breathe. My hands have spazzed out on me, it starts with my thumb and my whole hand gets numbish & tingly and my hand jerks in like I've stuck my finger in a light socket.
Avatar f tn You could be having back and neck problems from your spine, you may have a pinched nerve in your back or neck. I have suffered from both and have gotten headaches from them frequently. It's something you should get checked. Fibro however would not cause a headache, at least mine never has.
Avatar n tn i have bulging dic my c1-c4.
Avatar f tn Health Problem – I had this typical pain on the right side of neck-shoulder joint (on the back side) in the month of March, 2007. It was not much of a problem and little bit pain was there. I visited a doctor in April, 2007 and he gave me injection on the affected area. I was relieved of pain immediately but it came again after 1-2 months. But this time, I ignored it but it was not troubling me that much. Then I got married in the month of Feb, 2008.
Avatar f tn It seems to get worse when I get cold. My NS said there was nothing else he could do surgically. He referred me back to the pain management doctor.
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Avatar f tn Hey guys, I have posted in this forum a few times and always gotten positive, helpful feed back so I wanted to post here as well as the neck and back forum. On Tuesday morning I woke up with bad back pain that ran from the top of my right shoulder all the way down to the back of my tigh. I went to a little emergency center here. The doctor said it seem to be my muscle due to the location where the pain is and said it could just be pulled. they ended up giving me a shot and some medicine.
Avatar f tn i am more tired then not, have shooting pain from my shoulders down threw my back and into the siatic nerve threw my right leg. most of the pain is on the right side of my spine. some times it pressure other times its pins and needles. theres times i can barely walk other times it could be as bad as it hurts to breathe. i need suggestions on what to do. on a scale of 1-10 (10 being worst) my average day is a 9. i tried Physical Therapy and that just hurt more.
Avatar f tn I had a C4- C5 fusion and I also have a bulging disc still in my neck that. I also have 2 herniated disc L4-L5 in my lower back that cause back pain and pain in my hip my back L4-L5 are not from the car wreck but C4-C5 are from the whiplash in the car wreck. I would suggest you go to a neurologist and have it checked out ASAP.