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Avatar f tn im pretty sure im having back labour atm.... they r really distinct pains and easy to time.... they absolutely kill!!!
Avatar f tn Perhaps ur baby is more towards ur back then in the front. I ended up with back labor when I did go into labor so maybe its a sign that I'll have more back labor when the time comes?
Avatar f tn I'm 31weeks pregnant , an am having very bad back pain.. any solutions would be wonders!
4402433 tn?1354180698 I had bad pai the whole entire time I was pregnant and I had back labor with my daughter usually that is a sign that your going to have back labor or the baby is pushing more towards our back if its lower back pain then the baby it sitting very low causing the lower back pain
Avatar n tn is it possible to damage your back from back labor and still have back pains from it years later
Avatar f tn Why is my upper back, like my shoulder blades in severe pain? It hurts so bad, like unbearable.
Avatar n tn I'm due in six weeks and I'm not a first time mom but I don't remember what back labor feels like. Having a numbing very achy back pain that's lasted for most of the day its a pain I've never had before. Please help with this please.
Avatar f tn When I went into labor with my son,i had the worst back pain ever! All thru my back. Drs said it was back labor. Its just basically pain &pressure thru your back. They even gave me the epidural &i still felt everything. It was so hard to lay down or get comfortable. I was on my side for awhile. Good luck! Ill be 35weeks on Wednesday!
Avatar n tn Im due in 3 days and my back has a really bad pain that's constant my midwife said i pulled a muscle but the pain just wont go away has anyone experienced this and can give me tips on how to ease this pain :(
7831604 tn?1399711007 You might be going into labor, how far along are you? A lot of the times when your baby is facing up, with head towards the abdomen (I don't mean breach) you get what's called back labor. Instead of all the pain to the front you feel it in your back. Start timing them and go to a hospital when needed.
Avatar f tn I've had mild back contractions for 3 weeks now. Thats what my dr said at least. They freaking suck. Basically your back just hurts reaaaallllly bad. I feel almost no pain in the front, although I do feel tightness in my belly when the back pain is at its strongest. Then it eases off. I'm hoping something happens to make it to where I don't have back labor. But it looks like I may have to endure it here soon. I'm 38 weeks.
7249862 tn?1392252689 Well I'm 35+5 and a ftm. I threw my back out last week but it seems today that my back pain has just gotten progressively worse. Just wondering if this is labor and something I should be concerned about or just normal back pain.
Avatar f tn Eventually though the pain is supposed to wrap around to the front. Back labor is very, very painful. It can be like hot pokers from her lower back down through the backs of her legs, and my chiropractor gave a similar description - that the pain seems to be ongoing - it doesn't stop with contractions and that it extends from your lower back down through the backs of your legs.
2026433 tn?1337650833 And now I'm getting what feels like menstrual cramps, I've been laying on my left side this whole time as women have said it would go away If it wasn't labor, but it's still there, the back pain isn't as bad as it was before, but now I'm getting cramps also.
Avatar f tn I had back labor pain before I went into active labor The nurses told me to get on my hand and knees "doggy position " It's suppose to help with the pain Pain started from my lower back and went to my stomach it was bad pain once it got closer together 4-5 min apart I ended up in l&d
Avatar f tn My mom keeps telling me i will probably have bad back labor because of the pain i had before and during pregnancy. so im definitely going for the epidural!
Avatar f tn thank you for the advice for like 2 days now I've been having intense lower back pain but its not like as often as it should this is my fourth child and I never had contractions was my first 3 so I'm not sure if it's what I'm feeling is back labor or if its just back pain
8377023 tn?1399509160 I'm in Australia and i had my son in the middle of the day in the middle of the summer i totally get the heat packs making you sweat. I was prity much in a pool of my own sweat and eating ice cubes like you wouldn't believe. But the heat packs worked so well for me that it was more then worth putting up with the sweat.
Avatar f tn I've had back labour started off as mild back pain when contractions was about 10 mins apart as they got close the pain got worse to the point it was unbearable, it tends to start in back and radiate to the front but you do tend too feel it all in the back and nothing worked for me too ease the pain.
Avatar f tn Has any moms that have experienced back labor tell me if goes all through your back or just your lower back? I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow and last night I was in the worst pain ever and I couldn't sleep because my back pain...
Avatar f tn I had back labor with my first and it was just a constant ache in my lower back that never went away and i had cramping with it.
Avatar f tn Everyone says im going to have back labor. And tonight im having some really bad back pain.
Avatar f tn I never had back labor so i dont know how it feels but if the pain is alot maybe u should go to the hospital !!
Avatar f tn I only knew with my first because I was induced, after her I knew kind of what to expect hopefully #5 is the same I'm not sure I'd know real labour now lol!
Avatar n tn Does the back pain start before contractions do in back labor? I was reading up on the subject because I am in alot of pain, but no contractions yet. The article I was reading stated back labor can be caused by the baby facing towards the abdomen, or posterior (also referred to as sunny side up), which is how my son is. I've never experienced this kind of back pain before, so intense. Thanks for your input in advance ladies.