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5623087 tn?1377889284 I heard using an exercise ball helps lots with back pain and tailbone pain...
7913021 tn?1418048620 Best advice i have for upper gas release would be to rub your armpits. . No joke!
Avatar f tn I do have big breast (post pregnancy), so in my pregnancy I suffer from upper back pain. But I also suffer from horrible lower back pain, I use heating pads. One on ny tail bone when I sit and another one inside my shirt, taped lol on my lower back area!! This seems to help a lot! A nice message is helpful as well, my husband gives me a back message before going to bed, life saving!! I have had back pain since around 14 weeks, I am now 33 weeks and 2 days, the pain definitely increased!!!
Avatar n tn beth..ive been check up 8 months ago of my breast feel and noticed a small thing hurts when i touched and pressed it..the doctor said its not a kind of cancerous but need to remove because it makes me suffer the bothered and worried..and still undecided to remove it especially of the nature of my work..i lifted heavy things..he found 6 palpable mass of my breast..the 3 cyst are big in my left breast..
Avatar f tn My breast have increase in size tremendously. Will they get any bigger whenever I start producing milk? I'm only 20weeks + 4days. I'm afraid that I will get back pains from having big breast.
Avatar f tn im 24 and have had a horrible pain in mt lower back for years. now its radiating through my whole back. i believe its from having large breasts (i wear size 5 pants and a 32 E bra) i have always wanted to see a chiropractor but can never afford it. what should i do to ease the pain a little?
Avatar f tn My pre-pregnancy breast size was a high A cup. Now I'm a B cup. I plan to breast feed. But afraid my breast will shrink back to normal. I like how they got bigger. Will they stay big or go back to the reg size?
Avatar f tn With breastfeeding they may never get back to the smaller size they were before baby. Mine got almost to the size they were before after breastfeeding a few babies. Mine only get bigger when they are full but some women stay a size or three bigger even after milk dries up. Good luck.
Avatar f tn The liver was back to the normal size. But the pain does exist. When consulted the doctor with the report, he explained to me it might be due to the muscle sprain and prescribed be for a plaster for a few days. The pain subsided for sometime but I am not completely relieved of the pain till date. Please suggest what should be done next. I am worried if there is something seriously wrong with my liver.
1280088 tn?1432049934 hello, Im having this sharp cramps in my breast and in my stomach while breastfeeding and when not breastfeeding what is this? Is this normal to have cramps in breast and stomach.
Avatar n tn If her breast size is causing HER discomfort such as back pain, she can have surgical breast reduction. Or if she is gaining breast size as she gains weight, losing weight will also reduce them. But overall, your job is to love your wife and make her feel good about herself rather than trying to change her.
Avatar f tn I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago. I do not take any medications at all. But I get such breast pain. They swell up and so tender to touch worse than they would hurt before a period. If my Fiance' touches me between my breastbone I scream.....Will this ever go away. Oh I do have breast size 36DD.
Avatar f tn cam to know abt my pregnancy wen my nipples wer sore n breast ther tender n d size has it d right time of breast enlargement...
Avatar f tn ve had this awful pain on the bottom of my right breast. I get the pain when I lift my arm or touch the bottom of my breast in a certain spot.
7251241 tn?1389564212 Maybe the new bras will help but sadly, I think your anatomy is working against you. A problem at your age with chest pain and back pain . . . can you imagine when you are older? But it is totally something you have to want and no one can make that decision for you. Insurance does often cover reductions for he health reasons for it and a reduction doesn't mean you have to be small chested. You can still have a decent size but a more 'manageable' size.
Avatar n tn I just had my first radiation treatment yesterday. lumpectomy was done July 6, reexicion for margians on July 27th and was reopened on August 17th due to an infection. the shooting pain in my breast finally went away 2 weeks ago and now after just one treatment of radiation I can feel the pain coming bacj and a tearing feeling under my arm. I am very concerned about how this will go. stage 1 invasive ductal carcinoma tumor size 1.7 cm, clear margins no lymph node involvement. Any advise for me?
Avatar n tn My husband and I are thinking of getting pregnant. One thing I'm worried about are my breast. I know it maybe a chance that I can't breast feed. I have one breast that is really incredibly sore even after a year after the surgery. I haven't had a baby before and I know my breast will get larger. I'm afraid they will get bit like before, I was a 36G now I'm a 34D. Do your breast go back down after having the baby even if you don't breast feed? Any advice would be great.
Avatar f tn ( i was orignal a c 32 .. i feel a big chested oompa oompa ... the back pain is not the bussiness ither .. im only 21 weeks n 5 days ..
Avatar n tn Back in May 2012 I had an odd bout of pain, it was as if someone had beaten my upper back, I had pain that seemed to wrap around to the front causing what I would consider tightening in chest or sternum area, it lasted for 3 days,I did not go to Doctor or hospital, its a long story of husband out of town and daughter busy with two babies at home. Did not want to bother anyone. I did think I was having a heart attack, as I do have high cholesterol.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am back with updates on my 2 fibroadenoma breast lumps. Yes, the biopsy confirmed that both are fibroadenomas. Back in December 2012 when I did the ultrasound, the bigger lump was 1.8 x 2 x 3.8 cm in size, the smaller lump was 1.3 x 2 x 3.2 cm. I decided to keep them for now and just monitor them to see if they would get bigger. I did another ultrasound the other day, and interestingly, the bigger lump is now 3 x 4 x 4.
Avatar f tn So I m going to wait until I am further along and buy nursing bras whatever size I m at that time. Also having bigger boobs is a pain, they are starting to make my shirts fit funny and getting in my way. My husband is not complaining but I hope I go back down to my normal bra size after my baby is born.
Avatar f tn I have been having breast pain on my left breast for a long time already. The dr has felt a lil tiny lump on it, i have gotn 2 sonogram and they both came back fine! i dont know whats wrong. I have had 2 babies and while this has been going on. While i was breastfeeding i didnt feel any pain at all but when i stop it came back. This has been going on for 2 years already. The dr told me to stop caffine and take vitamin E pills everyday.
Avatar m tn Cancerous breast lumps are not usually painful; but inflammatory breast cancer can cause pain. Maybe if there is a history of breast cancer in your family visit the doctor if this persists. BUT, I am willing to pin this issue down to hormones if pain is in BOTH breasts. Hopefully this pain leaves you soon!
Avatar f tn I m 20 weeks pregnant now. But my breast size has not increased yet. Nd it has not started leaking yet. Is it normal or not.
Avatar f tn Ladies help plz!