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Avatar n tn I have excruciating electric shock like pain at the back of my knee..left comes without any warning, so severe that i scream...sometimes it doesn't come for few days then it comes 10 times a bizarre..going to do a mri today..the pain lasts only few seconds..once the pain is gone, there is no ache or pain at the knee at pain when i walk or run..nothing, Ultrsound ruled out any clot..there is no swelling, redness either..if anybody has any answers please let me know.
Avatar m tn I was advised with some physiotherapy exercise and the physiotherapist told that the noise in knee was due to weakening of knee muscles. But even after one year the noise in the knee and pain was not reduced. Noise and pain especially while raising the leg in sitting position and considerably less during waling. Now the normal left knee is also started pain. Please let me know the noise and pain the affected knee is sign for arthritis?
Avatar m tn Did the doctors recommend any type of treatment for you? Chronic back pain is a very complex problem and a referral for a pain management specialist might be advisable. Post again with an update and any additional questions/concerns you may have.
1850203 tn?1325253608 s cyst (or popliteal cyst). This is a fluid-filled lump at the back of the knee. This is caused by fluid built up under pressure within the knee cavity in response to an inflammatory problem within the knee. Usually no treatment is given if there are no symptoms. If anti-inflammatory medications are not able to take care of the pain, then draining the fluid is an option. Often corticosteroid injections are given at the same time.
Avatar n tn There have been recent studies that severe sciatica can cause tendon ruptures. It just happened to me. I've never had any issue with either knee. But, I have repeated bouts of sciatica, left side. Post l4-l5 laminectomy. I was very angry at doctors who called me a liar, and that I'd injured it myself, by falling or twisting it. But I'd been couch ridden with severe sciatica, and I literally watched my knee effuse.
Avatar m tn I recently had an MRI of my knee and lower back.. However I don't know what the diagnosis means. If any one can answer it would be greatly appreciated.. My knee diagnosis is"there is a deep fissuring in the central patellar cartilage that is full thickness.. There is underlying reactive change in the patella..." My back diagnosis is "at L5 S1 there is a mild diffuse disc buldge without central or forminal stenosis..
Avatar f tn Since about 3 weeks I have severe pain on the back of my knee ( left leg), it hurts mostly when walking. Especially after sitting a while, If Advil don't help to ease the pain. I'm not a sports person have not done anything out of the ordinary. the muscle on my calves are very tight and sometimes cramp. I have done a ultrasound to rule out a blood clot. Fortunately nothing was found. Thank you for any response. I do stretch sometimes, put heat on.
Avatar n tn A few months ago, I started to have back pain, in my lower spine, and horrible knee pain. I can still handle the back pain cause it stops after 30 minutes of training, and returnes after it (I don't care as long as I can play), but knee pain in my left knee is horrible. Yesterday I jumped and felt as like someone is stabbing me with a knife in my knee. I couldn't stand on my left leg for 10 minutes, and after that it still hurts a bit, but I can walk nicely today.
Avatar m tn but go get retested if your symptoms persist I dunno what else it could be, but you should have been tested for ALL stds if you had one Yes, there is resistant chlamydia, but not common I noticed that it took a good 4 months after treatment for all of my symptoms (spotting between periods, back pain) to go away.....I am pretty sure I had PID though... Also, if you are always milking your penis it will make you have more of a dishcharge. Dont do that.....
Avatar m tn I had intercourse before 2 months , condom broke , now i have like knee ( joint ) pain and wrest on my hand , pain in tge side of my neck , please advice as my knee having like burning sesation Thanks
Avatar m tn One two time I feel electric pain in Prostate just one 2-4 sec and go way. Some time weekly once back of the head to neck feel pain. Feeling also joint pain like knee above arms, wrist and ankle pain blinking. Eyes watery corner burning sometimes. My question is ,, Chlamydia or gonorrhea if suppose 15 months old in body left untreated .. can show all of system or for this all symptoms cause something else.. Although I did not get test for both of it….
Avatar n tn The pain was really bad, both the front and back of the knee. I never experienced clicking/popping in that knee prior. But suddenly it was happening all the time. As the pain subsided the clicking/popping got worse. It has been a couple months, the clicking/popping still very much there. I tried working out again for the first time in months last Wednesday, and felt nothing during the workout or afterwards.
Avatar f tn But when i bend over an engine for extended periods of time, the tendons/ligaments in the back of my knees feel pulled. The pain is mild, but it seems to be destroying my knees. I use my knees as a fulcrum and I'm usually bent at 90 degrees or more(obtuse angle). I asked my teacher and he said that most people get back pain. What do i do?
Avatar n tn I injured my right knee (injured knee as it sharply moved laterally to the right) in 05. I initially had pain below my knee cap and to the right of it as well as in the IT band area. One yr later, mild, occasional tingling in bottom of right foot started but only when I “stressed” my knee (run, swim, bike etc). From the beginning when I injured it, pain in my knee was very mild unless I exercised then it was much worse to the point of not being able to exercise at all.
1779555 tn?1314565745 Hi i get a sharp pain in the back of my right leg behind my knee, it isnt a knee problem its a really sharp pain like an electric shock thats sharp and painful, its happening every day now and it last for around 10 to 30 minutes each time. its repeated each time over and over. Anyone have any ideas what this could be ?
Avatar f tn I know that joint pain is a side effect of taxol, however, could this have caused the knee and back pain that i have been experiencing for the last four and a half years? I needed to be pre-medicated with benadryl and prednisone due to a reaction i had shortly after my first taxitier treatment. Does my body reacting adversely to the chemo in the first place cause more severe side effects? I'm curious to know because i have had lumbar pain and knee pain ever since my chemotherapy.
Avatar m tn knee, neck, parotid, armpits, groin). But except of the back of my left knee there are no swellings, at least I can't see nor feel. Frank, how do you feel now? Still have these sensations? Please let me know if you find out what might cause this pain. Thanks.
Avatar m tn An individual suffering from spondylolisthesis will typically experience generalized pain in the lower back, along with intermittent shocks of shooting pain beginning in the buttock traveling downward into the back of the thigh and/or lower leg. Sciatica that extends below the knee and may be felt in the feet. Sometimes symptoms include tingling and numbness. Sitting and trying to stand up may be painful and difficult.
Avatar n tn My father experienced similar issues with knee pain last year.I was doing alot of internet research and found Back Pain relief to be quite helpful. I got some great ideas about alternative back pain relief and different mind-body relaxation techniques. I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn I am concerned about the constellation of symptoms, particuliarly the pain in the ankles and forefoot. Arthritic pain is not relieved by extraction of fluid. The comment "treated for crack in skin" and "infection" intrigued me. We have swelling in several areas, and the pain, in such instances, is generally caused by such swelling impinging on nerves. My question is what kind of fluid is building up? I think you should get a tuberculosis test.
Avatar m tn I felt no discomfort then, but each day afterward for about a week I felt first pain on the lateral side of the knee, then the pain moved to the medial side of the knee, now the only discomfort is on the posterior portion of the knee in the soft tissue with my leg straight as I walk. It was bad enough last week that I was limping, (almost ready for a cane) but it was intermittent. What happened to my knee and what should I do to heal it and for how long?