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Avatar f tn Since about 3 weeks I have severe pain on the back of my knee ( left leg), it hurts mostly when walking. Especially after sitting a while, If Advil don't help to ease the pain. I'm not a sports person have not done anything out of the ordinary. the muscle on my calves are very tight and sometimes cramp. I have done a ultrasound to rule out a blood clot. Fortunately nothing was found. Thank you for any response. I do stretch sometimes, put heat on.
Avatar m tn I had intercourse before 2 months , condom broke , now i have like knee ( joint ) pain and wrest on my hand , pain in tge side of my neck , please advice as my knee having like burning sesation Thanks
Avatar n tn The pain was really bad, both the front and back of the knee. I never experienced clicking/popping in that knee prior. But suddenly it was happening all the time. As the pain subsided the clicking/popping got worse. It has been a couple months, the clicking/popping still very much there. I tried working out again for the first time in months last Wednesday, and felt nothing during the workout or afterwards.
Avatar n tn I have excruciating electric shock like pain at the back of my knee..left comes without any warning, so severe that i scream...sometimes it doesn't come for few days then it comes 10 times a bizarre..going to do a mri today..the pain lasts only few seconds..once the pain is gone, there is no ache or pain at the knee at pain when i walk or run..nothing, Ultrsound ruled out any clot..there is no swelling, redness either..if anybody has any answers please let me know.
Avatar f tn But when i bend over an engine for extended periods of time, the tendons/ligaments in the back of my knees feel pulled. The pain is mild, but it seems to be destroying my knees. I use my knees as a fulcrum and I'm usually bent at 90 degrees or more(obtuse angle). I asked my teacher and he said that most people get back pain. What do i do?
Avatar m tn knee, neck, parotid, armpits, groin). But except of the back of my left knee there are no swellings, at least I can't see nor feel. Frank, how do you feel now? Still have these sensations? Please let me know if you find out what might cause this pain. Thanks.
703358 tn?1245012695 I am having pain in my right back just about mid point and some times in my side, also have pain going down leg and knee to outside of foot, also have been having shoulder pain and feels like it is numb in righ hand sometimes, okay at night end of day is worse, have not really been able to turn towords my right without tension, and hard to bend over at the waist ,like to pick somthing up
Avatar n tn After 8 weeks I noticed that my left back knee is swollen. I also felt a burning sensation in back knee. A few days later my whole knee started to pain, specially when I took long walks. Although the swelling was just in the left knee, I felt this pain in both legs. I had knee problems before, but that was caused by long runs and occured in the outer side of the patella. The pain disappeared after 2 weeks, but 1 week later it all started again.
Avatar m tn Can back ddd cause neck grinding with pain. Also knee grinding with pain? Plus right elbow grinding with pain. Also feet problems.
20482121 tn?1498962581 Last year I was diagnosed with mild spondylotic and disc degenerative changes present at multiple levels in my back. I was wondering if my knee problem is causing my back pain or vice versa?
Avatar f tn I am a 54-year old, admittedly overweight woman. My pain is just out of control. I have severe arthritis in my knees and lower back. The knees are at the stage where my doctor says the only option is knee replacement surgery, and that I should let him know when the pain is too bad to tolerate. So, any walking is painful, as is driving, getting out of a chair, etc. Even worse is the lower back pain.
Avatar m tn I went to my PCP the second day for Xrays and they were fine, and the fourth day I had an MRI of my knee which was fine too. By the end of the 4th day, all pain left as suddenly as it came, thank God! I've experience natural childbirth without any medications at all, but I told my husband and Dr. that this was the absolute most painful thing I've ever experienced in my life! My doc is thinking nerve pain since there was no inflammation, injury, or joint pain.
Avatar f tn but if look at my symptoms those are the symptoms my friend was diagnosed with, she felt pelvic right and left pain that went down to her leg and knee to the back and numbed her legs! also when she was on her period the pain was horrible.. and thats what i feel but i just started feeling like this in dec 19 2010 and the pains seem to be getting worse she told me she started little by little and it got worst to the point when she was having sexual intercourse it hurt really bad.
Avatar m tn I've had surgery many years back. A few weeks ago i hurt my knee when I walked into a hole I had not seen. There was swelling for a few days... Once the swelling went away I noticed a bump at the back of my knee. The bump itself is not painful, but my knee doesn't seem to really get better as a regular pain persists. I am keeping an eye on it, but I believe it is getting bigger. Will consult shortly, but any idea what this could be?
1850203 tn?1325253608 s cyst (or popliteal cyst). This is a fluid-filled lump at the back of the knee. This is caused by fluid built up under pressure within the knee cavity in response to an inflammatory problem within the knee. Usually no treatment is given if there are no symptoms. If anti-inflammatory medications are not able to take care of the pain, then draining the fluid is an option. Often corticosteroid injections are given at the same time.
Avatar n tn I had total knee joint replacement on 23rd february, 2010. Back side of right knee joint is paining since surgery. Twice the concerned has examined and said no problem. continue exercise and walking which I am doing regularly. Left knee is OK. Constant pain pre surgery is no more. What should be done. Now a days I am walking daily about 750 to 1 km.
Avatar f tn There are non- or less-invasive treatments (physical therapy, pain management specialists, synvisc injections, custom knee braces) that could alleviate some of the pain and stave off the inevitable. You may be able to get relief with a partial knee replacement, if one side of your knee is significantly worse than the other. Good luck!
545391 tn?1214498386 I have pain in the middle of the right side of my back and also across my entire lower back. I have pain in my right knee that I can't actually pin point the pain. I also have pain in my right arm, especially my right elbow. I'm having trouble staying asleep at night because the pain wakes me up. My doctor has prescibed muscle relaxers, pain killers, the works. They work for a few days and then the problem comes back with a vengeance.
Avatar m tn Back in December 2012 I began experiencing intermittent sharp pain in my knee (backside of leg where the knee buckles) and it would last only a few seconds and then go away as if nothing happened. It happened at complete random, all detective work led nowhere, for all I knew someone could have been shoving a needle in a voodoo doll of me. After about 4 months it stopped happening for a good while, but this month it's starting to happen again, only worse.
Avatar f tn The pain will come with walking, sometimes very quickly and sometimes not much at all. When the pain comes, I have a swelling on the outside of the knee joint about the size of half a golf ball. When I rest the swelling and pain go away within 10 or 20 minutes. This doesn't sound like arthritis to me. A two-fold question, would these symptoms be consistent with AO? Or do these symptoms sound more like damage to the meniscus? Also...
Avatar f tn Well because of my feet and the numbness and all I have fallen several times and I have been lucky as not to really hurt myself, but about 3 months ago I feel and hurt my right knee which hurt like the devel but had to work since the other two in the office were off, next day I went into work still hurting and I feel again trying to save my right knee I tried to fall leaning towards the left, well long story short, I ripped a tendon or cartridge in the back of the knee which cannot be fixed no
Avatar n tn I have been told that this is the cause of frequent lower back pain, right hip pain and occasional syatic nerve issues. I am not sure, however, if this is the cause of my knee pain on the right side, but I also fell on this same knee back in the Fall of 2007 and I am not sure if that caused my current knee pain or made an existing problem even worse. Now, I am dealing with alot of pain and stiffness. I do not feel any popping or grinding.
Avatar m tn I was 15 days without an attack. I had one jolt in a swimming pool this morning. My MRI had showed nothing but common age-related ailments around my knee . . . nothing that would cause electric-shock like pain. I do have a small Baker's cyst but was told that they are no longer removed because they come back. Yesterday all day I had lower back (below the waist) pain and feeling of swelling around my knee. I'm realizing that the lower back pain is often a precursor to knee attacks.
Avatar m tn I was advised with some physiotherapy exercise and the physiotherapist told that the noise in knee was due to weakening of knee muscles. But even after one year the noise in the knee and pain was not reduced. Noise and pain especially while raising the leg in sitting position and considerably less during waling. Now the normal left knee is also started pain. Please let me know the noise and pain the affected knee is sign for arthritis?
Avatar f tn For the past 6 weeks I have been experiencing pain in the back of my knee and down my calf muscle in my right leg. If i rest either with my feet up or down, when I go to stand my leg from my knee to my foot is very stiff and sore. I am unable to kneel as it feels like a massive burst of pain behind the knee into my calf muscle as if i have severly sprained it. When standing, if i transfer any weight onto my right leg, i get pain from the back of the knee right down my calf.