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Avatar f tn Put your hands and arms under her back (mid-to lower) and have her stretch up and put her arms around your neck. Then lift up on her back. It is amazing!
12315119 tn?1424626666 A few days ago my husband lifted somthing heavy and pulled a muscle in his chest ive took him to hospital and to see his own gp and he sed his hearts fine but he still has chest twinges and neck and back pain that will come and go an is really painfull can anybody help me with any advice please on what you thinks wrong or where the pains coming from as im worried tbh and am gratefull with any help I can get thankyou
Avatar f tn Any suggestions on how to get relief from neck and back spasms. I'm about to just start crying from the pain. I am have not been diagnosed with MS, but figure y'all are the experts on spasms. I have locked up all weekend in the neck and now my entire back is one big knot!! Help!!
1672915 tn?1335220598 Hi! Can anyone tell me if there is anything that helps nerve pain after surgery? I am 5 mnths post op and still have unbearable pain in my neck, left shoulder that sometimes go down my arm, low back and right hip pain. Last mnth I had Mri's done and my surgeon said they look good. I went and saw a pain Dr. and he put me on a muscle relaxer that's supposed to help but so far it hasn't. I am having more pain now then I did before surgery and I am becoming very depressed.
722310 tn?1234762137 Unfortunately, over-the-counter pain killers are sometimes little help with the severe pain that can be produced by back and neck problems. Likewise, opioid pain pills don't always control back and neck pain very effectively and it's very tempting to take more than the prescribed dosage. But if you do that, you're taking your life in your hands because of the large amount of acetaminophen (Tylenol) contained in most opioid pain pills.
11079760 tn?1483386130 They mainly let you focus on your breathing and trust me, all the annoying symptoms like neck pain, lethargy and other saddening stuff is gone now. Its called pranayam. Do google Sudarshan Kriya.( PS . I am not preaching anyone ) Again, My left hand stiffness is as it was in the beginning but I am off the neck pain without any medicine. Currently I am on 1 avonex shot a week and couple of Vitamins and Muscle Relaxants ( which I forget taking most of the time).
Avatar m tn ll switch to advil ( doctor approved) I got a book on exercise and stretching from a friend who is a licensed therapist I do the stretching in the hot shower this helps me loosen up for the day the numbness in my left shoulder and tingling in my hands never seems to go away I have 3 bad discs in my neck and 5 in my back but dealing with my pain like this has got me to 34 days giver take a day I lost count I'll have to check on that been so busy at work.
Avatar f tn Bend your head over the bowl (take care not to get scalded) and cover your head and bowl with a towel and inhale the steam through your nose. Do this for about 10 minutes. My doctor told me to do this 4 times a day for a duration of 10 minutes each time. Your stomach problem may be due to the mucus dropping down and causing the upset, or the same bacteria upsetting your stomach. Make sure you keep drinking warm drinks - avoid milk products whilst you are unwell.
Avatar m tn The surgery provided me with some relief, although it definitely didn't restore me even close to 100% like I had hoped. I wonder if it was a mis-diagnosis or half-diagnosis, and it makes me question whether the nerve pinching issues is actually at the shoulder RATHER than the neck. Regardless, the issue is no longer in my neck and shoulder, but in my neck, shoulder, and back. It's difficult to even pinpoint the pain.
407812 tn?1211307057 I know that the headaches are caused by the pain in my neck and shoulders because they intensify whenever I do anything to increase the neck pain. The hope is probably for you to receive relief from the pain in your back and neck and thus relieve the pain causing headaches. Hope you find relief.
773646 tn?1239225659 I have MS, Fibromyalgia and Transverse Myelitis and have a constant buzzing and nerve pain in my hands and feet and pelvic area and for the nerve pain I highly recommend Lyrica as it works really well for me! Not only is it listed for nerve pain but for Fibromyalgia as well. From experience I can say the Lyrica will turn off the buzzing in the neck and spine in a short period of time. It doesn't work for everyone, but its been a lifesaver for me even at the minimal doses I take.
Avatar n tn I also started getting headaches and back pains with some unusual coldness in the middle abdomen and cold hands and feet. My doctor ordered me to have the tests of vitamin b12 which came out to be very low.I started getting b12 injecions twice a week for four weeks I have been taking them.I also started getting tiny rashes on my head and with red in colour. To tackle the cold hands and feet and unusual cold in the abdomen, my doctor precribed me bralix tabs 7.5mg (clidinium bromide 2.
Avatar f tn but i just dont know why the pain in my neck and back have never got better or how to deal with the pain. pls. help.
Avatar m tn my age is 40 and i have this pain from the last 15 years and i tried my best to treat this some time from neuro surgens and some time from arthobut last year ortho doctors told me that it is ankylosing sponylitis i feel pain in my back neck now i m bending because i m a thin toll man and because of constant pain i am a thin man can i have any kind of relief if so please help me
Avatar f tn Does anyone here have pain in the neck and chest area? The area right above my clavicals just hurt so bad right now. The back of my neck hurts as well, this pain only started more intensely the last week or so.I can not lay on my right side of the head because the pain in my neck, throat area just ache too much. I still get pain right behinde the left breast, but i have been told it is chondroitis. I do have a dr. appt.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the Back and Neck Community. The members are here to provide assistance and support to individuals experiencing symptoms related to possible cervical and/or lumbar spine conditons. The advice and support provided is non-professional in nature and is based primarily on personal experiences. Should you require more professional advice, feel free to post on the Expert Forum and one of the medical doctors will be able to assist you as appropriate.
Avatar n tn I had immediate pain in my upper back, shoulder and neck. I was seen immediately and diagnosed with ‘whiplash’ and told that the bones in my neck were straightened as opposed to the gentle curve they should have due to spasming. I have been on anti-inflammatories, serious narcotics/pain medication, and anti-spasmodics since then. The medications reduce my pain slightly, but do not make it go away. I hurt all the time – every minute of every day.
Avatar f tn I know exactlly how you feel. And for my first, the back pain grew more and more bc i couldnt crack it. I just delt. Hot showers with the water hitting your back and laying down on your side with pillows. Once i gave birth i cracked the hell outta my bacl and felt amazing.
Avatar f tn I am 31 yrs old and have had back/neck issues since about 18 yrs old. Over the last 6-7 years the pain has centered in on my neck. About every 10 days, one side or the other of my neck becomes very stiff and painful causing a severe headache on the forehead of the same side of the head. This neck and head pain lasts for 3 days each time. MRI has come back clear. Was given some "anti-depressants" to see if that would help with the tension/pain - it didn't.
Avatar n tn Hi i had Excision for left floor of mouth SCC,left neck dissection and primary closure.Iam currently taking Oxynorm 5mg every 3 hrs for the past 3 weeks with no sign of the pain getting to a bearable level.How much longer should i stay on this regime as i want to stop as soon as i can for fear of developing addiction issues.
Avatar n tn Hello, sorry to hear about your back pain. I had upper back pain that ended up radiating down my arm and back and forth. I thought everyone would think I had gone crazy stating that the pain traveled. Also I had burning sensations and tingling. Turned out to be a pinched nerve in my neck C6&C7. When this happens there are tiny nerves that go down your back and down your arms. depending on which nerver produces the different locations of pain.