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Avatar n tn Yeast infection is usually just raw and itchy
Avatar f tn I took three rounds of antibiotics for uti but I used to get yeast infections. I dont think it is harmful to th e baby. You cant suffer and be stressed or that is upsetting to the baby too. Good luck!! Thinking of you!!
Avatar f tn Monistat works like a charm for yeast infections! That's what my doctor told me I could take. Just over the counter. He recommended the 7-day treatment. Baby is protected by the bubble she's in, so the medication does not get to him/her. Perfectly safe! Unless as previously said, you have any other complications. I would talk to your doctor before you do anything. And like they said, anti biotics are needed for a bacterial infection. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I'm 36 weeks pregnant. I gotten alot of yeast infections during my pregnancy. probably around 4 , Ive just got treated for one but I believe I got another again.
Avatar f tn I went to the ER for and ingrown toenail infection and the doctors put me on antibiotics safe for the baby, and now I have a yeast infection.. and I have a doctor's appointment Monday for the pap smear and all that jazz. The question is have any of y'all ladies ever had a yeast infection while being pregnant, or from a pregnancy in the past, recent or your current pregnancy now... and how did you get it to go away? Also can it do damage to your baby?
Avatar f tn they will prescribe you something safe for baby. Sometimes yeast infections can mimic bv, a common bacterial infection in pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Yes, I got it around that time too. Dr.
Avatar f tn Is anybody getting yeast infections as often as you cure them? Im 6 months pregnant and I have never had this many yeast infections in my life. I only bathe with dial soap and the doctor said I shouldnt take baths, nothing but showers. Can anybody help me with some remedies or something to help with the yeast infections ??
Avatar f tn Has anyone had multiple yeast/BV infections? I've had 3 so far and I think I'm having another! I'm going to ob tomorrow and I'm sure I'll get some meds. It's frustrating. Anyone Else?!?! Please help.
Avatar f tn I was having servere pain in my middle back in the right side so at 1 am on the 5th I went to the er at that point was 22 weeks and 4 days they admitted me into labor and delivery where they found out the pain was due to a kidney infection they kept me on an IV with antibiotics until I was discharged this morning they sent me home with more antibiotics to take to finish fighting the infection but since I got home this morning my vagina has been kinda itchy when I itch it it hurts could that be a
Avatar m tn Yeah I looked at some pictures of males with yeast infections and mine looks no where like that.
Avatar f tn vagisil soothes the itching and burning if there even is any. so my questions are... Do yeast infections or bacterial infections cause ulcers like that in some cases? And, if not does this sound like anything you have heard of? I appreciate any information.
Avatar f tn hello...dosomebody kknow...diferents between-yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis?
1138188 tn?1312341243 I am 23 weeks pregnant and seem to be getting recurring yeast infections! I have used the OTC medications and honestly have never really been comfortable with it! I am wondering if there is any other at home treatment i can try thet will be safe for my baby and I?
Avatar f tn Im at 8 weeks and I've got my second yeast infection in 2 weeks. I know yeast infections are common during pregnancy but is it common that they come this frequently???
Avatar f tn Is there anyway to prevent yeast infections? Other than staying clean down there. This is my 4th pregnancy and I get them constantly throughout my pregnancy. I'm 4 weeks along and already have developed my first one.
Avatar f tn I have been having complications with yeast infections, someone suggested taking a natural supplemental probiotic, since I can't stomach yogurt, has anyone ever done so while pregnant? I've read online and can't seem to get a straight answer.
Avatar f tn Latly i been getting a lot of yeast infections i never had them before ....when my doctor gave me medicine it was a one day pill i had relief for two days then it came back so i baught a three day treatment from walgreens and its worked for a week or so and now.
Avatar f tn m in my first trimester and pregnancy is already making me experience the wonderful world of yeast infections. I went to the doctor to make sure it is indeed a yeast infection and it is. He didn't prescribe me anything because he said it's too early and to wait until the second trimester, but I've heard of natural remedies, such as the garlic clove in the vagina that cures yeast infections. Has anyone tried this during pregnancy? Is it safe?