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Avatar n tn Any nerve for that matter if it is completely degenerated cannot be regenerated, but there are certain vitamins which can improve the function of nerves and nervous system. Nervous function and muscular coordination requires the presence of B vitamins along with the vitamin E in good quantities within the body, any resulting or existing deficiencies in these vitamins will ensure weaknesses to overcome the musculature.
Avatar n tn MY father was serious and expired IN 1998 due to liver cirrhosis i am very much scare. I am regular follow up SINCE 1998 with LIVER FUNCTION TEST LFT test and SGOT AND SGPT test twice in a year. they are FOUND normal . The HBV DNA test carried in Dec 2012 result also shows <20 IU. and HBe Ag is negative (- ve) since 1998 . Now a days i am feeling exhausted by the evening as my current job is to daily travel about 200 k.m. by train. Acidity and non digestions is frequently occurred.
Business man3 What supplements or other over the counter meds would you suggest to help improve my liver function? Also i think you should know i have had this disease for only two years now. Thank you.
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Avatar n tn When i went in to see her she avised me that my liver function test results were high (166), she also said that my white blood cell count was high! I'm just a bit worried that something may be wrong, the tests were arranged as i have little red spots appearing all over my body, almost like little spider veins, i now have to wait to have the tests done again, does anyone know what this may mean?
Avatar m tn because i have a wife and she is pregnant so she need to take if she have hepa b. thank god . is there a posibility that im not infectious. my doctor just gve me vitamins though im not taking it anymore due to lack of budget. please help me guys. GOD BLESS.
Avatar m tn 88 (norm of 0-40) and ALT: 58 (0-55). He indicated that because of the numbers were "abnormal" protocal was to follow up for Hep B and C among other tests. Each of the other areas of the LFT were returned normal. My hep B and C tests were returned negative, to which he indicated would rule out hepatitis.
Avatar m tn i did a liver function test and the result is: HBeAG : REACTIVE. can you please tell me what this means?
Avatar f tn you have to make question correctly, one thing is the hbv virus and another thing is the liver: on the virus there are vitamind and lowering cholesterol with the effect of making virus weaker vit d25oh>50ng/ml tot chol<150mg/dl ldl60mg/dl all antioxidants in hepatitistechnologies products are good taking vitamins without blood tests is useless, so you have to reach the serum values i posted most of vitamins on the market are pure scam, at such low levels to have no effect, with very p
Avatar m tn I suspect is the multivitamins and fish oil causes higher liver enzymes as it stays in the liver and caused the liver to work harder? should i stop taking or continue the supplements. I do not have hep A and B and awaiting for hep c test in november.
Avatar m tn If there were Fatty liver changes it can be due to alcoholism when it is called Alcoholic fatty liver disease. If you do not have symptoms of liver disease like jaundice, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and fever, I would advise you to wait for now and repeat the test after four weeks to see how the levels are progressing. In the meantime you could follow certain precautions. Avoid smoking and alcohol. Avoid drugs like paracetamol and sedatives. Get vaccinated for hepatitis A & B.
15305299 tn?1498127242 Hepatits B-DNA, hepatits C-RNA Plasma a. Hepatits B-DNA quantity >1.70E8 IU/mL Positiv Hepatits-/HIV-?HTLV-serologi Serum 1. Hepatits B, HBsAg quantity>124925.00 IU/mL Positiv 2. Hepatitis B, HBsAg, CMIA Positiv 3. Hepatitis B, HBeAg Positiv 4. Hepatitis B, HBe-Ak Negative 5. HIV 1/HIV 2-Ag/Ak, CMIA Negative Liver function tests: P-bilirubine 62 61 ,26 micromole/L P-ASAT 0.51 P-ALAT 0.
Avatar m tn Hello All, I have a basic question if a person is diagnosed with Mild/Moderate (F2) fibrosis of liver and has ALT levels that are normal (30) and AST (20) and he is not on any medication then how does one monitor the liver function? Assuming here Liver biopsy is already done once and now how to monitor Liver functions (is it thru blood test i.e. ALT/AST levels and if it is normal should someone still start medication?
1126418 tn?1326165992 Wow thanks everyone. The only Vitamins I take right now are, Calcium with with Vitamin D added and a Super B-Complex with added vitamin c and folic acid. I am looking into buying some fish oil/omaga 3 vitamins. I was told by some people that because I hate fish and never eat it that I should take these.
Avatar m tn Increased viral load is often seen even in the presence of normal liver function. Hence liver function cannot be taken as a guide to viral load. The probable explanation could be that until there is active disease in the liver, the functions remain normal. If you are planning to stay off anti viral therapy, then keep a check on the viral load and keep in touch with his doctors on a regular basis. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar f tn i am now 33yrs old female & was diagnosed hbs ag +ve 10yrs back, was doing regular liver function test, ultra sound etc &were normal, recently i did my hbv dna test and the viral load was 2570 iu/ml, liver u/s is normal , sgot-18 iu/ml, sgpt- 19 iu/ml. my doctor has asked to start entecavir .5mg. my mother died of hepatocellular carcinoma 2yrs back.i want to know whether i should start treatment.your suggestions would be agreat help to me.